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2014 Edit

  • Justin Bieber paintballing at Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park in Bellflower, CA.
  • Justin Bieber at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, CA.

Shots Edit

Twitter Edit

justinbieber ".@imforbieber smile is right #selfie" 5:11 PM (Pacific Time (US))

hoogs "Great hangs tonight w @justinbieber. Love u bro" 10:07 PM

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots" 10:08 PM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Buffalo, NY.

Instagram Edit

Twitter Edit

DJ_FRANZEN "@heyshelbaybay: Have you heard #Heartbreaker @DJ_FRANZEN ? If so, what are your thoughts???" Heard it plenty times. #1 record. Real R&B" 12:31 AM (Eastern Time (US))

2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at the Olsen hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

2009 Edit

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber published a note "Justin & Jordin Sparks Performing at Arthur Ashe Kids Day 8/29" 11:19 AM (Pacific Time (US))

Twitter Edit

scooterbraun "AMAZING video of @justinbieber . ITS NOT A GAME> spread the word

ONE TIME on ITUNES NOW... http://bit.‏ly/4BxNrc" 4:26 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

"This is amazing. I am still in shock. ONE TIME on ITUNES now. spread the word. Love you - http://bit.‏ly/4BxNrc" 4:28 AM

InternJohnRadio "@justinbieber hey bro, looking forward to having you on the show tomorrow" 6:49 AM

"At 106.1 kiss fm in seattle...good morning!" 7:24 AM

"8883431061. Call in. I'm live with jackie and bender on kiss" 7:28 AM

ddlovato "Dude I'm at kube fm... And they've got donuts!! My morning totally just got better. I haven't had a donut in forever. Haha much better t ..." 8:29 AM

ddlovato "Wait! No! I'm at kiss fm!!!! Opps :P See... Not a morning person. Haha" 8:35 AM

HOT957 "Hey everyone! Looking for texter 1000 right NOW for Hot Hits Live 16 w/Justin Bieber! Text "JUSTIN" to 43952 and you win! Good luck!" 8:42 AM

HOT957 "Halfway there! Still lookin for texter 1000! Justin Bieber in Hot Hits Live 16! Text "JUSTIN" to 43952" 8:48 AM

HOT957 "Congrats to Marian Richards! She'll be joining us for Hot Hits Live:Justin Bieber! "G Force" movie passes to hand out this hour!" 9:12 AM

Z100Portland "Singer @justinBieber will be stopping by the radio station to perform soon! Pictures and video will follow!" 11:03 AM

"Headed to kkrz in portland. Come by...4949 sw macadam ave." 12:03 PM

"On our way to Minneapolis! Watch the new vid "at much music" on" 2:42 PM

"Yoo I'm about to catch some zzzzzz on the flight" 2:45 PM

Z100Portland "Justin Bieber @justinbieber was at Z100! Pictures are here: http://bit.‏ly/SKdHT" 2:55 PM

HOT957 "Want Justin Bieber tix? Text JUSTIN to 43952 NOW!!" 8:07 PM
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