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  • Justin Bieber at Wynn in Las Vegas, NV.




  • Justin Bieber in Indianapolis, Indiana.



tstrahle "@justinbieber Great job tonight buddy! Thanks for kissing my mom's hand." 10:06 PM (Eastern Time (US))



  • Justin Bieber & Lil Twist at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA.

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Lucky Strike in Downtownin Los Angeles, CA on Sunday night.


DJKidFamous "Man @LilTwist killed Anaheim !!! AND !! @justinbieber came to rock wit us on stage !!!! Can u say uhh #SWAG ! #TeamTwist" 9:58 PM (Pacific Time (US))



  • Justin Bieber in West Valley City, UT.


justinbieber "made a funny song to omaha mall with @djtayjames @kennyhamilton @thatrygood http://www.limelinx.com/files/8d67944f4f0780009450d6f38ed1d37d" 7:20 PM (Mountain Time (US))



Justin Bieber published a note "Need your help with RADIO DISNEY ASAP. IM Going to Be THERE MONDAY!!!" 11:32 AM (Eastern Time (Canada))

Hey guys...Im going on Radio Disney in LA this monday. Spread the word by cutting and pasting this email to your friends with the details. THis is the email my management got with what we need to do. Thanks - Justin

Dated Today 7:46 am: Scooter, here is what we need the BELIEBERs out there to mobilize on with regards to Radio Disney:

1) Request the crap out of his song on the DOT COM TOP 3 ... http://radio.disney.go.com/music/top3.html

2) On Monday, July 13th from 12:45p-3p PST they need to jam the phone lines to speak to him ... 1-877-870-5678

3) Every day of the week the BELIEBERs need to call and leave voicemails about how much they love JUSTIN ... 1-888-624-5018

4) Also every day of the week the BELIEBERs need to request his song online @ ... http://radio.disney.go.com/speak/request.html

5) They can send a shout out message about JUSTIN ... http://radio.disney.go.com/speak/shoutouts.html

6) They can email about JUSTIN ... http://radio.disney.go.com/speak/email_us.html

JUSTIN is currently #19 on the countdown with "One Time" ... we would love to get that T10 and ideally to #1 ... let's get the fans on the case ASAP!

As you can see there are plenty of ways to make magic happen ... you just gotta BELIEB!


Justin Bieber with Scooter Braun using webcam.jpg

Justin Bieber "I will be in LA on Radio Disney this Monday at 3pm pst. Come down and meet me or start calling and leave voicemails about ONE TIME for me there at 1-888-624-5018. When I get there Monday I will do some shoutouts on air from the voicemails. Don't forget to" 5:50 PM


cheer4sharks "@justinbieber on the beat you said you're performing @ wonderland.. Do you know what day?:)" 1:34 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

scooterbraun "Good week so far. @justinbieber shut down MOD and @asherroth just stepped back in the booth for the first time in 3 months and its CRAZY" 1:43 AM

WhoisErnieD "Action packed few days! Take 2 w/ @selenagomez ths weeknd & @justinbieber takeover Monday. 2 listen, find ur station at radiodisney.com." 9:07 PM

B937AlltheHits "save the date! Just Show Up show with We the kings and Justin Bieber in Easley on July 28th. its free!" 9:23 PM

B937AlltheHits "follow @justinbieber he'll be performing at the Just Show Up Show in Easley! Free show! Let him know you're coming to see him!" 9:27 PM

justinbieber "I will be in LA on Radio Disney this Monday. Come down and meet me and start requesting they play ONE TIME at 1-888-624-5018. See u in LA!!!" 11:56 PM