104.7 KISS FM is a radio station in Phoenix.

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performed for 104.7 KISS FM at Cooperstown in Phoenix, AZ on 7 July. To win a M&G you had to create a poster for Justin Bieber.

Setlist Edit

  1. Bigger
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. Lonely Girl
  4. One Time

Crew Edit

Transcript Edit

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber here, chilling at KISS FM

Special K: Inside the studio…

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Special K: …with Special K

Justin Bieber: Special K

Special K: Right?

Justin Bieber: It's gonna be awesome.

Special K: We're chilling. He's performing tonight. But at the time you check this video out, he will have already performed. (?) Post it maybe even under this one.

Justin Bieber: Yes we will.

Special K: Post it under.

Justin Bieber: Underneath.

Special K: Check it out. But ok for real, we wanna find out about Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: [Starts playing guitar]

Special K: You are 15. Justin is 15.

Justin Bieber: 15 years old.

Special K: What made you decide to go online and how do you even do that?

Justin Bieber: Do what?

Special K: Do what you did.

Justin Bieber: What did I do? [Justin says jokingly]

Special K: That's a good question.

Justin Bieber: You wanna know what I did? Um okay. Basically, I was in a singing competition and my friends and family that couldn't make it, wanted to see my videos so I posted the videos on YouTube for my friends and family to see and people started viewing it, it started getting lots of views and the rest is history.

Special K: No, that's not history yet. Okay, the rest is history. So once you posted it, lots of people are… And then it was like oh my Gosh YouTube sensation Justin Bieber. He's right here. What went from there?

Justin Bieber: After that Usher actually… I got in contact with Usher.

Special K: How that happened? You just act like that's normal like hey I got in contact with Usher. He called me at home. [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Oh no actually my manager Scooter Braun, we actually were… He flew me out to Atlanta, he found me on YouTube. We accidentally met Usher at a studio that we were going to. I was like Usher, Usher I love your stuff. You want me to sing you something? And he meets so many people every single day so he's like "Just come inside little buddy, it's cold out" so he kind of brushed me off but a week later, he actually got to see my videos and was like "Oh my goodness. What did I just pass up on." So he flew me back to Atlanta where I then met him again and signed me and how about that. Is the rest history?

Special K: Yeah but here's what I need to clear up because there's this rumor and I don't know if it's true or not that like Usher and Justin Timberlake were like going hand-in-hand…

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Special K: …to get you

Justin Bieber: That's not a rumor.

Special K: Ok. What happened?

Justin Bieber: It was actually a week later after that meeting, I actually had a meeting with Justin Timberlake and there is like a bidding war between Justin Timberlake and Usher and we ended up going with Usher.

Special K: Okay and while all this is happening.

Justin Bieber: And the rest is history. [laughs]

Special K: Yeah. Well it's working on history, we're working on it okay. Yes okay so then when [laughs] you're going to meet like Justin Timberlake. What are you telling your friends? Are you like oh my God check this out.

Justin Bieber: I didn't tell them.

Special K: You didn't tell them?

Justin Bieber: [shakes no]

Special K: Why not? When did you tell? Did you tell, when?

Justin Bieber: I didn't tell 'em

Special K: What? You're just like uh hey so I gotta go.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Special K: I gotta go now.

Justin Bieber: Gotta go, I gotta go be…

Special K: Hang with Usher.

Justin Bieber: …A rockstar. I gotta go be a rockstar. Yeah.

Special K: Yeah?

Justin Bieber: That was basically (?)

Special K: Ok, ok. I don't even know. So what are the plans? What are the big plans for Justin Bieber now.

Justin Bieber: Plans are to. I'm working, I just did a movie called School Gyrls. Yeah, we just shot it yesterday and it's gonna be aired on Nickelodeon and did it with Nick Cannon. I plan to do more movies.

Special K: And was Mariah on set?

Justin Bieber: No, she wasn't. That would have been aweseome tho. Wouldn't it?

Special K: Lame.

Justin Bieber: [starts playing guitar]

Special K: Okay so be with Usher and how does that work. Does he show you like his dance moves and stuff?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, he shows me a lot of different stuff.

Special K: So is he like hey, can you show me some of the moves that he showed you?

Justin Bieber: No.

Special K: It's a video. We got to make this interesting. Just show me one move.

Justin Bieber: It's carpet, you expect me to do all these things on this.

Special K: Well either way I'm like 12 times worse and I just do one move.

Justin Bieber: How about I teach you how to do it?

Special K: Yeah. That's what I'm saying.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Special K: I'm gonna learn a move straight from Usher…

Justin Bieber: Ready,

Special K: …and Justin Bieber right now on video.

Justin Bieber: Okay so how about this? How about we start off with the swag walk.

Special K: [laughs] What? Okay let's do that.

Justin Bieber: It's not even a dance move, it's just a sway. You got it?

Special K: No but show me.

Justin Bieber: Okay. So it's just basically cool, just laid-back kind of like a swag walk.

Usher: And Usher says like "Hey, if you're gonna be my man. You gotta learn the swag walk.

Justin Bieber: And in the end you have to follow this (?), so you walking just swagged out and then you got a step step, look both ways. Yeah. Okay, you got that?

Special K: Yeah ok.

Justin Bieber: Let's try. Let's walk it.

Special K: that way?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, that way. Ready?

Special K: Yeah. [both do the swag walk] [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Step. Stop (?). Look both ways. Yeah;

Special K: Do you have to point? Out at a point [both point at screen]

Justin Bieber: No.

Special K: You should give it to Usher.

Justin Bieber: And then…

Special K: (?). Okay, okay.

Justin Bieber: Okay this is called the glot. So you put this foot up and then slide over and…

Special K: Wait, redo.

Justin Bieber: Start like this. Push off and slide.

Special K: Wait, what do you do with this foot right here?

Justin Bieber: You just push it off.

Special K: I'm really uncoordinated.

Justin Bieber: Push off and slide.

Special K: [tries the move]

Justin Bieber: No. Slide this over like this.

Special K: This one goes over.

Justin Bieber: Slide this over and then up and then over.

Special K: Wow! Oh sorry

Justin Bieber: You grow, you grow. So this is how it is. So this is like the end result. [does the move]. This is my MJ tribute.
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