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2017 Edit

  • Justin Bieber leaving a church service at the Saban Theatre in Beveverly Hills, CA on Wednesday.

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2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber giving a party.

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hoogs "Met a lot of cool beliebers at @justinbieber @Tyga shoot. Talked about #BelieveMovie and cleared up all confusion. They are now psyched!" 7:00 AM (Pacific Time (US))

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2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

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2011 Edit

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2010 Edit

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rihanna "Justin Bieber just flashed me his abs in the middle of a restaurant! Wow! He actually had a lil 6 pack! Sexy,lol!#Beliebersplzdontkillme" 6:42 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performs on Good Morning America at ABC News' Good Morning America Times Square Studio in New York City, NY.

Twitter Edit

bieberarmy "AMAZING! @justinbieber thank u so much for calling me even though I couldn't pick up your voicemail was so sweet. <33" 11:04 AM (Pacific Time (US))

bieberarmy "@alinapinsky I don't have it anyways. He called from a blocked number." 3:18 PM

bieberarmy "Yo @justinbieber call me back, I'll answer this time! lol thanks for singing to me. <3 It made my life." 6:27 PM

Xan6ray "Talkin to my lil bro @justinbieber .. He thinks i should make my way to LA on tuesday for his show. Wat do yu guys think" 7:18 PM

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