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2015 Edit

2014 Edit

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots" 3:31 PM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots " 4:38 PM

justinbieber "@NickDeMoura swaggin in the studio with his boy #selfie" 5:24 PM

justinbieber ".@Tyga for the world #selfie" 9:39 PM

ItsMandizzle "Thanks for the picture and kiss on the cheek 😘 I love you so much @justinbieber!! πŸ’• #selfie" 10:40 PM

ItsMandizzle "He kept telling me to retake our pictures on shots because he "wasn't ready" πŸ˜‚" 10:55 PM

ItsMandizzle "He was driving his car and he still stopped for EVERYONE. I love him so much 😩" 10:55 PM

ItsMandizzle "The kiss was so unexpected 😭" 10:56 PM

ItsMandizzle ""Do you like this one" "yeah that ones good" πŸ˜‚ kid is more picky of his selfies than I am" 11:11 PM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Columbus, Ohio.

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2010 Edit

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DJTayJames "ooo by the way me and the biebs got more songs coming lol if u thought this was a one time thing get readdyy" 12:10 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2009 Edit

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber "I will be in LA on Radio Disney this Monday arriving at 1pm pst. Come down and meet me or start calling and leave voicemails about ONE TIME for me there at 1-888-624-5018. When I get there Monday I will do some shoutouts on air from the voicemails. Don't" 12:42 PM (Eastern Time (US))

Justin Bieber "IM IN LA!! who is in here and coming to Radio Disney tomorrow? who is requesting ONE TIME? and who is calling in tomorrow? Im excited - It's a Radio Disney Bieber Takeover. I get there at 1pm pst and it goes on air at 3pm pst and 6pm est. ONE TIME on ITUN" 10:16 PM (Pacific Time (US))

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Heading to LA to go on Radio Disney 2mmorrow. If you are in LA 2morrow come meet me. I get there at 1pm. Request ONE TIME at 1-888-624-5018" 12:51 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

scooterbraun "Heading 2 LA to meet up with @justinbieber for RadioDisney takeover. Then redeye to the east coast for @asherroth tour. 2 different worlds" 2:17 PM

scooterbraun "Im on a plane flying from ATL to the air up in the sky...on my internet ICHATTING with folk. THIS IS THE FUTURE- next is telaporting" 6:19 PM

scooterbraun "As I just pointed out to @doncannon ... @justinbieber is a STAR....
http://bit.‏ly/WQulH" 7:05 PM

scooterbraun "@boyderyo Just landed in LA. Read my p90x manual and nutrition guide on the flight. This shit is no joke. Need to get focused." 5:56 PM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

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