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Picaderos LUNCH SPECIAL!!!

Chicken Despacito Wrap in honour of our regular global superstar customer Justin Bieber!
Available 12.30 to 5pm daily.

Call 016292806 or email info@picaderos.ie for reservations" 12:12 PM (Ireland)


  • Justin Bieber performing during his Purpose Tour in Des Moines, IA.




justinbieber "No hands selfie http://shots.me/p/jg4v4deo #selfie" 4:20 PM (Pacific Time (US))

tstrahle "Great working with @justinbieber the last couple of weeks. Some amazing stuff in the pipeline!" 4:38 PM



  • Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Justin Bieber at Adidas NEO photo shoot.
  • Justin Bieber in the studio.


hoogs "#SundayFacts coming soon from a @justinbieber photoshoot" 12:37 PM (Pacific Time (US))

hoogs "#SundayFacts I am in LA at a @justinbieber photoshoot." 1:43 PM

LilTwist "JUNE 30TH!!!! #THESINGLE" 4:39 PM

LilTwist "Lets just say Twizzy pulled a #PowerMove" 4:41 PM

justinbieber "@NathanTheWanted just heard u need to take your glasses off on the show this week. haha." 5:19 PM

NathanTheWanted "@justinbieber yep! @scooterbraun's quick to shout out our egos but doesn’t mention the massive picture of himself he’s got sat behind him ;)" 2:28 AM (24 June)

john "@itsRyanButler "JB have u seen Man of Steel?" JB: "No, how was it? I saw the new Superman though". @ScooterBraun would've been disappointed." 5:39 PM


  • Justin Bieber at the Someday fragrance launch at Macy's Herald Square in New York City, NY.


jocelyn1212 "Things have settled for a moment here at the @justinbieber macys event..." 1:59 PM (Eastern Time (US))

DJMissSaigon "About to DJ this @JustinBieber event at Macy's. Tweens are lined up & screaming. Woo-sahhhhhh... Lol http://yfrog.com/kl1l4xj " 2:00 PM

jocelyn1212 "Wrapped speaking w/ @justinbieber at macys. Great chat! Perfume, NEW MUSIC plans and more...stay tuned!" 5:19 PM

JackieAugustus "@justinbieber @scooterbraun @KennyHamilton @DaveReynoldsCBA @AllisonKaye @LordBieber Good to see you! Thanks for everything! Come visit me!" 5:54 PM




Marvin Ryan "Here we go!!! First show of the official Justin Bieber tour! It's finally here:)" 9:22 AM (Eastern Time (US))

Lil Twist "Shout out to my lil brother Justin Bieber he started his first worldwide tour today!!! The Teen Movement is a beast!! Best of Both Worlds coming soon..." 3:25 PM

Marvin Ryan "Amazing first tour show with Justin Bieber. Usher came out at the end and rocked with us. Sean Kingston rocked it too. On top, of that I feel blessed to dance with some dope dancers! Shout out to Jamaica, Vick, and today Flo Master for getting us right!" 11:35 PM


PleasureEllis "Can't wait to get together with @JustinBieber & @MiranMaric in Phoenix in July. Going to have the whole crew together!!!! Much Love." 1:53 AM (Eastern Time (US))

jocelyn1212 "Heading to hartford to be emersed in @justinbieber fever. Taking deep breaths." 2:09 PM

jessicajarrell "Just got done rehearsing with @justinbieber :) Show is gonna be siiiick!!!" 4:40 PM

hoogs "@scooterbraun and @justinbieber rocking it tonight. (@ XL Center w/ 5 others) http://4sq.com/8sz5HJ" 8:36 PM

jocelyn1212 "@justinbieber just flew over the hartford crowd in a heart. No words." 9:16 PM

jocelyn1212 "I'm sorry did you say something. I can't hear you. I have the deafening screams of teenage girls ringing in my soul. @justinbieber" 9:28 PM

djtayjames "Dwn to earth is on now this has been a crazy show" 11:04 PM

jocelyn1212 "En route back to nyc after one interesting trip to see @justinbieber...for work...obviously." 11:47 PM



  • Justin Bieber at 96.1 Kiss FM in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Justin Bieber at 93.7 The Fan.


Justin Bieber published a note "Wanna be where Justin is this week?" 3:55 PM (Eastern Time (US))

Well now you can!! Check out these days and times for the exact location where Justin will be! Come out & hang with Justin!

Wednesday June 24th

@ 9am
WNCI 97.9
2323 West Fifth Ave Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43204

@ 2pm
393 Smyth Ave
Alliance, OH 44601

Thursday June 25th

@ 12pm
96.5 Kiss FM
6200 Oak Tree Blvd. Suite 400
Independence, OH 44131

@ 4pm
HOT 101
4040 Simon Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44152


thatrygood "jb just flyin thru the port on his stevie williams dgk" 9:58 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

justinbieber "in pittsburgh skateboarding thru the airport" 10:14 AM

justinbieber "i'll be at wkst-pittsburgh at 200 fleet street....i'd love to see you there" 10:21 AM

justinbieber "call (412) 937-1441...i'll be there at noon" 10:38 AM

justinbieber "at 3pm i'll be at wbzw foster plaza building #5 651 holiday drive" 10:42 AM

KobeOnTheRadio "BIG show today with @justinbieber live in studio, and a very special guest will call in..who? He'll MAKE YOU WANNA listen!!!" 11:12 AM

justinbieber "96.1 kiss in pittsburgh" 12:25 PM

MelindaSellers1 "i am so happy i just talked to justin bieber" 12:37 PM

Caicai426 "i was the 100th caller on the radio i just had an interview with justin Bieber!!..goin down to meet him at 3..at the foster plaza!♥" 12:52 PM

justinbieber "im at 651 holiday drive now a few hours early" 1:04 PM

justinbieber' "b94 at 5pm you'll be able to hear me. i'm gonna talk to usher too" 1:05 PM

justinbieber "(412) 920-9400 call in!" 1:07 PM

thecoopshow "Just talked to @justinbieber and @the_real_usher - check out Justin Bieber on youtube...15 years old, CRAZY talented!" 1:59 PM

KobeOnTheRadio "Editing @justinbieber interview with Usher, also Perez Hilton interview, and Jason Mraz tix today!" 3:05 PM

justinbieber "On our way to Columbus Ohio!" 3:22 PM

KobeOnTheRadio "@justinbieber Thanks for coming in playa....your interview will air at 5:15. Also video is up at B94.com keyword Kobe" 3:46 PM

justinbieber "tomorrow morning at 9am i'll be at wnci-columbus. 2323 w. fifth ave suite 200 columbus, oh 43204....come out and join me" 4:08 PM

justinbieber "at 2pm tomorrow i'll be at wdjq-canton at 393 smyth ave. alliance, oh 44601 if youre around stop by" 4:13 PM

justinbieber "i'll be at wnci-columbus 9am tomorrow morning! who's coming? 2323 w. fifth ave suite 200 columbus, oh 43204" 10:30 PM