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2014 Edit

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Big news this month @CodySimpson" 12:15 PM

CodySimpson "@justinbieber let's go matey! been practicing away on my six string these past couple days. ready for it all" 12:33 PM

2013 Edit

Instagram Edit

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xflint97 "Justin believer played his new song, slow danced with Erica and hugged her 10 times. Calm down there justin"" 12:20 AM (Eastern Time (Canada))

2011 Edit

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Had a great studio session with my big bro @seankingston and the talented @jonathanrotem #GOODMUSIC" 3:02 AM (Pacific Time (US))

YeshuaTheGudwin "@Kukharrell @justinbieber gettin some guitar in.. @tstrahle shredding" 10:35 AM

SarahKianna "@justinbieber @KukHarrell @YeshuaTheGudwin @ITSSEANK Another fun filled day with the fellas!" 1:51 PM

KukHarrell "@CodiBear @justinbieber said to tell you what up!!!!!" 5:17 PM

CodiBear "@YeshuaTheGudwin @KukHarrell tell @justinbieber I said what up!!!!" 5:36 PM

justinbieber "and @ludacris u better be ready because Im about to have 20 dimes on sunday..why? because i got @KDTrey5 on #TEAMBIEBER - sounds like a #W" 8:49 PM

Ludacris "In your Dreams! U gon get a spankin on Sunday!! RT @justinbieber: @Ludacris u are a good man...but #teambieber is gonna kill u on sunday" 9:02 PM

KDTrey5 @justinbieber yeaaa Bruh" 9:38 PM

SeanKingston "That last tweet was not from me @justinbieber hacked me as usual smh! Lol thata why i get for leavin my laptop open!" 10:53 PM

Articles Edit

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Syracuse, New York.

Twitter Edit

themrwendell "Crazy night in NYC kicked it with @LilTwist @lilza @JustinBieber @AlfredoFlores @KennyHamilton Jayden Smith @iamdiddy #VoteForLilSecret#PHD" 2:37 AM (Eastern Time (US))

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber visits the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "NYC!! I will be performing at the NINTENDO WORLD STORE 2day at 3pm, Tuesday, Sept 1st - 10 Rockefeller Plaza - See you there!!" 1:19 AM (Eastern Time (US))

InfNYC "scene outside of the Nintendo store is already insane. just wait until @justinbieber gets there..." 11:18 AM

hoogs "With @scooterbraun checking out the @justinbieber acoustic show at the nintendo store in Rockefeller center" 2:41 PM

justinbieber "This is AMAZING! Nintendo In-Store NYC" 3:23 PM

justinbieber "So blessed! Thanks for all the support!!" 3:42 PM

1075theriver Justin Bieber is playing McFadden's garage." 3:58 PM

justinbieber "thanks to everyone who came out to Rockefeller Plaza in NYC! Special thanks to everyone at Nintendo too! Got a new DSi! Time to eat!" 5:08 PM

1075theriver "Meet Justin Bieber....Butter has your exclusive chance!! Log on now to find out how EASY it is!!!" 8:20 PM

InfNYC "Nintendo in-store with @justinbieber, @MTV ad isht with @marisbk, drinks for @spittywill's bday, back to the office, gym, now leaving NYSC." 11:28 PM

justinbieber "Going to be performing on Alexa Chung 2morrow at 12 noon at the MTV building in Time Square. Hope to see you guys there or watch MTV!!!" 11:48 PM
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