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2019 Edit

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2015 Edit

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diplo "Where r u now youtube : @Skrillex @justinbieber 🙌" 6:07 AM (Pacific Time (US))

2014 Edit

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jermainedupri "I told y'all @playhousehw @Nelly_Mo @smoss @BustaRhymes @ShaheemReid @justinbieber it's going crazy!!!!" 2:53 AM (Pacific Time (US))

ItsMandizzle "I JUST MET JUSTIN" 3:32 AM

ItsMandizzle "HE IS THE SWEETEST "I love you guys always, unconditionally" 😩😭🙌😍" 3:32 AM


ItsMandizzle "Justin's foot got hurt tonight because someone stepped on it apparently....but he iced and and it's doing better 😊💕" 5:27 AM

ItsMandizzle "They selfies were too dark so he told us to take full body ❤️" 5:27 PM

ItsMandizzle ""Are you sure you want to take pictures?" "Of course I want to take pictures! I love you, always,…" 10:37 AM

ItsMandizzle "Me: "Justin how's your foot?!" Justin: "oh it's getting better, I iced it!" Then I hugged him 😭😭😭" 10:47 AM

ItsMandizzle "@beliebrws @biebermyblessin he told us someone stepped on it and he was limping a little bit" 11:15 AM

justinbieber "California knows how to party #selfie" 3:14 PM

2013 Edit

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DJ_FRANZEN "Justin Bieber djing... playing that J-Boogie! #IslanderMusic" 4:24 AM (Pacific Time (US))

DJ_FRANZEN "Thanks to my fam @justinbieber @wizkhalifa & @DJTayJames for making @MallyMall7777 's birthday celebration a memorable time!" 1:22 PM

AlfredoFlores "Wow. Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson One was incredible!" 9:09 PM

AlfredoFlores "Got to watch the show with @RodneyJerkins @justinbieber! Talk about inspiring." 9:10 PM

RodneyJerkins "@AlfredoFlores @justinbieber Always cool hanging with the both of u! U 2 inspire me!" 10:21 PM

RodneyJerkins "Had a great time in Vegas, seeing my boy @justinbieber kill his show last night! The sky is the limit homie, keep up the incredible work!" 10:16 PM

RodneyJerkins "In Vegas hanging out with @justinbieber and @scooterbraun tonight watching #MJONE Greatness studies greatness! Next stop Denver #BelieveTour" 10:19 PM

2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Sushi Dan in Studio City, CA.

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2011 Edit

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BigSean "Your a real Gee bro RT @justinbieber: make sure to grab new music from @BigSean and @SelenaGomez out today #NEWALBUMS #Supportyourfriends" 3:06 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

officialjaden "I Had A Fun Time Today @justinbieber #StayRaw #MuchLove" 3:24 PM

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Twitter Edit

adambombshow "meet mr. @justinbieber and go to his soundcheck and sold out i 93 show at the Verizon Theatre 7:20am 214-787-1-93-3" 6:11 AM (Central Time (US))

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber on Aj's Playhouse on Channel 933 in San Diego, CA.

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "9660granite ridge dr. 93.3 in san diego. come stop by." 7:48 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

justinbieber "8585701933 is the request line ONE TIME!" 7:55 AM

justinbieber "if you're in san diego shoot down to the studio so i can meet you. 9660 granite ridge dr!" 7:58 AM

justinbieber "8585701933 is the request line for AJ Playhouse on 93.3 in san it" 8:09 AM

justinbieber "8585701933 AJ's playhouse" 8:09 AM

justinbieber "8585701933...i'ma tell ya ONE TIME" 8:19 AM

geenathelatina "talking to usher on the phone while his protege justin bieber is in studio he's sooo cute!!" 8:57 AM

geenathelatina "@justinbieber just left the studio...too cute! check out for pics and video..they will be up in a sec" 9:08 AM

thatrygood "93.3 in san diego with bieber" 9:39 AM

justinbieber "this friday, july 3rd, i'll be in columbus ohio for red white and boom" 12:17 PM

justinbieber "Bowling :P" 10:15 PM

IjustdomySMOOVE "@justinbieber you better be beasting in bowling this time." 10:29 PM
Georgiamomof3 "@justinbieber So with or without the bumper guards?" 10:56 PM
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