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2015 Edit

  • People draw their stills of “Where Are Ü Now”.

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hoogs "#WhereAreUNowVideo is going to be so epic. Artful, creative, deep, fresh. so excited. @justinbieber @diplo @Skrillex" 5:56 PM (Pacific TIme (US))

2014 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Bootsy Bellows nightclub with Rita Ora in Los Angeles, CA.

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justinbieber ".@carissabarth good girl #selfie" 10:06 PM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber " #selfie" 10:33 PM

justinbieber "#LookingForYou @poobear" 11:27 PM

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2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at Jazmyn Bieber's birthday party.

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hoogs "dear @scooterbraun and @justinbieber #WHATISKEY!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :)" 1:54 PM (Central Time (Canada))

2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at the Opera House in Oslo, Norway.
  • Justin Bieber on the phone with TMZ.

Facebook Edit

Røde Kors "30 frivillige og 4 ambulanser fra Akershus Røde Kors Hjelpekorps er nå ved Operaen. De har startet å dele ut vann til tørste fans og skal være til stede hele kvelden og gi førstehjelp til de som trenger det." 3:52 PM (Oslo)

Twitter Edit

TheJayReeve "Just heard that @justinbieber @katyperry Brad & Angelina, Tom Hanks are on the flight that's been booked for the Samsung Galaxy S III winner" 12:00 PM (Oslo)

brianfriedman "Big Day 2day in Oslo! Our first show for @justinbieber has finally arrived... #believe #swaggy #boyfriend #dieinyourarms @scooterbraun" 2:52 PM

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2010 Edit

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber "found SOMEBODY TO LOVE today...haha. My lil sis Jazzy is having her 2 year old bday today and I told everyone because of work I couldnt make it....then put on my disguise...jumped on a plane...and SURPRISE JAZZY!! Nothing better than surprising the people you love....look at that face. Happy Bday JAZZY!!!" 11:43 AM (Central Time (Canada))

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LordBieber "@justinbieber got jazz a great birthday gift and delivered it himself ") what a great bro!" 10:52 AM (Central Time (Canada))

justinbieber "My baby bro chillin :)" 12:46 PM

2008 Edit

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