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BiebsPeru "kehlanimusic: @khalil x @justinbieber x Lil Lay Low "Future" art by @stixisdead http://soundcloud.com/kehlanimusic or on..." 8:40 PM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))




PierreBalian "Just had the most humbling call from JB. Thank you for your kind words bro bro." 11:23 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))




justmissparis "FYI: "Tuts" is a girl!!!! Thank me later...." 1:10 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justmissparis "That hold on tight,oooh that hold on tight, them lips won't let me goooooooo wooooo..." 2:39 AM

PierreBalian "S/O to @FrencHMonTanA @JOEMOSESBSM @justinbieber @JaeMurphy @twittshaggy for showin love for my G day last night!" 12:14 PM



TedKenney3D "Did you find your car yet @IAMWILL? I found mine and it feels great! Amazing new music coming from you #willpower" 3:15 AM (Pacific Time (US))
iamwill "@TedKenney3D no I didn't...who playing pranks on me???" 3:17 AM

iamwill "My car was stolen...what the fuck..." 3:15 AM

iamwill "Where is my fucking car...??? This isn't funny anymore" 3:16 AM

iamwill "@ItsDeena_ the car I built...I'd you know who took it please stop playing games..." 3:22 AM

iamwill "I'm going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe..." 4:26 AM

iamwill "#givemebackmycar this joke is getting old..." 4:38 AM

SelfMadeRyan "Are you kidding me @iamwill after all the #HARDWORKDEDICATION that we ALL put into that car,it's GONE?!!!........ #STOPPLAYIN" 1:45 PM

iamwill "@SelfMadeRyan #speachless" 2:41 PM

iamwill "What the hell is this??? This is getting old...#wheresmycar "@DanteSantiago1: hey @iamwill have you seen this?!?!?! http://youtu.be/V2ScOdA7_3U "" 2:32 PM

iamwill "@SelfMadeRyan @justinbieber are you punking me??? https://youtu.be/V2ScOdA7_3U" 2:40 PM

PerezHilton "@bep http://Will.i.am 's Car Stolen Outside Celeb Stuffed Album Release Party!! http://shar.es/vTc1G" 2:49 PM

iamwill "@PerezHilton http://bit.‏ly/MXYvzm is ashton still filming punk'd???" 2:59 PM

iamwill"Flying to portland for #intel while my car is still m.i.a...#wheresmycar" 3:02 PM

iamwill "Just landed in portland...and still no news about my cars whereabouts...#wheresmycar" 5:15 PM

iamwill "Im not going to the police...spread the word via tweets in case I'm getting punk'd. I don't want to waste tax dollars on pranks #wheresmycar" 5:55 PM

iamwill "This is serious..."@SelfMadeRyan: @iamwill not to worry #TEAMWCC put a tracking device on the car! It WILL be found.........#wheresmycar" 6:03 PM

iamwill "There going to find the people responsible for this...#wheresmycar...#trackingdevice" 6:35 PM

iamwill "If you really have it you going to be found... http://bit.‏ly/MXYvzm #wheresmycar" 7:12 PM

sweett20tora "@iamwill is playing a joke!! His car is not stolen!!! If is was, he would've contacted authorities! Nice LOL's for me though..." 7:27 PM

iamwill "@sweett20tora I did contact authorities actually...I got a private investigators...#wheresmycar" 7:32 PM

iamwill "According the my GARAGE it hasn't been found #wheresmycar ..."@AArnoldphoto: @iamwill according to TMZ your car has been found."" 7:29 PM

iamwill "Ouch...!!! "@TMZ: http://Will.I.Am -- Dude, Where's My Ugly Car? http://tmz.me/PWwSkh "" 9:22 PM

iamwill "Sad... "@TMZ: http://Will.I.Am -- Dude, Where's My Ugly Car? http://tmz.me/PWwSkh "" 9:22 PM



  • Justin Bieber & Big Sean at DJ Skee's studio in Hollywood, CA.



iamshaddyshad "Dj Skee just said big Sean & Justin Beiber r in his studio working on music...what a combo" 8:34 AM (Pacific Time (US))



  • Justin Bieber performing during his My World Tour in Columbus, OH.


justinbieber "Ohio that was one of the best soundcheck parties...u guys were great. had alot of fun. O...H!! I...O!!" 5:40 PM (Eastern Time (US))


  • Justin Bieber in Chicago, IL.
  • Justin Bieber performing at Rock the Rapids at Fifth Third Ballpark in Plainfield Township, MI.


playhouseradio "SHOW US YOUR PUDDIN to sit ON-STAGE @ Flo-rida/Sean Kingston/Justin Beiber TONIGHT @ 5/3 ballpark. Get our attention and WIN! "I <3 PUDDIN"" 6:27 AM (Central Time (US))

justinbieber "WBBM this morning...180 N Stetson Chicago, IL 60601..I'll be there at 11!" 10:07 AM

playhouseradio "Holmes is giving out more Sean Kingston/Flo-rida/Justin Beiber tickets at noon Perre Marquette Beach son!" 10:51 AM

justinbieber "congrats @iamjessiejames on your debut album release this week!" 1:24 PM

justinbieber "Hey Michigan...I am Performing at Fifth Third Ball Park at 4500 West River Dr. Comstock Park, MI 49321... show starts at 7:30pm" 1:44 PM

playhouseradio "Headed to 5/3 to meet The Playhouse an Justin Beiber.. SHOW US YOUR PUDDIN Jp" 2:57 PM

B96Chicago "Justin Bieber was at the B96 Studios today and performed "One Time" live on the Comcast Couch! Watch it now! http://tinyurl.‏com/qbs3p6" 3:09 PM (Central Time (US))

playhouseradio "Just got our winner for SHOW US YOUR PUDDIN - u gotta see this picture! Justin Beiber, Sean Kingston, and Flo-rida coming" 6:18 PM

1045SNX "Party in the Park 5/3 NOW Justin Beiber on-stage SOON" 6:20 PM

1045SNX "Justin Beiber on-stage NOW 5/3 ballpark! PARTY in the PARK" 6:56 PM

justinbieber "Tomorrow Saturday I will be at the Party 105 MegaJam @ County Fair 3351 Route 112 Medford, NY 11763 performing at 4 pm NOW. BE THERE!!!" 8:45 PM

justinbieber "I just have to say I love you guys so much. Thanks to your support my life is changing in a positive way for me and my family. THank YOU!!" 11:17 PM

TyBentli "is still up at the station...Justin Beiber vids posting to the site in the next 24-hours...Keyword TY on 1035KissFM.com" 11:54 PM