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  • Justin Bieber in Ibiza.


  • Justin Bieber in the studio with Wyclef Jean


jprince713 "Talked to my lil bro today @justinbieber he loves our no nicotine @PlatinumEHookah get urs today http://www.platinumehookahs.com" 7:34 PM (Eastern Time (US))




anthonymandler "@justinbieber @scooterbraun getting so close...all the pieces are falling into place. Can't wait to share this with all of you...#ALAYLM" 3:12 PM (Pacific Time (US))




souljaboy "justin bieber bought me a balloon. best fucking birthday ever. goodnight" 5:07 AM (Eastern Time (US))

TRAVMBB "Me and Bro @justinbieber http://yfrog.com/h0x1eqsj" 7:59 PM


  • Justin Bieber in North Little Rock, AR.

  • Justin Bieber on Tinychat.


  • Justin Bieber at Q100 in Atlanta, GA.

  • Justin Bieber visits a fan with brain cancer.


Justin Bieber "ATLANTA THIS MORNING for THE BERT SHOW at 9am est for an EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE! Come hang out. Looking forward to meeting all of you. THANKS. Request ONE TIME on the Hotline and call in to talk to me - 404 741 7100" 7:51 AM (Eastern Time (US))

Justin Bieber "Here is your request Annie - ONE TIME on ITUNES....spread the word https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXOWt524IQM" 9:35 PM

Justin Bieber "Sarah from Philly - here is your request. Please request ONE TIME on Q102 in Philly. Thanks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgcF5Pu8lRg" 9:37 PM

Justin Bieber "The ONE TIME request by Alex - thanks. ONE TIME is rising on the charts...we can get it to #1 on ITUNES

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWTdh8eM_aY" 9:39 PM

Justin Bieber "Need everyone's help with ONE TIME. Request it at your local radio station...online...and make sure to get the video and single on ITUNES. None of this could be possible without your help. Thank you for making a dream come true. Let's get ONE TIME to #1!!! Love you" 9:45 PM


KennyHamilton "Hopped up out the bed turned my swag on, getting ready for @bertq100 @jeffdauler @melissacarter @jennhobby @wendyq100 930 w/ @JustinBieber" 7:25 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

JennHobby "Teen heart-throb Justin Bieber in studio this morning at 9:30 on The Bert Show! 2 dozen girls in lobby already." 7:34 AM

KennyHamilton "RT @JeffDauler: There are already girls in the station lobby to meet @JustinBieber ... and he's not going to be here till 9. Wow." 7:41 AM

scooterbraun "up and at 'em. About 2 go scoop @justinbieber and grab something to eat before q100 and the bert show in ATL. Request line 404 741 7100" 7:43 AM

justinbieber "ATLANTA THIS MORNING for THE BERT SHOW at 9am est- EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE! Come hang out. Looking forward 2 meeting all of you. Thanks" 7:47 AM

justinbieber "waiting on @scooterbraun to come get me. going to q100 in ATL for the bert show this morning to perform. Request Line 404 741 7100." 7:50 AM

KennyHamilton "RT @JessicaShops: This is crazy!! RT @JeffDauler http://twitpic.com/c0ire - This is our lobby. Hello, @JustinBieber" 9:34 AM

Q100Atlanta "RT @JeffDauler: http://twitpic.com/c0kx1 - Here he is ... @JustinBieber Listen live at www.Q100Atlanta.com" 9:44 AM

933FLZ "@justinbieber looking forward to meeting you in a week or so in Tampa!!!" 9:53 AM

933FLZ "Want to meet @JustinBieber? Reply and include #pickme933flz for the chance to win tix to our secret meet n greet w/ him in Tampa!!!" 9:57 AM

CarinMB "I am so proud of @justinbieber can't get over what has happened in a year. New York tomorrow for his show, wedding, and fun." 10:31 AM

KennyHamilton "Gotta love brunch at the flying biscuit!" 11:06 AM

wendyradio "@JustinBieber getting ready to perform for some lucky Q100 girls! http://twitpic.com/c0myi" 10:07 AM

wendyradio "@JustinBieber performing for a crowd in the Q100 studios! http://twitpic.com/c0n5i" 10:09 AM

justinbieber "Listening to @taylorswift13 song love story on Q100, or is it called lovebook?? Who knows :p.. Taylor I'm still waiting for that phone call." 11:12 AM

justinbieber "Let's play a game. Thanks for the support @jeffdauler on q100. Now which Flying Biscuit am I at right now eating breakfast?" 11:16 AM

wendyradio "Q&A with @JustinBieber! Insanity! http://twitpic.com/c0o0u" 10:18 AM

scooterbraun "Just left Q100-ATL where @justinbieber just killed it with the building filled with fans. He is a class act and took time to meet everyone" 11:22 AM

KennyHamilton "Riding thru the ATL with @JustinBieber and @thatrygood follow my dude Ryan! He loves the ladies! Lol" 12:42 PM

justinbieber "Thanks to everyone who came out today in ATLANTA at Q100 to support. Now blow up there phone lines requesting One Time. 404 741 7100" 12:47 PM

xl1067 "Just announced some big news for our younger listeners. @justinbieber is coming to XL. Wanna see him live? http://bit.‏ly/Q3BOc" 3:21 PM

godsgirl8494 "On the way to foga de chao! :) @justinbieber wish you were coming. :)" 6:52 PM

KennyHamilton "Today I witnessed @JustinBieber visit a fan who is now terminally ill with brain cancer. He changed her life! Superstars have big hearts..." 6:55 PM

KennyHamilton "(Cont) that was the humblest thing I have ever witnessed. A 15yr old pop star who is more caring and self less than most grown people I ..." 6:57 PM

justinbieber "Thanks to all those that got ONE TIME on ITUNES and got your friends to get it and keep spreading the word. Thanks so much. Love you" 8:34 PM

scooterbraun "@KiddKraddick no..haha. this time I am with Justin. Do you need anything for the show?" 8:58 PM