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2017 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief at Universal Studios AMC in Universal City, CA.

Twitter Edit

Itskaito_ "Seriously nice talking with @justinbieber today. Not just putting this out here in the air. But sometimes people may think these "celebs" .." 9:32 PM (Pacific Time (US))

Itskaito_ "Are to into themselves or are crazy but man never met somebody so humble!" 9:33 PM

2015 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Palms Pool in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Justin Bieber at XS nightclub.

2013 Edit

Instagram Edit

Twitter Edit

TheAUDIBLES "Just heard @justinbieber "Wait a Minute" feat. My bros @jaZzLaZer and @Tyga on 97.5KLUC #GOODLOOK 👀 #FMG" 10:40 AM (Pacific Time (US))

2012 Edit

  • Justin hangs out with friends early in the night in London, England.
  • Justin Bieber greeting fans at London hotel.

Instagram Edit

Twitter Edit

JoshDevineDrums "Chillin with @NiallOfficial @justinbieber @alfredoflores" 3:37 AM (London)

justinbieber "In London with @AlfredoFlores @niallofficial and @joshdevinedrums #nosleep" 4:08 AM

NiallOfficial "@justinbieber @AlfredoFlores @JoshDevineDrums chillin with the kings!" 5:09 AM

blissmag "We're at a very special do for the radio one teen awards with actual @justinbieber . SCREEEAAM! We'll give you the goss as we have it!" 3:01 PM

blissmag "@justinbieber just told us he has 150 pairs of shoes. Whaaaat?! How he's treating us to a bluesy version of boyfriend #bbcradio1teenawards" 3:22 PM

AhoyBieber "I just got to witness justin get his star present! No words just tears" 7:51 PM

AhoyBieber "Basically kadra is too hysterical to tweet but we went up to justin with the star, kadra told him about their 4 years and" 8:30 PM

AhoyBieber "He was like "you remembered" then did the cutest smile and promised to instagram the star tonight :-)" 8:33 PM

AhoyBieber "* justin gets his star present* alfredo: " where's my star?" justin: "yeah where's alfredo's star?"" 8:36 PM

AhoyBieber "Justin was given his star while fall was playing in the background" 8:45 PM

2011 Edit

2010 Edit

Twitter Edit

Tomigunn "VMA's in LA w/JUSTIN BIEBER!!" 10:24 AM (Pacific Time (US))

BboyJstyles "On my way to meet the guys 2 go to the VMAs 2 do the @Justinbieber show it will be the most exciting day of my life!" 10:56 AM

SimrinPlayer "My gameface! Lol almost showtime! Come on @JustinBieber let's do this!" 5:59 PM

missjacquerae "shouts to my homie @lilmb123 who was up there dancing with @justinbieber on the awards show... EVERYONE FOLLOW HIM PLEASE" 7:00 PM

Mic1 "Todays vma performance was crazy!! Thanks to everyone who came to support @justinbieber and @legacimusic #fb" 7:15 PM

DJTayJames "before the show i told biebs that he was goin to win.....#nocomp my mann congrats @justinbieber" 8:37 PM

Articles Edit

2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

JessieJDecker "@justinbieber see u tom. sunshine. Welcome to my town!" 12:16 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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