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2020 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on the “La Bomba” music video set in Miami, FL.

2019 Edit

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2017 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on the “I'm The One” music video set in Malibu, CA.

2016 Edit

  • Justin Bieber celebrating his birthday.

2015 Edit

Twitter Edit

taylorannJDB "it's 4am and I just left justin bieber's 21st birthday party." 4:01 AM (Pacific Time (US))

taylorannJDB "happy early 21st my love, hope you had fun tonight 😘💋💝 so great talking to you @justinbieber" 4:05 AM

ItsMandizzle "Just happy 21st Justin and thanks for having us. 🎉" 4:58 AM

ItsMandizzle "The full version of Justin's TU song is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥" [1]

2014 Edit

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2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Birmingham, England.

Instagram Edit

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AhoyBieber "30 hours outside in the freezing cold for a pap to shove me to the side of Justin and ruin most fans chances of a picture. CUNTS" 3:08 PM (London)

AhoyBieber "Justin even told the paps "fuck off I'm here for the fans"and the animals still continued" 3:10 PM

AhoyBieber "I'm so angry. Justin was stopping for every single fan and once again paparazzi ruin it for everyone" 3:12 PM

AhoyBieber "Justin not in Birmingham yet! He only left his hotel in London 40 minutes ago" 3:41 PM

justinbieber "@cp3 @scooterbraun love it! #giveback . me and @alfredoflores love the story. @cp3 one on one when im back from tour. haha" 5:25 PM

CP3 "@justinbieber haaaa no doubt!" 5:38 PM

2011 Edit

Twitter Edit

KevinMcCallJr "I just wrote a smash for @justinbieber with @mrbillboard" 1:33 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

justinbieber "good luck to my friend Hailee Steinfeld tonight on the #oscars . young people going for theirs! also want Christian Bale to win. #TheFighter" 5:10 PM

shortyo "@1003TheBeat you should lay @shortyo new song with Justin Bieber called Swaggs Mean http://tinyurl‏.com/swaggsmean" 6:50 PM

2010 Edit

Twitter Edit

ARICHSPOT "@liltwist on the drums!!!!! @justinbieber rapping!!!!" 10:18 PM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "RT @joejonas I cry because I love Justin Bieber!! = yep Cody rules. actually met her yesterday" 5:26 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2008 Edit

Twitter Edit

scooterbraun "Get ready for Justin Bieber" 7:35 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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