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taylorannJDB "I fucking caught JUSTINS water bottle tonight" 11:56 PM (Pacific Time (US))

taylorannJDB "swear to god if he's actually sick Ima get sick too bc you best belieb I cracked that water open immediately and shoved my mouth on it" 11:57 PM

taylorannJDB "the inside of Justin's water bottle smells like hard alcohol 🤔🤔🤔" 2:02 AM (24 March)


  • Justin Bieber recording “No Sense” & “Meet Me” at Cherry Beach Sound in Toronto, ON.



BorderCityMusic "Oh Monday why are you so far away #Bieberproblems I just want the song gosh darnit! @IveGotGloria @justinbieber #studiomix #wheninlondon" 4:42 PM (Eastern Time (Canada))

BorderCityMusic "@justinbieber How is the studio? Our band was in there this past weekend #ivegotgloria #wheninlondon Still waiting for our mix!!!" 7:58 PM

justinbieber "Uncle Corey!!!! #selfie http://shots.me/p/a16pkj0r" 11:22 PM

justinbieber "soundcloud.com/solodolo23" 11:34 PM


  • Justin Bieber in Bologna, Italy.


  • Justin Bieber performing during his My World Tour at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, England.


nickonken "My charity @pencilsofpromis has Justin Bieber's hair in a jar. This could raise millions. lol http://nonk.it/dPXGCn" 12:45 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))


  • Justin Bieber celebrates the release of My World 2.0 at Lucky Strike bowling alley in New York City, NY on Tuesday evening


TheJayReeve "Make sure you follow @kimcrossman she's off to the KCA awards in LA catching up with @justinbieber among others. Have fun chicky!!!!" 1:01 AM (Eastern Time (US))

abadchris "Hey guys! We'll be performing again with @justinbieber today on THE VIEW! Hope you guys can watch & support!" 8:55 AM

nessyfame "Got to wish my fave boy @justinbieber a happy release day and now off to eat & drink with the Grand Dames." 6:48 PM

msgonzales "Bowling with @justinbieber listening to My World 2.0. He just bowled a strike. *shani grabs her face and shrieks*" 7:36 PM

thatrygood "Congrats to my lil bro @justinbieber...you're the hardest workin man in showbiz right now dude. Goodness" 9:58 PM