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2017 Edit

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2015 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA.

Twitter Edit

stefannnyxoxo "lmao @ all the people at school that said "I hate Justin Bieber" but yet when showed up at prom ya'll HOPPED on his dick. #bye" 12:24 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "@stefannnyxoxo it happens :)" 11:16 AM

2014 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Central Park in New York City, NY.

Instagram Edit

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Helsinki, Finland.

2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber leaves his hotel en route to Heathrow airport to fly back to USA.

Twitter Edit

blissmag "Win tix to @capitalofficial's Summertime Ball with Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Jessie J! Play bit.‏ly/takeyourseats & win lots more stuff!" 4:22 PM (London)

2011 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Bali, Indonesia.

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "After a long 24 hours and some crazy plane trouble we finally made it out. Thank you to Indonesia and our secret day in BALI." 4:35 PM (Bali)

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber interviewed by a fan in Sydney, Australia on Monday.
  • Justin Bieber during the "Sunrise" broadcast at Martin Place at Martin Place.

Twitter Edit

ZMonline "You could always just go see @JustinBieber at the Auckland Airport, 11pm tomorrow night! @LaLa4410 @Bextaar" 5:15 PM (Sydney)

ZMonline "We have insider information that questions Justins arrival time. We’ll keep you posted! ...@ZMonline is FIRST with JBNZ news! RT this!" 6:37 PM

Articles Edit

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on “One Time” music video set in Los Angeles, CA.

Twitter Edit

IjustdomySMOOVE "is on my way to the "One Time" video shoot by Justin Bieber..." 8:50 AM (Pacific Time (US))

AshSlay87 "On set of usher and justin beiber music video" 12:38 PM

ilyJJ "jus chilled with label mates Justin Bieber and Kristinia Debarge! they r hot yall!!! i luv them =)" 9:43 PM

IjustdomySMOOVE "The Video shoot was a success...." 10:58 PM

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