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  • Justin Bieber rehearsing for Las Vegas show.
  • Justin Bieber in the studio.



  • Justin Bieber in Sydney, Australia.


grxndebieber "I JAR MAET JUATIN" 1:35 PM (Sydney)



Nashgrier "Just another night http://shots.com/p/ybl2q4h3" 5:09 AM (Eastern Time (US))

justinbieber "With the boys @FloydMayweather @Tyrese @jmanziel2 http://shots.com/p/q6yx54d4 #selfie" 7:00 AM

justinbieber "Check out @Nashgrier’s photo on @shots http://shots.com/p/ybl2q4h3 " 7:01 AM

justinbieber "Me and my team http://shots.com/p/bf78ik5e " 7:03 AM

PierreBalian "Lost ALL my photos and videos from Miami and last night. Sooooo pissed!" 2:10 PM

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots http://shots.com/p/bqy9yyto" 10:54 PM



adambombshow "if you love @justinbieber you'll love what we have for you in DFW tonight. Text & win, to go to his show & meet him! 8:10pm" 4:25 PM (Pacific Time (US))


  • Justin Bieber in The Hamptons.


justinbieber "@miketyson happy bday mike" 12:27 PM (Eastern Time (US))

MikeTyson "@justinbieber much appreciated justin" 4:39 PM

RevRunWisdom "RT @UncleRUSH Justin bieber planking on tracey maitlands boat as diggy and russie cheer him on http://lockerz.com/s/116080712" 8:57 PM





  • Justin Bieber records "Love Me" in Los Angeles.[1]


Justin Bieber "Q102 in philly just played ONE TIME! call them and tell them thanks! 215.263.1021 toll free 800.521.1021 or text Q1021...tell them "thanks for playing ONE TIME!"" 8:01 AM (Pacific Time (US))

Justin Bieber published a note "Hey Canadian fans!!" 8:36 AM

I need your help! My video for “One Time” was just added to MuchMusic and I need you to get involved to make sure the video gets to #1.

Here’s how:

1. Vote for the video on the MOD Daily 10 here: http://muchmusic.com/mod 2. Watch PunchMuch (either the channel or the show) and text 069 to 10101 to vote for “One Time”! It’s $1 per message though, so get your parents’ permission first! 3. Watch the video at http://watch.muchmusic.com/#clip184404 4. Tell all your friends to do the same!

Thanks you guys!!!!!!!! Justin

Justin Bieber "They sing a cover of Rihanna's "UnFaithful"" 9:13 AM

MySpace Blog[]

Justin Bieber published a blog post - Hey Canadian fans!!


justinbieber "Goin for breakfast with @scooterbraun" 9:04 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

justinbieber "Less than One Week until ONE TIME hits ITUNES on July 7th!! Spread the word...Request ONE TIME at your local radio station. Thank YOU!!!" 10:32 AM

justinbieber "Please go to http://bit.‏ly/JrSJn and please vote for my single ONE TIME to Top the XM 20 on 20 Chart. Thanks" (deleted)

MrChange2009 "Miss B is bringin LO from Thejackieboyz.com cowriters to Flo Riders "sugar" & Justin Beiber’s third single “Down to Earth” u ready?" 12:16 PM

justinbieber "Happy Canada Day!!!!" 12:31 PM

DJFRANKE "In the studio with that dude!! @justinbieber Incredible talent!!" 1:04 PM

kizdaboss "RT @DJFRANKE: In the studio with that dude!! @justinbieber Incredible talent!! (Over there cuttin "Love Me" huh?)" 1:08 PM

thatrygood "back at the studio with the kid bieber" 2:42 PM

thatrygood "@justinbieber is killin it right now" 7:32 PM

justinbieber "columbus, oh for red, white and boom on fri...come in full support! the five best wnci/ justin bieber posters get picked for a meet & greet" 7:44 PM