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2019 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Japan.

Instagram Edit

2015 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Soundz' album release party in Los Angeles, CA.

2014 Edit

  • Justin Bieber partying in Ibiza, Spain.
  • Justin Bieber at Riccardo Tisci's birthday party.

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Bout to go to sleep David Guetta was awesome tonight" 5:37 AM (Ibiza)

justinbieber "Night fools" 5:38 AM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber gets two roses tattooed on his left arm.

Twitter Edit

AhoyBieber "I seriously love the crew tho, Justin brought pizza and blankets got handed out last night" 1:27 PM (Eastern Time (US))

adambombshow "You listen on @Q100Atlanta & you Love @justinbieber? I'm gonna get you into his ATL show all next week at 7:10pm. In case you don't have tix" 9:44 PM

hoogs "Pretty awesome surprise coming tomorrow from #TheKey. Hint: @justinbieber + an app. Think fans will be excited, JB?" 10:48 PM

2012 Edit

Twitter Edit

BigSean "Congrats! RT @justinbieber: Here it is... the WORLD PREMIERE of the #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVIDEO with @BigSean -" 10:03 AM (Pacific Time (US))

BigSean "@justinbieber but this version of the video is good too!!! Ha ha #alternateendings" 11:58 AM

BigSean "@justinbieber too bad u didn't use the ending where I show up at the end we whoop the dad's ass, and u get the girl.. N I get her older sis" 11:59 AM

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Lafayette, LA

2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Hey guys!! Check this out" 1:34 PM (Eastern Time (US))

justinbieber "come out to the show in Syracuse at Clinton Square bring all of your friends!!" 1:52 PM

justinbieber "its right now!" 1:53 PM

Rick93Q "Just left Family Friendzy. Those Justin Bieber fans are crazy!" 4:47 PM

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