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  • Justin Bieber and Khalil at Twelve West Nightclub in Vancouver, Canada.



  • Justin Bieber at the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood, California.


  • Justin Bieber & Mike Dean in the studio in Texas.


YeshuaTheGudwin "Workin w @therealmikedean & @justinbieber in Texas..." 2:39 AM (Eastern Tiem (US))

justinbieber "Check out @dankanter’s #selfie on @shots http://shots.me/p/yr10hktm" 9:09 PM (Pacific Time (US))


  • Justin Bieber in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Justin Bieber at Vinoy Garage in Florida.


avonbiebsxo "Just met @AshBenzo ! And saw @selenagomez & @justinbieber 💙💜💗 #Believe #neversaynever" 5:28 PM (Eastern Time (US))

avonbiebsxo "@lindseylyle2 I just heard they were going out. I met them at the vinoy." 8:06 PM



  • Justin Bieber at the Nickelodeon Upfront Presentation at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, NY.


1LoganHenderson "Performing with @Justinbieber today at the Hammerstein in New York! Wish all of you could be here to see this!" 9:44 AM (Eastern Time (US))

MirandaCosgrove "Caught up with @justinbieber for a second today at the nickelodeon upfronts. He's so sweet. :)" 2:18 PM

justinbieber "been running all day. performed for nick in nyc, then been in school. going to do this people magazine photoshoot later." 3:36 PM

justinbieber "70 is my new favorite number thanks to CHUCK NORRIS. haha" 3:37 PM

justinbieber "RANDOM CHUCK NORRIS MOMENT: What is the fastest way to a man's heart?? Chuck Norris's fist" 3:49 PM

justinbieber "Spoke with @billybush earlier. Check us out on his radio show later tonight" 4:31 PM

justinbieber "Lonnnng day. Been running nonstop. Just finished up at sirius satellite radio. Had my guy @ludajuice call in. His album is out. Get that" 8:02 PM

justinbieber "U SMILE is the official title for Smile..my song I wrote about my fans that comes out tuesday on itunes. Real excited for u all to hear it" 10:12 PM

justinbieber "12 days until MY WORLD 2.0 and 5 days until U SMILE hits ITUNES. BABY BABY BABY ohhhh" 10:13 PM

justinbieber "Long day so we have decided 2 go old school..Havin a Game Night complete with all ur favorite board games and some good takeout. Great times" 10:17 PM

justinbieber "RT @BiebsHasMyHeart @justinbieber i request baby every day :) = Thank you" 10:58 PM