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2019 Edit

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justinbieber "Studio today. @MadisonElleBeer u ready? :)" 2:52 PM (Eastern Time (US))

MadisonElleBeer "@justinbieber :) so excited" 3:31 PM

justinbieber "Check out @MadisonElleBeer’s #selfie on @shots" 8:19 PM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Strasbourg, France.

2012 Edit

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RichardWilkins "Just a reminder... @justinbieber on @thetodayshow tomorrow 7.40 am ...then @ZacEfron tues and @onedirection weds ...their first i/vs in Aust" 12:20 AM (Pacific Time (US))

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TODAY "Set those alarms - Dickie speaks with Justin Bieber tomorrow morning at 7.40!" 4:03 AM (Pacific Time (US))

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2010 Edit

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Pandah "Backstage Breakfast w/ @justinbieber on Power 106. Wheres that Eenie Meenie?!?!" 10:33 AM (Pacific Time (US))

ZMstudioNZ "If you are entering our @JustinBieber competition make sure your entries are in before Wed 21st of April @ 5PM!" 2:06 PM

ThemPRangers "Shout Out to @JustinBieber for Shoutin Out @TheRealJuliann on @Power106la BackStage Breakfast wit Big Boi" 2:25 PM

questlove "i did it! made Justin Bieber play drums into commercial to a #JDilla track! tonight on @latenightjimmy" 3:33 PM

justinbieber "Make sure to watch @jimmyfallon 2nite. Just got to have a jam session with THE ROOTS!!!" 3:49 PM

justinbieber "30 min until @jimmyfallon is on with THE ROOTS...waiting to watch the jam session. all great people and Jimmy had some fun with Glee" 9:06 PM

justinbieber "good times on that show...playing with @questlove and The Roots was a huge honor. thanks guys and thanks @jimmyfallon. Tina Fey rocks" 10:41 PM

2009 Edit

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scooterbraun "Great meeting today at Def Jam with Usher and LA...we are ready to show Justin Bieber to the world." 12:05 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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