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2014 Edit

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djsupajames "A lot of new music coming the next two weeks! New @gwenstefani and @kendricklamar too!" 3:07 PM (Pacific Time (US))

djsupajames "Plus the new @justinbieber & @CodySimpson track!" 3:08 PM

2013 Edit

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2011 Edit

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2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Edmonton, Canada.

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abadchris "Coooool, there's an article about us hanging out at the W Edmonton Mall with our bro @justinbieber. http://bit.‏ly/d01tFi" 9:38 PM (Mountain Time (US))

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2009 Edit

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JASMINEVILLEGAS "@justinbieber and @alfredoflores are HILARIOUS!! haha had a great night everyone <3" 3:46 AM (Eastern Time (Canada))

justinbieber "Tune in to YTV Next Star in Canada tonight at 6pm EST!!" 2:14 PM

justinbieber "Also, Save the Date! The Next Star Finale LIVE at Canada's Wonderland Sunday, September 27th. I'll be performing!!" 2:16 PM

justinbieber "Oh yea, I'll be on YTV's Next Star tonight at 6pm EST...tune in!" 2:18 PM

justinbieber "I'm gonna welcome @z100mobounce to @z100newyork and you can come! Follow @z100newyork + get info here‬‪http://bit.‏ly/1QMxzN" 6:36 PM

justinbieber "I’ll be in Indianapolis this Monday…if you wanna come by around 4pm, log on to and get on the list!" 6:51 PM

justinbieber "New design on my youtube page and a new video. Introduce people to my music thru the page and spread the word!!" 6:59 PM

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