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  • Justin Bieber at Rae Sremmurd's concert in Auckland, New Zealand.



  • Justin Bieber in Paris, France.


justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots http://shots.com/p/jhucxjdo" 12:35 AM (Paris)





WILD 94.9 "Want to meet the ONE AND ONLY Justin Bieber this Oct. 6 AND see him LIVE?! How to win, here! http://ow.‏ly/e7TXS" 12:08 PM (Pacific Time (US))


kristengillxo "Want to meet the ONE AND ONLY Justin Bieber this Oct. 6 AND see him LIVE?! How to win, here! http://ow.‏ly/e7TXS" 12:08 PM (Pacific Time (US))

kristengillxo "Guess who will be on #TMZLive tomorrow?! @JustinBieber! Don't forget to tune in! #Belieber" 2:50 PM

Wild949 "Want to meet Justin Bieber this Oct. 6 & see his performance LIVE @ the Oracle Arena?! We got your hook up! How to win....." 4:01 PM


  • Justin Bieber at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Justin Bieber meeting fans.


bigtimerush "it's gonna be a big big big big big big night! playing a show tonight in Mexico with @justinbieber! who's gonna be there?!" 5:15 PM (Mexico City)



  • Justin Bieber at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, CA.


justinbieber "5 Days until "LONELY GIRL" hits ITUNES!! Get "ONE TIME" 5 times and get it in the TOP TEN on ITUNES!! MY WORLD on NOV 17th...excited!!!!!!" 8:37 AM (Eastern Time (US))

justinbieber "Please help with another BieberBlast (katys best idea ever) for "ONE TIME". we need 2 get it up the ITUNES charts the next 5 days. THANK U" 1:35 PM

justinbieber "@paula13helmke13 no im single...and ready to mingle...haha. thanks though. Please help get ONE TIME in the the TOP TEN on ITUNES!!! lol" 1:36 PM

justinbieber "On my way to LA...." 2:44 PM

GabiMaruta "RT @brjustinbieber @justinbieber why you never answer brazilian fans? they just love and support u #BrazilWantsBieber" 2:49 PM

justinbieber "@GabiMaruta but i do answer Brazilian fans...i hope to come down there some day" 2:49 PM

justinbieber "RT @AmberBennett @justinbieber Can you wish me a happy birthday? its today. please reply - HAPPY BDAY!! :)" 2:50 PM

justinbieber "RT @juliaaa__ @justinbieber would the song 'bigger? be on My World? i hope! (haha loveya x - yes BIGGER will be on the Nov 17 release." 2:51 PM

justinbieber "RT @annajaneb Not even gonna lie, I have a soft spot for @justinbieber. Such a cutie! He's so grateful :) - I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL. Thank u" 2:52 PM

justinbieber "RT @iSUPPORTBIEBER @justinbieber boy do i wish yo would reply to me <3. dream come true rightt there.- YES THEY DO. You guys made mine." 2:53 PM

cjbaran "So just randomly ran into Justin Bieber walking through LAX alone- love that kid- so grounded for someone with his success- very cool" 3:12 PM

justinbieber "In LA...so tired. just called and requested ONE TIME on KISS FM. haha. they didnt play it. rejected. might prank phone call them. lol" 8:38 PM

justinbieber "@taylorswift13 whatsup favorite girl? i got the video me and roman did coming soon. :)" 8:44 PM


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