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  • Justin Bieber in London, England.


  • Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Justin Bieber at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills, CA.



  • Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, CA
  • Justin Bieber at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA.


souljaboy "Check out @justinbieber on @shots http://shots.com/p/stsd728d" 3:52 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "I look like a sex Panther http://shots.com/p/stsd7hjt" 9:03 PM (Pacific Time (US))

ItsMandizzle "JUST MET JUSTIN" 10:23 PM

ItsMandizzle "He was saying no to everyone at the grove for pictures at first so we didn't wanna bother him" 10:25 PM

ItsMandizzle "He came out of Barnes and Nobel and we just said "he Justin, can we just give you a hug?" And he was like "of course"" 10:26 PM

ItsMandizzle "And then he was like "do you guys wanna group picture??"

He said no to everyone else but us what is life 😍😭" 10:27 PM

ItsMandizzle "Then after we hugged him he was like "have a beautiful night" and walked away 😍😍😍" 10:27 PM

ItsMandizzle "And then right when he was leaving I was like "wait Justin, how's the music going?!" And he was like "oh it's going amazing!!!"" 10:28 PM


taylorannJDB "ATTENTION I JUST MET JUSTIN BIEBER @ The Grove & Farmers Market instagram.com/p/uM6lBbiwFI/" 10:33 PM

justinbieber "@john http://shots.com/p/stsd7j7w" 10:48 PM

ItsMandizzle "So like 5 minutes before Justin walked out of Barnes and Nobel this guy was like "is Justin bieber here" and we all said no and he was like" 10:48 PM

ItsMandizzle ""I'm with TMZ and I heard he was here" and we were like oh no he's not sorry. And he walks away" 10:48 PM

ItsMandizzle "As soon as we said bye to Justin after we talked to him we see the tmz guy sprinting trying to find him. So funny 😂😂😂" 10:49 PM

taylorannJDB "the fact that he was telling people no pictures and then came outside and asked US if we wanted to take a group picture 😭" 11:41 PM

john "@JBCrewdotcom I took that pic :)" 11:47 PM






  • Justin Bieber in Edmonton, Canada.


scooterbraun "@justinbieber We like to stay the underdog...gives us something to work for. Focus on the positive. I believe and so do #29million more :)" 9:46 PM (Mountain Time (US))


  • Justin Bieber in Santiago, Chile.


  • Justin Bieber at Planet Lazer in Richmond, BC on Friday.


Burnham "Up early and heading off to our rehearsal for the @justinbieber MY WORLD 2.0 Tour! So psyched!!! -Forrest" 7:18 AM (Eastern Time (US))



  • Justin Bieber at Carroll Middle School in Fort Wayne, IN.


justinbieber "Just landed in ft wayne indiana. Cold here too!! Looking forward to performing today!" 2:32 PM (Eastern Time (US))

justinbieber "5pm at The John and Ruth Rhinehart Music Center/ Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne/Auer Performance Hall. 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd. Come on!" 2:35 PM

justinbieber "what is your favorite video of all my videos on my youtube page - www.youtube.com/justinbieber ???" 3:58 PM

justinbieber "wow...Half a MILLION VIEWS in 2 DAYS!! This might become my biggest video EVER!! http://bit.‏ly/1osdW6" 4:24 PM

justinbieber "@iamdiddy do you want this song i produced and sing on on your album? As we proceed to give u what u need. haha. Girls what do u think?" 6:44 PM

justinbieber "Everyone tell @iamdiddy we need to make this J BIEBER / P DIDDY colab song happen. lol. but im serious ...the song is ready to go.." 6:50 PM

justinbieber "RT @BelieberBabes: #diddyandbieber LETS MAKE IT TRENDING FOR @justinbieber @iamdiddy" 7:22 PM

ATLVox "Finishing up a track with Innate Forte and Canadian Trinity Chris. Next up, Justin Bieber re-do, re-mix, AGAIN. Yes AGAIN! AGAIN Scooter?" 8:28 PM

justinbieber "if you could be animal what animal would you be?" 9:22 PM

justinbieber "RT @KKrawr i just bought one less lonely girl and one time 8 times on itunes lol @justinbieber can u plz follow me? == u got it :) thanks" 9:32 PM

justinbieber "RT @AnaReds damn it @justinbieber u dont even check ur replies right:( === of course i do. lol. im reading everybody's right now" 9:49 PM

justinbieber "RT @AndyLovesMiley i dont think @justinbieber is really reading EVERYBODYS hes not reading mine-- Well somebody just got proved wrong. :}" 9:57 PM

justinbieber "RT @Elley08 @justinbieber dont think justin reads my tweets. sent a million n no follow n its my bday :( = Guess whos following. Happy BDAY!" 10:02 PM

justinbieber "RT @AllyEshman With my mom in the hospital. wish one good thing would come 2day . @justinbieber following me would make it good =FOLLOWED :)" 10:06 PM

Diddy "@justinbieber send me the song. Ill check it out. Thanks" 10:12 PM

justinbieber "U guys got my first 2 records ONE TIME and ONE LESS LONELY GIRL in the TOP 20 on billboard!! crazy. greatest fans, friends and fam on earth!" 10:15 PM

justinbieber "@iamdiddy i got u. Usher isnt the only 1 who can sing the crazy hooks. haha. I should show u myself when i get 2 LA at the end of the month" 10:38 PM

justinbieber "RT @x3martinaa feel like i write 6 millions tweets about @justinbieber 2 follow me and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS..ugh give up== DONT GIVE UP ;)" 10:44 PM

justinbieber "this is crazy. I started with this youtube page www.youtube.com/justinbieber and now I have @iamdiddy twittering with me?? so wild..a dream" 10:55 PM