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shaunevaristo "What a coincidence! I'm in reh for @justinbieber right now n 2NE1's band is practicing next to us. Ha #kpop #JustinBieber #WorldsCollide" 1:30 PM (Pacific Time (US))

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IamDetail "Just got outta meeting for the mix tape I'm producing for @SeanKingston n @justinbieber 2 songs n smashhhhes!!!" 3:13 PM (Central Time (US))

IamDetail "@ScreamJBandCS. Good I was recordin wit justin n sean yesterday n I seen twist dats my dude" 3:20 PM

IamDetail "im apart of the biggest mix tape in the world @seankingston n @justinbieber all original music im producing video footage this is a blessing" 3:24 PM

jessicajarrell "Just got off stage with @justinbieber :)Texas! U guys were awesome tonight :) <3" 10:10 PM

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  • Justin Bieber on the School Gyrls movie set with Nick Cannon.

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thatrygood "on the set of school gyrls" 9:40 AM (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

justinbieber "with @nickcannon on the set of school gyrls" 10:45 AM

justinbieber "@NickCannon this movie is gonna be poppin!" 10:47 AM

tracyromulus "On the movie set w/@nickcannon for new teen movie he's directing. Teen Island artist Justin Bieber is performing now in a scene" 12:44 PM

thatrygood "enjoying another day in LA...headed to phoenix tuesday then canada" 1:17 PM

tracyromulus "Movie is called School Gyrls. Film is introducing new teen pop group. 3 very talented young ladies. @NickCannon wrote the script too." 1:34 PM

justinbieber "lunch! they got me my own pizza. i cant be mad at that" 2:00 PM

justinbieber "Just 2 days until ONE TIME the single hits ITUNES!!! Spread the word and help make it #1!! Also make youtube vids spreading the word. Thanks" 2:40 PM

nickcannon "Chillin wit @justinbieber on the movie set. This kid is Amazing!!!!" 2:48 PM

justinbieber "tuesday at 6:30pm i'll be performing at Alice Cooper's Town at 101 E. Jackson St. Phoenix, AZ 85004...come on out!" 4:04 PM

tracyromulus " - Teen Island artists Justin Bieber, School Gyrls, Kristinia Debarge, JJ w/@nickcannon" 4:35 PM

thatrygood "left the set now we're bowling. pins will fall" 8:30 PM

justinbieber "Out bowling after shooting a scene for @nickcannon new movie for nickalodean. Spread the word about ONE TIME this tuesday. Thanks -Justin" 9:46 PM

imlindsaytaylor "Just got back from a long fun day on set of School Gyrls with Justin Bieber & Kristinia DeBarge..So Tired! Night night:)" 10:47 PM

biscuit_JH "@Jamennajjar im really contimplating giving the next girl that asks me for @justinbieber number giving them @scooterbraun number hahah" 11:50 PM
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