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  • Justin Bieber at The Hit Factory in Miami, FL at 4 AM.
  • Justin Bieber at The Hit Factory in Miami, FL.




  • Justin Bieber posts a status as Jeremy Bieber that he has come out of the closet.

Jeremy Bieber "omg that was justin lmfao" 6:36 AM (Pacific Time (US))




BieberAIRFORCE "@justinbieber hey were the ones who gave you the black hat haha do we get like an thank you =)" 12:01 AM (Eastern Time (US))

BieberAIRFORCE "@JBelieberSquad yess he put it on his head and took a picture and sat it down with dan we recorded the whole thing" 12:04 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@justinbieber thanks for taking our hat and almost making me faint by pointing at me =) omg I love you so much" 12:05 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@JBelieberSquad he like stayed on our side and we were on front so we screamed & he like throw the hat I threw 1 & he goes aw u can't throw" 12:07 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@JBelieberSquad so we threw our 2nd one and he caught it" 12:08 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@purplepants1c its an black hat and it had like a big C on it" 12:09 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@Katy_lovesJBieb he took our hat and put it on his head and like tpose for us for pictures" 12:13 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@JBelieberSquad yeah aha 1 was like a lime green but he didn't take it her took the balck 1 & that was our friend brian but he gave it 2 him" 12:15 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "@JBelieberSquad no but he like kept eyeing the black one so hard like it was his lol so we just gave it to him" 12:20 AM

BieberAIRFORCE "the hat we gave justin last night he is wearing it today! it really belonged to @itzmrshuffle but he let us give it to justin" 1:25 PM

abadchris "I can't believe we just performed in front of 70,000 people with @justinbieber at @taylorswift13's tour. God is good." 8:47 PM