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jsmanson "@vuecinemas please follow me so I can DM you. We are the film's producer. We can make it happen together. #UKBeliebersWantBelieveMovie" 10:38 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber ";) http://shots.me/justinbieber/p/eknyqpz4hfgwklqg" 1:38 PM

biebersparadise "@jsmanson it emailed cineplex about getting it in Canada!" 6:03 PM

justinbieber "@jsmanson u happy bro? Haha. #pyd" 9:23 PM

jsmanson "“@justinbieber: @jsmanson u happy bro? Haha. #pyd” lol. So happy bro! You can't have R&B without the R! @rkelly #PYD #PYD #PYD" 9:51 PM
scooterbraun "@jsmanson @justinbieber @rkelly i know manson is sitting there listening to PYD on repeat right now. lol" 9:52 PM

ColinTilley "Created Pure art w @justinbieber today... #AllThatMatters" 11:41 PM



  • Justin Bieber on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1.
  • Justin Bieber on 92.3 NOW.


froggyradio "Had a great time interviewing @justinbieber today! Here's a pic of him tweeting at us! http://lockerz.com/s/157068618" 7:04 PM (Eastern Time (US))

theCarlaMarie "I can make so many young girls hate me ... I hugged @JustinBieber this morning!!!" 7:55 AM

ATLVox @justinbieber Hey kiddo! Thanks for the call today to check in. Loved hearing from you and can't wait to see you sooner versus later. Holla!" 8:18 PM

jocelyn1212 "Caught up w/ @UsherRaymondIV @justinbieber....stay tunes w/ @mtvnews for some updates!" 8:46 PM

jordynwoods "@justinbieber follow me! im jadens friend.. the one with the crazy 2year old sister who always tells you to shutup when she sees you :)" 9:55 PM



  • Justin Bieber at Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ.


MarkSudack "Just drove past @justinbieber @KennyHamilton keeping it very gangsta with the tourbus police escort http://yfrog.com/31a6zj" 10:51 PM (Eastern Time (US))


  • Justin Bieber on Lopez Tonight at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.
  • Justin Bieber at the launch of My World and donates a signed skateboard from his music video 'One Time' at The Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood in Universal City, California


Justin Bieber published a note "MY WORLD Available Everywhere!!" 7:39 AM (Pacific Time (US))

The highly anticipated album release of My World is finally here!

Get a copy on iTunes and get "Common Denominator" exclusively!

Buy a physical copy on Amazon.com or in stores and Play Justin's Golden Ticket Game!

HOT 107.9 "Justin Bieber's CD is in stores today. He says its "not just about love". See what he said about it here: http://www.hot1079online.com/Channels/feed/Story.aspx" 3:37 PM (Pacific Time (US))

Justin Bieber published a note "See Justin on Good Morning America Here" 5:25 PM

Did you miss seeing Justin on Good Morning America over the weekend?

Check out the full segment of Justin here!

Justin Bieber on Good Morning America.jpg


GetMusicCA "@justinbieber is on Ellen in a few - tune in now! And again at 4pm ET. @justinbieber's debut album My World is out today!!!" 7:40 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "Just woke up...MY WORLD is #8 on ITUNES album charts!! LETS GO FOR #1!! I cant believe its finally here!!" 9:08 AM

justinbieber "stopped by @perezhilton house to thank him for the support and do a little performance http://bit.‏ly/2AW0sM" 9:24 AM

justinbieber "watch @theellenshow 2 see me and usher surprise her & have a dance off! http://bit.‏ly/4ufUy" 9:26 AM

justinbieber "getting alot of congrats and this is a fairytale type messages. Just wanted 2 say thank u 2 all of u for 2day because u made this dream real" 9:36 AM

justinbieber "A message from me to you = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qYQdMGiCho" 10:27 AM

B104 "CONGRATS to our Beaver or Bieber Winner Jackie Augustus! JUSTIN BIEBER will be answering her questions from our studio! Thanks for playing!" 12:04 PM

justinbieber "See everyone for the album release concert and signing at Universal's City Walk in LA at 6pm" 12:30 PM

justinbieber "who is going to find the GOLDEN TICKET!?!?! :)" 1:16 PM

justinbieber "Who is going to win the GOLDEN TICKETS!?!?!" 1:26 PM

justinbieber "Hey @johncmayer ...congrats on your new album but me and my ladies are gunning for that #1 spot on itunes. lol. maybe we can jam one day" 1:53 PM

TheEllenShow "Loved seeing you and Usher yesterday. Now get back behind my couch, @JustinBieber!" 2:30 PM

justinbieber "RT @Abby_Wilson13 Ok..Who HASN'T bought @justinbieber's album?? Well I have news for u...BEST ALBUM EVER!! Go buy it NOW!!! :D = lol. thanks" 3:04 PM

carinmorris "Dopest picture of all time. @justinbieber at Lopez Tonight warm ups. http://pic.gd/fe356" 3:18 PM

justinbieber "At Lopez 2nite. Make sure to watch later 2nite on TBS. George Lopez is the man http://pic.gd/dc589b" 4:01 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "Getting ready for the Justin Bieber concert at the Universal CityWalk tonight" 4:07 PM

justinbieber "RT @Imatellu1timeJB GOT @justinbieber 's New cd MY WORLD, amazing == Thank u so much. Im so happy its out!" 4:25 PM

georgelopez Tonight @ 11- Andy Garcia, @justinbieber & real housewives of OC. Hope you’re ready b/c we’re coming out swinging!" 4:38 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "We're in tyhe VIP room waiting to chat with ;ustin. sooooo stoked" 6:26 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "The crowd is going crazy for Justin! He's almost ready to go on! http://twitpic.com/pxv6n" 6:35 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "Hard Rock is showing justin's videos while fans wait to meet him. Everyone's singing along to One Time right now!" 6:41 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "We just surprised two fans by pulling them out of the crowd so they could go meet Justin. They are sooooo excited!" 6:56 PM

justinbieber "About to hit the stage at universal city walk in LA. GO TIME! Album release!!" 7:44 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "J just gave us a shoutout from the stage. Love you, too, Justin!" 8:19 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "When we talked to Justin before the show, he said he loves that his fans follow him on Twitter because they show him support. He loves you!" 8:28 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "To get up his energy before the show, he snacked on chicken, French fries and water." 8:29 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "Justin's getting ready to do an autograph signing right now. Lucky fans!" 8:34 PM

BOPandTigerBeat "There's a table set up on the stage for Justin to sign autographs! Girls are FREAKING out right now! http://twitpic.com/pyavh" 8:41 PM

justinbieber "Signing albums. Little break. This is amazing. Look http://pic.gd/e14ef8" 9:17 PM

justinbieber "Just found out u can complete MY WORLD on ITUNES right now! So close to #1!! Best week ever. BIEBERBLAST Itunes and Stores all week! Luv U!" 9:21 PM

The_Rockstars "@JustinBieber GREAT seeing you tonight my man! Take care and we'll talk to you soon!" 11:55 PM

justinbieber "Just walked in. about to watch the Lopez Tonight performance on TBS!! almost missed it" 11:54 PM

missjacquerae "home from citywalk @justinbieber did great performing EVEN sick !! then his album release party was a blast. EVERYBDY BUY HIS C.D. !!!" 11:55 PM