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2015 Edit

  • Justin Bieber recording “Love Yourself” at Ginger Recording Studios in Cremorne, AU.

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2014 Edit

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justinbieber "Breaky in bed" 9:15 AM (Pacific Time (US))

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber goes to Burger King in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Justin Bieber at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

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2012 Edit

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djsupajames "Yep! “@Love2imagine1D: @djsupajames do you still have Justin bieber tickets?:)”" 5:31 PM (Pacific Time (US))

hoogs "i just bought 2 dvds for @alfredoflores and @justinbieber to watch while on the road. #comedyclassics" 11:11 PM

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2011 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at “Mistletoe” music video set.

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2010 Edit

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IamDetail "almost done mixing @seankingston @justinbieber song inpossible for king of kings mix tape Smashhhh !!!" 2:37 AM (Pacific Time (US))

IamDetail "@seankingston negro i been up all last nite mixing you n @justinbieber record u callin me dis early" 10:39 AM

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2009 Edit

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justinbieber "2nite was incredible. I got surprised with my first Canadian PLATINUM plaque for ONE TIME!! I will never forget 2nite. THANK U ALL!!!" 12:46 AM (Eastern Time (Canada))

justinbieber "Loving being back in Canada! Tim Horton's!! Headed to 91.5 THE BEAT at 210-50 Sportsworld Crossing Road Kitchener, ON N2P 0A45" 2:29 PM

justinbieber "WOW. @perezhilton just posted about me and last night at wonderland!! Thank you very much. Everyone check it out." 4:36 PM

justinbieber "Let perez hilton know you like the post he just did so he does more. http://bit.‏ly/2wZv8N" 4:42 PM

justinbieber "@perezhilton thanks 4 the post, but the next jonas brothers? Im just me- J Bieber. lol. appreciate the support regardless!! thanks again :)" 6:02 PM

perezhilton "@justinbieber Meaning the next "phenomenon" like the Jonas Brothers were." 6:08 PM

justinbieber "@PerezHilton i know. im just messing around. thank u - http://bit.‏ly/2wZv8N" 6:12 PM

PerezHilton "@justinbieber Enjoy it and try to make it last as long as you can!" 6:16 PM
justinbieber "@PerezHilton i will. this is a dream come true and i am very grateful to all the people who have supported me and changed my life. iTS NUTS!" 6:16 PM

WiLD941 "LDS 11 Nov 7th. Keri Hilson, Justin Bieber, New Boys, Jeremih & Black Dada so far. More announcements on Wed. Tix on sale now!!" 6:27 PM

justinbieber " - ONE TIME is climbing the charts - awsome - BIEBERBLAST!!!" 6:53 PM

justinbieber "RT - @rachlovesjbxo wooo ! today on z100 in nyc one time was the number 1 requested song :) - WOW! thanks" 6:57 PM

justinbieber "RT @reycieee @justinbieber you're hitlist is on MTV right now. :D" 7:36 PM

justinbieber "crazy this all started with this youtube page- . but Im still the small town kid from Stratford and proud of it" 8:03 PM

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pics were already uploaded on 9 July

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