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Iaviebohemes "yup ive received confirmation that Justin Bieber did in fact shave his head, do Beliebers care about that anymore?" 5:15 PM (Eastner Time (US))





KyleMassey "Waking up laughing on the phone with @justinbieber 😂😂" 7:09 AM (Pacific Time (US))



  • Justin Bieber in Bogotá, Colombia.



  • Justin Bieber in Houston, TX.





ImNotMoises "Just Ended Nap Time @officialjaden @AlfredoFlores @justinbieber @OfficialMateo... #HappyNappy" 12:41 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

HiHatprod "About to land in LA, then straight to a @justinbieber rehearsal. I look forward to working with him and his dancers again! #DWTS" 9:08 AM


  • Justin Bieber at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Megamind" held at the Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, CA.
  • Justin Bieber in San Diego, CA.


wilsonwarren "gonna head up to NYC today or tomorrow to link up with @jbfranklin @scooterbraun @justinbieber @thatrygood @jeannaho woot woot" 1:09 AM (Pacific Time (US))

paigeconway2 "@BieberBC NO! i got hacked. i would never ever want justin to delete his twitter. i live for that!! i love him and hes a very good person" 9:24 AM

paigeconway2 "@BeliebInBieb I know, same. My friend hacked me and was doing it as a joke to make fun of me 4 likeing justin and twitter. #muchlove" 9:30 AM

paigeconway2 "@jduurtty NO! im so sorry, i got hacked. i was at the game, and justin was very nice to all of us! hes an amzing person just supporting chad" 9:31 AM

paigeconway2 "MISUNDERSTANDING. Point is, justin bieber was nice to all of us last night. I am a belieber and will never stop being one <3" 9:36 AM

djtayjames "Smashed fur las nite now back wit the biebs" 9:54 AM

Dreamworks "See you soon! RT @justinbieber Up early ready for this MegaMind premiere. See everybody soon" 10:40 AM

paigeconway2 "@iRawrLoudx3 becuz my hacker logged off.I changed my password,saw all the tweets started crying. Justin asked me 2 delete them.still crying" 12:47 PM

paigeconway2 "@lovejbieber22 no its cool. I saw him and selena at my hs football game last night. He was very nice to us, he's just a regular teenager(:" 12:49 PM

paigeconway2 "@mileybieberCB I talked to him and told him the whole story. I think were good, hopefully..." 12:50 PM

paigeconway2 "@jduurtty it definitly wasent. I would never say that. I talked.to him, hopefully everythings cool between us." 1:32 AM

paigeconway2 "@lovejbieber22 they were there supporting jadens older brother chad who plays for oaks Christian hs. They were very nice" 1:39 PM

paigeconway2 "@jduurtty its kinda private.I don't think he would want me to tell you what he said.but it was basically working out what happend" 1:42 PM

paigeconway2 "@mileybieberCB you Wud think I would feel lucky that he dm me.but it was actually a nightmare, my stomach has been hurting all day." 2:04 PM

paigeconway2 "@lovejbieber22 I know, but I feel EXTREMELY responsible. He said it hurt him, I was crying for hours, I didnt know what to do with myself" 2:22 PM

paigeconway2 "@mileybieberCB It was long, we were basically working everything out and what really happened. The TRUTH.I hope we resolved it" 2:24 PM

abadchris "Having a nice little jam session with @justinbieber backstage. The guy is insanely talented." 6:21 PM

paigeconway2 "@lovejbieber22 sorry jaydens older bro is named trey. He was just there supporting.waa very nice.and I know kennys tweet waa about me:/" 2:03 PM



justinbieber "RT @J14magazine Have Bieber Fever?! Then you've got to get the new issue of J-14 on stands Monday. Get a preview: http://bit.‏ly/isgdA" 11:32 AM

justinbieber "yep..LOVE ME, OLLG, and ONE TIME are on ITUNES Now but FAVORITE GIRL hits ITUNES TUESDAY!! http://bit.‏ly/561XU" 11:43 AM