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officialjaden "Go Follow @Swaggy" 3:18 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at JFK airport in New York.

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on KISS 107 in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Justin Bieber on HOT 107.9 in Fort Wayne, IN.
  • Justin Bieber on Radio Now 100.9.

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ATLVox "Looks like we're off to NY to work with everybody's newest heart throb, Justin Bieber! Times Square Thursday ya'll! Pretty good for 15, huh?" 12:03 AM (Eastern Time (US))

justinbieber "On my to WKFS in Cincinnati..I'll be on Live. 8044 Montgomery Road" 7:49 AM

justinbieber "Check out @z100newyork as they announce today’s winning code for the Mo’Bounce welcome party at 12:30p. Follow them" 7:58 AM

justinbieber "KIIS in Cinci...about to go on live" 8:01 AM

justinbieber "In studio KISS 107 Cincinnati" 8:09 AM

justinbieber "2pm today I'm gonna visit WJFX...40 Monument Circle Indianapolis, Indiana." 8:16 AM

z100newyork "Hey @justinbieber fans! Today's Bieber bonus code is moandjustinZ100. Enter it here now for your shot to meet him! http://bit.‏ly/1QMxzN" 12:34 PM

justinbieber "In Indy! At 4pm I'm goin to see WJJK at the United Artist Theater 8105 East 96th st Indianapolis, IN 46256" 12:31 PM

justinbieber "Heading straight to United Artist Theater 8105 East 96th st Indianapolis, IN 46256" 3:03 PM

djtayjames "so just found out that im going to be on the today show" 2:54 PM

djtayjames "ny on thurs and friday and canada this weekend" 2:55 PM

justinbieber "Official Justin Bieber T-shirts and other gear here. New stuff coming every week." 9:52 PM

justinbieber "Check in tomorrow morning at 9:30am. @z100newyork will announce the day's winning code for the Mo’Bounce welcome party. Make sure to fol ..." 9:54 PM
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