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2018 Edit

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2014 Edit

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justinbieber "Live in the moment but be wise #selfie" 4:36 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "@ArianaGrande welcome to shots . Bout time" 4:47 AM

jsutinbieber "#prettyboyswag #selfie" 5:24 PM

justinbieber "Legendary zeldar #selfie" 11:27 PM

justinbieber "Me and this lil one @MadisonElleBeer #selfie" 11:41 PM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Cleveland, Ohio.

2012 Edit

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tha_loVerboy "At the club partying with @justinbieber.... What up malaysia" 6:17 PM (Malaysia)

2011 Edit

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justinbieber "I'm not sayin your the one girl, I'm just here to have fun girl" 12:37 PM (Pacific Time (US))

iAmJulkeyz retweets

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performing in Everett, Washington for the My World Tour

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justinbieber "hey @jasminevillegas miss yah.. How have you been?" 12:09 AM (Pacific Time (US))

JASMINEVILLEGAS "@justinbieber hey justin miss ya 2 hope the tours going well :)" 12:23 AM

IamDetail "Me @JustinBieber hanging out backstage liste ning to the new record I did for him" 2:19 PM

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on 102.7 KIIS-FM.

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Justin Bieber "Good morning...IM IN LA!! who is in here and coming to Radio Disney TODAY? who is requesting ONE TIME? and who is calling in? Im excited - It's a Radio Disney Bieber Takeover. I get there at 1245pm pst and it goes on air at 3pm pst and 6pm est. To talk to" 7:51 AM (Pacific Time (US))

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MichaelAriBraun "Arthur Ashe Kids' Day Presented by Hess will feature Jordin Sparks, Will Ferrell, Andy Roddick, Honor Society, Justin Bieber and more! 8/29" 5:46 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

Z1035Toronto "Summer Rush is two weeks away!! Justin Bieber just announced! Get your tickets now and" 6:09 AM

JasonWakeUpCall "Do you know @JustinBieber? He's going to be on the Wake Up Call Tuesday morning. Follow this guy! @justinbieber" 6:23 AM

scooterbraun "Good morning LA...we got some work to do. @justinbieber on radio disney today...airing at 3pm pst and 6pm est. Listen up" 7:43 AM

"IN LA...going to Radio Disney today from 12:45pm-3pm PST then it airs at 3pm PST (6pm EST)." 8:00 AM

WhoisErnieD "@justinbieber Takeover today + in-studio performance! It all goes down @ 6pm EST/3pm PST! Listen or find your station at!" 8:16 AM

"-877-870-5678 call in. i'm takin over Radio Disney in a few minutes" 12:24 PM

justinbieber "pullin up to Radio Disney. 1-877-870-5678 call in" 12:39 PM

justinbieber "3800 w. alameda ave in burbank...come on! 1-877-870-5678" 12:57 PM

justinbieber "1-877-870-5678 i'm here now" 1:19 PM

itsAllyyyy "just talked to JUSTIN BIEBER on the phone! ahh!!! That was amazing! lol. and yes it was on Radio Disney, but still, it was AMAZING!" 1:36 PM

itsAllyyyy "@justinbieber So, I just talked to you on Radio Disney! lol. I was the one who asked you what your favorite thing about performing live is:)' 1:42 PM

justinbieber "Come see me at
3-4:00pm PST
KISS FM radio
3400 West Olive Ave
Burbank, CA" 2:25 PM

yourloveisalie "@justinbieber i just spoke to you on the phone OMG COME TO NJ NOWWW" 2:53 PM

justinbieber "At kissfm in LA hangin out with @djskee" 3:15 PM

whatatotaldrag "just saw @justinbieber outside the building. told some little girls and they went screaming outside." 3:51 PM

JakeWhetter "@justinbieber Dude! Thanks for chillin'!" 3:53 PM

thatrygood "@justinbieber just took over radio disney. check him out on air right now" 4:00 PM

KennyHamilton "Justin Bieber is on the air right now on radio Disney! Tune in!" 4:05 PM

justinbieber "Thanks so much for everyone's support today at Radio Disney..had a great time with @jakewhetter and @whoisernied . Keep requesting ONE TIME!" 5:02 PM

justinbieber "On my way to Sacramento..then Reno..then Seattle..then Portland..Minneapolis..Oklahoma City..then Dallas and TEXAS all next week. ONE TIME!!" 5:16 PM

WhoisErnieD "@justinbieber Show and acoustic performances were great! Can't wait to meet up again! BTW - Let me know when u want me to cut that track!" 5:20 PM

scooterbraun "Thanks to radio disney for the love and @djskee at kissfm. Me and @djskee go way back. He knew about @asherroth and @justinbieber first." 5:26 PM

HOT957 "Text JUSTIN to 43952 now! Win tix to Hot Hits Live 16 w/ Justin Bieber 7/24!" 8:00 PM

radioboogie "excited, just learned I am interviewing and meeting @justinbieber tomorrow. Shots out to Roland at DEF JAM" 8:01 PM

justinbieber "On my way to Sacramento..then Reno..then Seattle..then Portland..Minneapolis..Oklahoma City..Tulsa..then Dallas and TEXAS all next week.WOW" 10:18 PM

nsyncer1 "@justinbieber 107.9 is ready for ya!" 11:37 PM
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