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2014 Edit

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PierreBalian "“@Brandn_OnDemand: @PierreBalian who you in vegas with this weekend? We turning up!” JB and crew! You already know we TU like hell!" 9:01 PM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

2012 Edit

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2010 Edit

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ChaseNCashe "I witnessed the boy Justin Bieber swag in person last night. He's G..nigga just be coolin rolling with the OGs." 10:40 AM (Pacific Time (Us & Canada))

2009 Edit

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"I'm ready for another great day in New York! I'm gonna stop by Z100 in the city at 2pm today!" 10:02 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

"At the VMA radio forum! Can't wait for Sunday! About to head over and see my good friends at Z100 in NYC!!" 1:36 PM

"On my way to Z100 in NYC!" 2:38 PM

"Come to 6th and Walker. Z100 NYC!!" 2:40 PM

produceramadeus "S/O 2 @JustinBieber @Nelly_Mo @BusaBusss @LTLline @johntalsr who was in the building for the @TreySongz Experience show in LA last night!!!!" 2:55 PM

"Call in to Z! 2122392300" 3:03 PM

"Or call 800 242 0100" 3:04 PM

"800 242 0100 now. Hangin out at @z100" 3:07 PM

"Still at the studio. Don't know if you guys are able to get thru." 3:29 PM

"Sorry guys. I wasn't on live. It'll air on Monday night with Mo Bounce!" 4:02 PM

"Much Music Pt. 2" 7:37 PM

"In the air on the plane on my way to NASHVILLE to shoot the next music video then back to NYC on SUnday for the VMA's!!!!" 8:55 PM

produceramadeus "I wonder did my lil homie @JustinBieber steal some of my drum moves while he was watching me play at @TreySongz PPP show at Nokia Club LOL" 9:42 PM

"RT @Belieber4Life BUY ONE TIME ON ITUNES!!! i bought it 10 times! plus i bought the video, we need you, do it 4 @JustinBieber -- THANK U!!!" 9:53 PM

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