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ryanxpdf "I wish jb would drop this freestyle, the bars are better then most rappers today" 9:13 PM (Pacific Time (US))




LilTwist "Headed to Dallas to chill w/ my lil brother" 10:12 AM (Central Time (US))

Cutie_Crys "Sunday at grandmas @liltwist @justinbieber http://instagr.am/p/RWF4GaCU0n/" 6:55 PM

LilTwist "In the hotel room working on that The Age Marvin & Michael MixtaPe... No name for it yet... #WakeUp on the w http://instagr.am/p/RWYz5sxN7i/" 9:41 PM




deanpiper "Attention Justin Bieber fans!!! make sure you get your #sundaymirror this weekend. Competition in my column to MEET Justin in London! RT RT!" 8:02 AM (Pacific Time (US))

Tomigunn "Just learned a new Justin Bieber song by @Alex_thegr8. #BANGERALERT!" 4:37 PM

Alex_thegr8 "Preciate it man RT @Tomigunn: Just learned a new Justin Bieber song by @Alex_thegr8. #BANGERALERT!" 4:43 PM


  • Justin Bieber performing during his My World Tour at HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA.



  • Justin Bieber rehearsing at a dance studio in Los Angeles, CA.


‎Urban Behavior‎ ▶ Meet JUSTIN BIEBER!! "You can get the shirt at any of the Urban Behavior stores in Canada. Because of the huge number of fans, yes, Justin will only be able to autograph for you if you have a shirt. Thanks!" 9:47 AM (Pacific Time (US))


chazilla94 "hoping in the shower then going to the studio with @justinbieber" 9:49 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "Im waiting for @chazilla94 to get out of the shower and then were off to rehaearsals. What a beautiful day in LA!" 9:55 AM

justinbieber "tomorrow i perform at the Microsoft Store at The Shops at Mission Viejo. 5pm. first 1000 customers get 2 free tix. store opens at 10am" 12:17 PM

justinbieber "go look at the itunes charts... @taylorswift13 is a beast!! Im so proud of her. congrats miss swift!!!" 3:13 PM

justinbieber "RT @BieberBlastin #mymomsaid to buy @justinbieber's songs on iTunes <33 One Time, OLLG, and Love Me <33 == LOL. You have a very cool mom" 3:30 PM

justinbieber "Just saw what @taylorswift13 said about me on her Itunes Playlist. wow. Thanks 4 the ONE TIME shout out also. FAVORITE GIRL comes next week!" 3:35 PM

justinbieber "Tomorrow in Cali! 555 The Shops At Mission Viejo. First 1000 customers get 2 free tix for my performance. Its at the Microsoft Store opening" 6:20 PM

justinbieber "Call and talk to me... Amp radio. 877 971 4487" 7:17 PM

justinbieber "Need to get healthy!! not 100% but much better. just nervous because 2morrow in mission viejo, sunday in vancouver, and Monday on ELLEN!!" 9:57 PM