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2019 Edit

2015 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, CA.

2014 Edit

  • Justin Bieber visits orphanage in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Justin Bieber at V2 TOKYO.

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Twitter Edit

pattiemallette "In Japan and JB just randomly decided to show up at an orphanage and surprise some kids. #SoProud!j1DUdab" 10:57 PM (Tokyo)

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2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Stockholm, Sweden.

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2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Heathrow Airport in London, England.
  • Justin Bieber at Supper Club.

Twitter Edit

markmeets "Justin Bieber will very soon be arriving in the UK via Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport #MarkMeetsBieber" 7:43 AM (London)

markmeets "Send over your questions for @justinbieber to @MTVUK using the hashtag #mtvaskbieber" 12:12 AM

blissmag "You know what else is exciting? We're going to a @justinbieber album playback later. Just a casual two months ahead of release. #swag" 12:57 PM

LozzyPurry "Omg I just pinched JUSTIN BIEBERS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 12:59 PM

Chartshowtv "We'll be filming a Chart Show Chat with @justinbieber this week! EEEEEK! We need your twitter questions! What do you want to ask him????" 4:07 PM

LozzyPurry "@EllenHeartBiebs the paps were mental and i was face to face with him and said are you okay and he laughed and said yeah lol" 4:41 PM

WeSupport_JB "@Chartshowtv my question for @justinbieber is... When will the believe tour come to the uk?" 4:42 PM

WeSupport_JB "@Chartshowtv question for @justinbieber .. What is your favourite song right now?" 4:42 PM

WeSupport_JB "@Chartshowtv question for @justinbieber .. Describe your new album in 3 words?" <small<4:43 PM</small>

WeSupport_JB "@Chartshowtv question for @justinbieber .. Every time you are here, you do the British accent.. Have you improved since last time?" 4:44 PM

Chartshowtv "@WeSupport_JB Hey what's your real name please in case we can ask JB your q? Thanks" 5:07 PM

WeSupport_JB "@Chartshowtv my name is Natalie spink! Ahh please ask him my question :)" 5:10 PM

Chartshowtv "@MahoneLoveUK Hi what's your name please in case we can ask your q to JB for you?" 5:11 PM

TheJamesIngham "On my way to @justinbieber album playback. Having my phone confiscated at the door so don't expect too much tweeting. #justinbieber" 5:46 PM

REGYATES "Hosting the Justin Bieber album playback.. Scooter just played me the drake track. Yeah dem next level ones..." 5:55 PM

LozzyPurry "@iluKidrauhl followed him round a car park while he was on the phone lol" 6:33 PM

blissmag "In the queue getting ready to listen to the sounds of @justinbieber . And he's in the building. So worth waiting in the rain!" 6:36 PM

TheJamesIngham "Got frisked & searched going into the Justin Bieber album playback. Was a nightmare getting in & out but the album sounds ok." 8:06 PM

TheJamesIngham "Justin Bieber reveals he has written a song about Mariah Yeater who claimed she had a baby with him. #justinbieber" 8:10 PM

TheJamesIngham "Justin also talked about collaborations with Taylor Swift, Drake, Ludacris & another big named rapper who he wouldn't reveal. #justinbieber" 8:12 PM

TheJamesIngham "Album is heavily influenced by big production R&B / club songs but best tracks r an old school soul jam & guitar-based solo #justinbieber" 8:16 PM

TheJamesIngham "Justin Bieber revealed plans for world tour & said he's a good boyfriend because he's 'honest & patient" with girlfriends #justinbieber" 8:21 PM

Chartshowtv "So @justinbieber just played us 7 tracks from his new CD #believe Our fave was Die in Your Arms - old skool sounding! Couldve been Jacko!" 8:29 PM

Chartshowtv "As Long As you Love Me was another smash in waiting! @justinbieber said he was gonna add a surprise rapper on the track though..." 8:30 PM

TheJamesIngham "Justin Bieber has recorded over 40 songs for his album. Says he's struggling to choose the final tracks - but thinks fans will be blown away" 8:32 PM

Chartshowtv "And the @justinbieber collab with DRAKE 'Right Here' is gonna surprise so many people! He's really stepped up the game!" 8:33 PM

LozzyPurry "@SwaggaliciousJB he's at the hotel, he's looked through the window a couple of times lol omg shall we!" 8:33 PM

Chartshowtv "There aren't any collabs with @onedirection or @thewantedmusic YET @justinbieber told us!" 8:34 PM

Chartshowtv "But the most #awkward moment was when @justinbieber went bright red after being asked if he had written any songs about SEX on the album!" 8:36 PM

Chartshowtv "The 7 songs @justinbieber played us were Die In Your Arms, All Around The World, Belive, Be Alright, Right Here, Proud of You...." 10:14 PM

Chartshowtv "....& As Long As You Love Me! He said he wrote Believe for the fans....and there is a track he's written for his mum..." 9:15 PM

Chartshowtv ".....and there's another track about that 'Maria' woman!" 9:16 PM

Chartshowtv "We'll be back with @justinbieber on Weds when @LeytonB will be talking to him for a very special @Chartshowtv Chat!" 9:18 PM

Chartshowtv "PS We won't be filming at our studios with the will be a location shoot! We can't say where :(" 9:20 PM

Articles Edit

2011 Edit

  • Justin Bieber recording “Be Alright” in Bali, Indonesia.
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