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2016 Edit

  • Justin Bieber outside the Apple Store in New York City, CA on Sunday night.

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2014 Edit

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justinbieber "Back in the bucket hAt #selfie" 3:37 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber gets his mother's eye tattooed on his left arm.
  • Justin Bieber in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performing for Sunrise at The Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, Australia.

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "wow. 13 years old! she can sing. great job. #futurestar -" 9:15 AM (Pacific Time (US))


RichardWilkins "About to interview @justinbieber for @thetodayshow . What do we want to know ?" 4:19 PM (Sydney)

RichardWilkins "@justinbieber] on stage and sounding mighty fine ! Catch him tomorrow on @thetodayshow !" 7:16 PM

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performing for the My World Tour at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber goes to the mall and plays basketball with friends.

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Justin Bieber published a note "Billboard Magazine Feature" 4:51 PM (Central Time (US))

Justin Bieber "Need everyone to call their local radio stations and request ONE TIME...thanks so much!! Excited to perform in TULSA TOMORROW!!! Then Dallas and TEXAS all next week on the Kid Kraddick Show. Request ONE TIME at your Radio Station so I can come meet you!!" 10:25 PM

Twitter Edit

"oh yeah. gonna be in tulsa saturday performing and then dallas on monday morning for kid kraddick. thanks to everyone for the support" 1:18 AM (Central Time (US & Canada))

JBSource "Island Def Jam registered back in March, but it's inactive. I wonder when they're going to put his website up?" 1:32 AM

TraceyJxo "Up early for my interview with Def Jam and Usher's kid wonder Justin Bieber." 8:28 AM

TraceyJxo "@ShontelleOnline Thats what happened with Justin Bieber. I was scheduled for 15 minutes, ended it at 8 cus we were getting nowhere. lol"

Steveokdwb "lk Patrol on Minnetonka this wknd. @JustinBieber Fans vid and pics of him at KD online at" 10:06 AM

HOT957 "Lookin for texter 1000 right now for passes into Hot Hits Live: Justin Bieber! Text "JUSTIN" to 43952 and you win! Good luck!" 10:30 AM

tessreid "@justinbieber I remember when you were playing outside of a theatre in Stratford. My friends and I totally hanged with you." 11:00 AM

AlfredoFlores "Follow F# :SCHOOL GYRL CREW: @monicaparales @imlindsaytaylor @ilyjj @justinbieber @nickcannon @nesebaby @iprmktg @jrocbx @themakeupcloset !!" 12:49 PM

wilsonwarren "We hit the mall and ball all day @jamennajjar @lilgavinjh @katelinnajjar @justinbieber" 3:06 PM

KennyHamilton "All my Justin Bieber fans/followers @JustinBofficial is a fraud/fake twitter account Justin's real twitter is @JustinBieber (RT pls)" 3:10 PM

ifuseekjordan18 "Going Swimming With Justin Bieber OMG! HES AWESOME !!!" 6:37 PM

HOT957 "Your choice! Hot Hits Live 16 or 17? SEAN PAUL or JUSTIN BIEBER? Text 'HHL' to 43952! 1000th texter wins! You choose!" 8:52 PM

Z100Portland "Watch the @justinbieber video performance and interview from the other day here: http://bit.‏gly/IEx5v" 11:32 PM

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