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2014 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in the studio.
  • Justin Bieber outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on Friday night.

Twitter Edit

PierreBalian "In the lab w/ JB, Young Burnt and my bro Soundz at work. #nosleep" (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

PierreBalian "Still in the lab w/ JB listening to @MadisonElleBeer records right now. #fire" 7:19 AM

PierreBalian "Got to see my dude @justinbieber put in some work in the lab. My bro @soundzdope making platinum hits…" 8:33 AM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Oslo, Norway.

Instagram Edit

2012 Edit

Twitter Edit

AlfredoFlores "History went down in the studio tonight. #BELIEVE" 12:30 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "just finished cutting one of the most important records of my life. an amazing and strange feeling at the same time. #HONORED" 2:17 AM

justinbieber "@YeshuaTheGudwin sup bro" 8:44 PM

YeshuaTheGudwin "“@justinbieber: @YeshuaTheGudwin sup bro” what up? U tryin to get back on the table?" 8:49 PM

Articles Edit

2011 Edit

Twitter Edit

DJTayJames "I beat @justinbieber but lost to @scrappy555 because melo foot was on the line" 11:32 PM (Singapore)

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in St. John's, Canada.

Twitter Edit

ZMonline "Wanna meet Justin Bieber thanks to @ZMonline? All the details are now online at !" 5:33 PM (Newfoundland Time)

abadchris "Hanging out with @justinbieber backstage at the Juno awards in St. John's NewFoundland. The staff here has been super awesome to us so f ..." 7:25 PM

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