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2016 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY.

2015 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Shoe Palace on Sunday in West Hollywood, CA.

2014 Edit

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justinbieber likes maryhaddad's photo

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justinbieber "Ice cream today. So good @Uber. follow @john on @shots" 12:08 AM (Pacific Time (US)

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots" 12:34 AM

justinbieber "Me and King ali" 10:22 PM

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2013 Edit

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2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber performing at The Cloud in Auckland, New Zealand.

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AngelaBishop "Coming up on @TenLateNews @JustinBieber & his chrome-plated car, Tom Cruise gets to see Suri, and fans finally get to see #DarkKnightRises" 12:36 AM (Sydney)

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2011 Edit

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montanatucker "Good seeing @KennyHamilton @AlfredoFlores @justinbieber yesterday :) now on my way to the studio :)" 11:50 AM (Pacific Time (US))

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, CA.

Twitter Edit

IamDetail "Video shoot today @justinbieber @SeanKingston @iamdetail mOvie" 11:06 AM (Pacific Time (US))

djsupajames "Loonngg Weekend...made some good $$ and hung with some good ppl! Back on the radio 5-10p justin bieber tix..eminem tix..train tix and more!" 5:35 PM

2009 Edit

Justin Bieber at Kidd Kraddick in the Morning for Rock Camp.

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber "BigSplash was a blast! Thx to K-HITS Summer Smash. The waterpark after was so fun. Thx 2 all the fans 2!! Ur the best :P Just got the word I am coming to Z100 in NYC to do a live chat with the fans on the 27th...spread the word!!!" 12:43 PM (Central Time (US))

Twitter Edit

thatrygood "just had a blast at the water park @justinbieber shut it down. literally." 1:33 AM (Central Time (US & Canada))

MarkTheMogul "@djtayjames yo how waz @justinbieber 's performance..i checked him out on youtube he's dope" 9:56 AM

djtayjames "@MarkTheMogul it was crazy he's very talented" 10:04 AM

scooterbraun "just got the word that @justinbieber shut it down and sold out the 3k in tix 4 his show in tulsa last night. Just the beginning for the kid" 11:35 AM

justinbieber "BigSplash was a blast!
Thx to K-HITS Summer Smash. The waterpark after was so fun. Thx 2 all the fans 2!! Ur the best :P" 11:43 AM

HOT957 "I swear it's 10,000 degrees outside! So HOT! Kelly Kelly here, Hot Hits Live wknd continues, Sean Paul or Justin Bieber passes comin up!" 3:16 PM

HOT957 "Ok, here we go! Hot Hits Live passes right NOW for texter 1000, text "HHL" to 43952 and you choose: Justin Bieber or Sean Paul! Good luck!" 3:33 PM

HOT957 "It's time again! Lookin for texter 1000 to choose which Hot Hits Live you'd like to join: Justin Bieber or Sean Paul, text "HHL" to 43952!" 5:31 PM

HOT957 "Hot Hits Live 16 & 17, Justin Bieber and Sean Paul...wanna join us for one? Take texter 1000 right NOW! Text "HHL" to 43952 and you win!" 6:35 PM

justinbieber "chillin with @kiddkraddick !!!" 6:04 PM

justinbieber "Broadcasting live now! See me at http://bit.‏ly/9iiIo" 6:43 PM

justinbieber "im on ustream live right now check me out http://bit.‏ly/9iiIo" 7:08 PM

justinbieber "Watch me live all this week on in Dallas from

7-2 (CST) 8-3 (EST) Kidd Kraddick Show" 7:24 PM

2002 Edit

  • Justin Bieber, 8, demonstrates his drumming skills in front of Madam T's coffee shop.. The coffee shop hosted a Justin Bieber Benefit Concert in an effort to raise $5,000 for Justin's own drum kit. [1]

References Edit

  1. Stratford Beacon Herald - A star is born! 10th anniversary of Biebs benefit concert
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