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justinbieber "Shave the stash or let it grow" 2:48 PM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto, ON on Sunday.

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TORGuardian "Whoa. @justinbieber just walked into @cabanapoolbar in #Toronto" 5:25 PM (Eastern Time (Canada))

deadmau5 "deWelp... Bieber just showed up here at cabana. Party's over." 5:34 PM

EmLuvsKanter "I STROKED JUSTINS RN" 10:34 PM

hashtagjellen "WE JSIT SAY HOM" 10:35 PM


hashtagjellen "@justinbieber ni‏gga there's 10 people outside please come outside" 10:56 PM

EmLuvsKanter "K basicallly what happened tonight was i was at justins hotel for almost 12 hours and i saw him twice once running into his tour bus and" [1]

EmLuvsKanter "The second time running into the hotel and the first time i said "HI justin!!!!!" And he was like whats up ladies;) and that was all we" [2]

EmLuvsKanter "Werent allowed to take pics cuz he was with a bunch of random rachet girls and jeremy and erin on his bus and lil za so ya then the 2nd time" [3]

EmLuvsKanter "He just walked back into the hotel rlllly quick an i got a pic but its kinda shity but whatev,and i felt his arms and it was sofucking soft" [4]

2011 Edit

  • Justin Bieber joined and posted his first picture on Instagram.

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"La traffic sucks" 5:16 PM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

instagram "@justinbieber We see someone has your name on Instagram -- want us to change your Instagram username to @justinbieber?" 5:38 PM

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2010 Edit

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MathiasAnderle "Had fun hanging with @jessicajarrell @justinbieber (good to see u man)@AlfredoFlores and @JASMINEVILLEGAS it was great to meet u!" 2:40 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

mitchreezy "Had am amazing time with my bro @justinbieber" 10:50 AM

jessicajarrell "had so much fun with @jasminevillegas @justinbieber @alfredoflores and @mathiasanderle bowling last night! :)" 11:12 AM

jessicajarrell "Jus got done with my set :) watching @seankingston :) and then I gotta go on with @JustinBieber" 8:47 PM

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at 96.7 KISS FM, Austin, TX.

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Justin Bieber "headed to san antonio for 2pm at mix 96.1...6222 NW 1-10 Hwy.San Antonio, TX 78201...210-470-5961. Request ONE TIME. thanks" 12:33 PM (Central Time (US))

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"Performing in Halifax Nova Scotia Saturday and Toronto to Canada's Wonderland Sunday! Yea Canada!!" 9:00 AM (Central Time (US & Canada))

"headed to san antonio for 2pm at mix 96.1...6222 NW 1-10 Hwy.San Antonio, TX 78201...210-470-5961" 11:47 AM

"@twiligh123 yep!" 1:29 PM

"In san antonio at mix 96.1...6222 NW 1-10 Hwy. 210-470-5961" 1:39 PM

"Plz RT Justin Bieber, One Time #aolradiorequest" 1:45 PM

"Austin Tx today at 4:30
Kiss 96.7
3601 south congress ave
Building F
512-390-1967" 2:49 PM

scooterbraun "please support the little buddy @justinbieber and request his single on AOL Radio by RT Justin Bieber, One Time #aolradiorequest" 3:52 PM

"Plz RT Justin Bieber, One Time #aolradiorequest" 4:37 PM

"Back on the Kidd Kraddick Show in the morning here in Dallas. Canada this weekend and Z100 in NYC for live chat on monday. Long week but fun" 10:06 PM

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