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2014 Edit

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justinbieber is following dabiebslipss

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justinbieber "@ATT thanks for your help and great service ♛" 12:21 PM (Pacific Time (US))

ATT "@justinbieber Sure thing. We're here when you need us." 12:41 PM

2013 Edit

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AlfredoFlores "Studio. @justinbieber @MAEJORALI #Heartbreaker #MusicJournals" 12:33 AM (Eastern Time (US))

2012 Edit

2011 Edit

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paigeconway2 "Bieber fever in my town. My mom just saw justin , my friend just chilled and talked to him. My towns going nuts!!! Lol haha" 9:53 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Portland, OR.

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TheJayReeve "@MichaelGoudie yeah mate havnt seen wayno and Kiri for a while, iv got a @justinbieber autograph to give the girls. Catch up soon mate." 11:54 PM (Pacific Time (US))

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2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber visits 107.9 The End radio station in Sacramento, CA.
  • Justin Bieber visits the Wild 102.9 studios.

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Justin Bieber "ONE TIME on ITUNES NOW...spread the word. thanks

Here is some video of Justin Bieber visiting Much Music where his video is #1 thanks to you guys. This is amazing. He went from posting videos on youtube to having the #1 video on the countdown. Thank you all for the support" 9:01 AM (Pacific Time (US))

Twitter Edit

nsyncer1 "YAY for Justin Bieber being in the studio soon!" 6:30 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

"107.9 in Sacramento! 5345 madison ave. Ima tell ya One Time!" 8:04 AM

"9167661079 call in and request One Time" 8:08 AM

JasonWakeUpCall "@JustinBieber is live in our! Listen online at" 8:13 AM

HOT957 "Good morning H-town! It's Kelly Kelly, passes for Hot Hits Live 16 w/Justin Bieber comin up this hour!" 8:14 AM

HOT957 "Ok all you Justin Bieber fans! Text "JUSTIN" to 43952 right NOW to come join us inside Hot Hits Live next week! Texter 1000 wins!" 8:37 AM

"KWNZ at 961 Matley Ln. Reno, NV there at about 11:30." 9:37 AM

nsyncer1 "@justinbieber Good meeting you this morning...and taking our prom pic. haha. Come back to Sac soon. PS. Your mom is awesome!" 9:39 AM

radioboogie "Getting ready to go to station, interviewing @justinbieber" 11:23 AM>

WhoisErnieD "Thinking about playing the "Ernie D" Remix of "One Time" @justinbieber today, if you missed it you gotta hear." 11:30 AM

carpexdi3mm "@justinbieber is going to be on ytv today! <3 :P" 12:56 PM

radioboogie " - Justin Bieber live in the Wild studios." 1:31 PM

BrittanyI "@justinbieber just watched you interview on 'the zone' with carlos. Your really good live =) and cant wait for your c.d" 5:28 PM

westonbuck "Make sure to tune into Wild 102.9 at 6:30 to hear @justinbieber's interview!!!" 5:48 PM

radioboogie "interview with @justinbieber on now! listen now" 6:36 PM

westonbuck "Tune into Wild 102.9 NOW to hear the interview with Justin Bieber!!!!!!" 6:58 PM

parkurr "Watching futurama on ytv did u know justin bieber was on the zone earlier (via @KarianneDawson) Justin Bieber is a tool..." 6:23 PM

Articles Edit

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