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2019 Edit

  • Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith in North Hollywood, CA.

2017 Edit

  • Justin Bieber leaving the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA on Wednesday night.

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2016 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at a recording studio in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday.

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2015 Edit

2014 Edit

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Toronto, Canada.

  • Justin Bieber recording his part for the “Melodies” music video.

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Twitter Edit

youngastronaut "Just finished shooting with the dude @justinbieber and the little bro @Itsryanbutler! Watching the show with the crew now - incredible day!" 7:07 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2011 Edit

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2010 Edit

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JackieBoyz "Session wit @DramaBeats and @SteeloBrim for Justin Bieber new album this will def be a laugh fest!" 7:30 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2009 Edit

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber "Toronto today!! THEN NYC TOMORROW @ Z100 on the live chat. NEW YORK CITY HERE I COME!! SPREAD THE WORD. Thanks" 12:16 PM (Central Time (Canada))

Twitter Edit

thatrygood "just landed in toronto..." 10:17 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

scooterbraun "@justinbieber is on some Beatles status in Toronto today. Make sure to check him 2morrow in NYC for Z100 live chat. Then ATL Bert Show Wed" 2:20 PM

scooterbraun "@KiddKraddick THank you sir. It was an incredible opportunity and I hope to be there in person the next time. @justinbieber is a special kid" 2:57 PM

djtayjames "SHOW STARTS AT 750....sound check caused a riot....and the park gets shut down for us to ride rides lol" 3:04 PM


justinbieber "Toronto today! THEN NYC TOMORROW @ Z100 on the live chat. NEW YORK CITY Here I Come!! ATL on WED - SPREAD THE WORD. REQUEST ONE TIME! Thanks" 3:25 PM

taylorswift13 "Listening to xm. I think 'one thing' by Justin bieber is the most adorable little song ever. Love!!" deleted

justinbieber "@taylorswift13 Thanks taylor but its "one time" not "one thing" :) I will RT it 4 you. Thanks 4 the love. You arent so bad yourself-call me" 5:59 PM

justinbieber "RT @taylorswift13 Listening to xm. I think 'one time' by Justin bieber is the most adorable little song ever. Love!!" 6:00 PM

lacesy "@justinbieber what time are u ganna be @ the z100 station?" 6:24 PM

justinbieber "@lacesy and @taylortalenti -I get to Z100 in NYC 2morrow around 3 pm est and the live chat starts at 430 pm. Bring all your friends. THANKS" 6:33 PM

monicacho_ "@justinbieber RT @morningshowz103 Just met Justin Beiber. Nice guy! He's on after Basshunter." 7:09 PM

monicacho_ "@justinbieber :D RT @morningshowz103 I have never heard screams like I just heard when Justin Beiber came out." 8:42 PM

KennyHamilton "Check out my homey @JustinBieber in Toronto on stage a couple hours ago!" 10:05 PM
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