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2014 Edit

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2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber outside his hotel in New York City.

Justin Bieber in Newark, New Jersey.

2012 Edit

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NickDeMoura "Holding @justinbieber audition today with the man @jonmchu ! Let's go! #BELIEVEtour" 9:52 AM (Pacific Time (US))

NickDeMoura "Lon day of auditions ! Thanks everyone for coming out !" 9:16 PM

2011 Edit

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DJTayJames "Shout out to @kennyhamilton @justinbieber lovin LA" 6:18 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2010 Edit

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justinbieber "Ok Memphis...I think I'm gonna leave 2 tickets at will call for Elvis...just in case" 5:19 PM (Central Time (US))

ElvisPresley "Thankya, Thankyaverymuch! RT @justinbieber: Ok #Memphis...I think I'm gonna leave 2 tix at will call 4 #Elvis...just in case" 5:53 PM

charm_ology "@Justinbieber aka mini ironman decides to run on stage and started rejectn with us!! #classic! @jessicajarrell killed it!!!!" 7:40 PM

justinbieber "Its almost that time Memphis... ELVIS I hope to do u proud tonight. Thank u...thank u very much" 8:45 PM

DJTayJames "I put the lil bro @justinbieber on to the PF flyers Flyer Ganggggg lol@rockstarbk" 9:31 PM

justinbieber "MEMPHIS....THANK U...THANK U VERY MUCH!! I rocked out tonight #withdankanter hahahaha. but for real- tonight just felt fun" 10:41 PM

2009 Edit

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber "wow...10 MILLION VIEWS!!! I made this video in my room and with your help and youtube it has spread like crazy. Thanks so much. That is CRAZY!!" 9:20 AM (Eastern Time (US))

Justin Bieber "Hey Everyone! Im hangin out in Fishkill tonight @ Splashdown Beach for a LIVE K104 Radio performance at 6pm. Who's coming? Show your love and pack the park!! Thanx!!! Call the hotline and request "One Time" 877.465.1047" 12:00 PM

Justin Bieber "On my way to Syracuse....Request ONE TIME on your local radio station so i can come meet you too. This is a wild ride and I appreciate you guys so much. THank you" 11:03 PM

Twitter Edit

prettyboifresh5 "Just finished a Crazy Record for Justin Bieber....Written by Chasity..I swear I love that chick!!!!!" 5:50 AM (Eastern Time (US))

justinbieber "On my way to NYC for the day, then 530pm at Splashdown Beach Waterpark in Fishkill NY with K104. Hope it doesnt rain. Love waterparks" 8:13 AM

justinbieber "Z100 in NYC is starting 2 play ONE TIME!!! Everyone request ONE TIME and thank you so much for your support. This is amazing. THANK YOU!!!" 8:14 AM

justinbieber "@OhMyJ0nas @GonzoLubel @graceemariee @twilight12300 @lovesantino46 @luvryan25 @favcolorwhite @blondekatie thanks so much for the support" 8:40 AM

justinbieber "I WOULD THANK ALL OF YOU PERSONALLY IF I COULD> I am grateful for your support. Love you" 8:41 AM

Much "Just wondering... who managed to score wristbands to see @justinbieber next Friday on #MOD? (Unfortch they're all gone now. Sorry!)" 5:22 PM

justinbieber "Just pulling up to SplashDown Beach Waterpark in Fishkill NYC. I'm gonna perform and then hit the waterslide!!" 5:24 PM

justinbieber "Heading 2 Toronto next Friday (Aug. 7th) to host Much On Demand. Who's coming? Request free passes" 5:26 PM

GetMusicCA "@justinbieber is co-hosting MOD on MUCH next Friday Aug 7th at 5pm ET! Get more info: http://tinyurl.‏com/67oejo BIEBER FEVER!! 5:47 PM

pageantchiick "FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE CONCERT! HAHA. Justin Beiber <3 Said I'm a total babe! And put a heart next to my name in an autograph! :D" 8:47 PM

justinbieber "@scooterbraun just called me. He is in NYC and my song One Time was on Z100!! Wow. Thanks so much guys. Syracuse Tomorrow!!" 9:22 PM

scooterbraun "Long day...wild stuff. Got the call from @asherroth in houston 2nite, then went with @justinbieber into a beatles type moment. Madness" 10:58 PM

scooterbraun "Oh and heard @justinbieber on Z100 with ONE TIME on the way home. Good stuff" 10:59 PM

justinbieber " check out me and babyface" 11:07 PM
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