107.9 The End is a radio station in Sacramento.

July 14, 2009 Edit

Justin visits the radio station to play some songs and gets interviewed.

Transcript Edit

Jason: Alright guys, make some noise. (?)

Fans: [making noise]

Justin Bieber: [shakes hair]

Jason: Justin Bieber, you know him from YouTube. YouTube famous celebrity Justin Bieber. 15 year old Justin Bieber, I apologize, excuse me.

Justin Bieber: [gives handshake to Jason]

Jason: What are we doing here?

Justin Bieber: (?).

Jason: It's getting weird, yeah. We can do the punch? Do you know the explosion?

Justin Bieber: Boom.

Jason: Boom, yeah. I learned that a while ago.

Justin Bieber: (?)

Jason: Justin Bieber here, we had some listenerest stop by and we're going to talk to Justin here…

Justin Bieber: [shakes hair]

Jason: …and find out what they want to know. Is that cool? (?)

Justin Bieber: It's awesome.

Jason: You have 42 million people watching your videos?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jason: 42, with this video…

Justin Bieber: I'm guessing these guys have probably seen it more than once so they count as more, more people.

jason: Who over there has seen a Justin Bieber video? [raises hand]

Justin Bieber: They can't see your hand.

Jason: Yeah you gotta yell out. Who has seen a Justin Bieber video?

Fans: [yelling]

Justin Bieber: [shakes hair]

Jason: Alright now come on, one at a time. You in the blue. Come on over here. Uh, some of the people just stopped up here in Sacramento.

Justin Bieber: [shakes hair]

Come on, don't worry 'bout the camera. We'll get pictures later, okay. Have a seat with Justin. What's your name?

Jenna: Jenna.

Jason: Jenna. What's your question for Justin?

Jenna: Um, how did you pick up playing guitar?

Justin Bieber: How I started playing guitar. Well, I started after playing drums actually. I started when I was 2 years old. My my my my my my my, my mom.

Jason: You (?) good song like that, right?

Justin Bieber: No. [laughs]

Jason: It sounds like the biggest hit.

Justin Bieber: My mom.

Jason: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] She bought me a drumset when I was 4. I would always play (?) so then my mom bought me a guitar just to play around and that was just a really, really crappy guitar.

Jason: Your mom's here, was it because as drums were annoying?

Pattie Mallette:' No.

Jason: No, not at all? Okay just thought it would be better with a guitar. Okay.

Justin Bieber: No, so I grab the guitar and I would just play around and my mom's friends would come over every so often and just teach me a couple of chords.

Jason: What was the first song you learned how to play?

Justin Bieber: Um,

Jason: Do you remember?

Justin Bieber: No I don't really remember.

Jason: Okay, just make it up.

Pattie Mallette: Waves of Grace.

Jason: What do you think it was?

Pattie Mallette: Waves of Grace.

Justin Bieber: Uh. [plays Wheat Kings on guitar]

Jason: This was the first song Justin learned how to play. You're going to hear it live.

Justin Bieber: ♪ Sundown in the Paris of the prairies
Wheat kings have all treasures buried
And all you hear are the rusty breezes
Pushing around the weathervane Jesus

Wheat kings, kings and pretty things ♪

Jason: There you go first song (?). Hey thanks for, thanks for coming by.

Jenna: (?).

Jason: Next person come on over here, come on over. The girl taking your picture. What's your name?

Monica: Monica.

Jason: Monica, have a seat real quick with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: [shakes hair]

Jason: Here with 107.9 The End. What's your question for Justin?

Monica: What do you do on your downtime?

Jason: Downtime, what do you do?

Justin Bieber: In my downtime, um I like to hang out. I like bowling with friends. I like to take girls to the movies.

Jason: Okay, you like taking girls to the movies. If you and her were going out for a movie. What movie do you want to see right now?

Justin Bieber: Uh, I would like to see. Um, (?).

Jason: What do you want to see?


Justin Bieber: What do you want to see

Jason: The girl's gotta make the decision.

Justin Bieber: Yes I was going (?). Yeah.

Monica: Uh.

Jason: You guys get to go on a date tonight. What movie do you you with him to check.

Monica: I don't know. Whatever…

Jason: Oh you're both. What's out now?

Monica: Whatever's the best today.

Jason: Ok. You guys should do Harry Potter this weekend.

Monica: Oh that, that yeah.

Jason: Well there you go. Thank you for coming up. Uh let's, let's go. We have another fan here.

Justin Bieber: [shakes hair]

Jason: Come on here real quick. (?) ran down here. What's your name?

Olivia: Olivia.

Jason: Olivia. Have you seen Justin Bieber videos online?

Olivia: Yes.

Jason: How many? All of them?

Olivia: Yes. [laughs]

Jason: Big fan, yeah? You have a question for him?

Olivia: Yes, who inspired you?

Jason: Who inspired you. Well the answer is me and thank you Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: No, thank you.

Jason: No I'm kidding.

Justin Bieber: You inspire me.

Jason: No, who is your real inspiration musically?

Justin Bieber: Um, this is so hard to say.

Jason: (?).

Justin Bieber: This guu right here.

Jason: Yep that's' me.

Justin Bieber: No I'm just kidding.

Jason: I write all the Usher's music. How big of an influence is Usher? (?)

Justin Bieber: He's definitely a big influence. Uh, Justin Timberlake also. Um, I was also inspired by Michael Jackson, he just passed. Um…

Jason: They say young people like 20 and under don't understand the legacy of Michael Jackson. What do you say to that?

Justin Bieber: I definitely do understand that. Um like I really, I grew up listening to Michael and like even though like he wasn't in my time like he wasn't in my (?).

Jason: Right.

Justin Bieber: I still grew up. My mom listened to him. um, I watched him like I still watch him on YouTube like I just understand how great of an artist he was and he really influenced op and he really influenced the game.

Jason: If you had to cover a Michael Jackson song right now, he'd put you on the spot. Which one would you go with?

Jason: Justin Bieber. Michael Jackson song.

Justin Bieber: [sings I'll Be There by Michael Jackson]

Jason: Very nice. Put him on the spot. Thank you for coming up, okay. Thank you for being here. And uh you know, you're going to perform a little bit for us? Is that cool? They hear your song.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jason: How much did usher have to do with your new single "One Time"?

Justin Bieber: Um, well it was written and produced by Tricky and The-Dream uh and yeah it was written and produced by Tricky.

Jason: Cool. Was Usher there when you were recording it?

Justin Bieber: Um he was not, he wasn't every (?)

Jason: Do you feel neglected by Usher a little bit? Do you feel like he should have been there? Or are you glad he wasn't there so you could show him…

Justin Bieber: My heart is broken. [looks at the camera] Usher, can't believe you were there.

Jason: Usher is never (?) on our show either, I'll be honest. We tried, he's never. Usher is not there for Justin Bieber. He's not there for the wake-up call.

Justin Bieber: [fake cries] Not there.

Jason: Everyone let's boo Usher. Boo

Justin Bieber: No, no no.

Jason: I mean, I mean don't boo Usher.

Justin Bieber: No, don't boo.

Jason: Usher is the greatest.

Justin Bieber: He is the greatest.

Jason: No, hey what Justin thank you for coming on, on this little… I don't know how we call this. We didn't even say. Which we call the segment here.

Justin Bieber: Um this is the…

Jason: This is 107.9 The End little video thing.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jason: And uh Just… I don't know we're not aimed for this thing. You can send comments. Send us comments…

Justin Bieber: Comment.

Jason: and tell us how you want us to name the segment…

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jason: of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: Subscribe.

Jason: Yes subscribe. Justin, you're going to perform a little bit for us?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jason: "One Time" by Justin Bieber here, 107.9 The End, here in Sacramento

Justin Bieber: [plays One Time on guitar]
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