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2018 Edit

  • Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin at Nipper's Beach Bar & Grill in the Bahamas on Sunday.

Articles Edit

2014 Edit

Twitter Edit

youngpeezus "in the studio with @justinbieber 🙊" 2:18 AM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "Me and poo in the stu #selfie" 4:19 AM

justinbieber "@YeshuaTheGudwin in the labbbb workin #selfie" 4:23 AM

justinbieber "Just posted a photo on @shots " 6:39 PM

justinbieber "Just posted a photo on @shots " 9:09 PM

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots" 9:56 PM

2012 Edit

Twitter Edit

hoogs "That's a wrap. #AsLongAsYouLoveMe is more than a video. Proud of @justinbieber for what I think is his best performance to date. #special" 3:21 AM (Pacific Time (US))

2011 Edit

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DJTayJames "Biebs called me and he said one thing lol #swag" 9:50 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Broomfield, CO

2009 Edit

  • Justin Bieber interviewed by Kim Cooper at the Vervegirl/B-ZONE offices.

Facebook Edit

Justin Bieber "RIGHT NOW my single ONE TIME is on ITUNES!!! Spread the word and let's make it #1!!! Buy it 20 This is a dream come true and I owe it all to you guys...from a small town and some youtube vids to this...THANK YOU SO MUCH. LOVE YOU -Justin" 2:48 AM (Eastern Time (Canada))

Justin Bieber "Keep requesting ONE TIME at your local radio station....its on ITUNES now!! follow me on twitter and know where I am all the time. scary. lol" 2:51 AM

Justin Bieber "this is great  :)" 3:14 AM

Justin Bieber "If you get ONE TIME on ITUNES and tell all your friends to do the same and make it #1 there will be ONE LESS LONELY GIRL. lol
thanks for support. you guys are amazing" 3:17 AM

Justin Bieber "see USHER?? there he is." 3:18 AM

Justin Bieber "Man I wish I could sing like" 3:22 AM

Justin Bieber "RIGHT NOW my single ONE TIME is on ITUNES!!! Spread the word and let's make it #1!!! Buy it 20 Just Landed in TORONTO for Much on Demand Today at 5pm. Get ONE TIME and see you there!!! Thanks so much!!!" 9:47 AM

Justin Bieber "Thank you is some vid from yesterday…/3bbf598659a46a6c…/video/4976819" 10:23 AM

Justin Bieber "Hey guys....need your help. Here is the link to the Entertainment Weekly blog about me that just came out. Please go comment on it and say you are going to get my album when it comes out. Spread the word and let people know to get ONE TIME on ITUNES and request it at your local radio station. Thanks" 10:52 AM

Justin Bieber "Hey guys...please spread the word about my single ONE TIME on ITUNES...if we can get it to #1 in Canada or the US...I will release a very special video today. Thanks so much for the support. See you on Much on Demand today in TORONTO at 5pm. Thanks" 11:07 AM

Justin Bieber "Hey guys...please spread the word about my single ONE TIME on ITUNES...let's try and get it to #1 in Canada and the it 20 I just want to thank you all because your support is helping a kid from a small town who posted some vids on y" 11:49 AM

Twitter Edit

scooterbraun "Justin Bieber is not a game...this shit is this...spread the word. http://bit.‏ly/srawb" 12:50 AM (Eastern Time (Canada))

JackieBoyz "Damn jus checked out my boy Justin Beiber so happy for him get his album when it comes out we wrote on that" 2:42 AM

justinbieber "@boomitskim actually i do respond...I just can't to everyone. I try the best I can and I hit people back on facebook too. Gotcha" 2:43 AM

justinbieber "@Canada_tweets my video contest is for Canada too. that was a mistake and i got it fixed. thanks" 2:44 AM

justinbieber "See everyone at Much Music in Toronto tomorrow. Im excited to be home. In Canada all this week then back to LA. Get ONE TIME on ITUNES NOW!" 2:46 AM

philmoreira "There were some kids at the office this morning waiting to see @justinbieber at @muchmusic - - Eeek. Usher, why??" 9:37 AM

justinbieber "my single ONE TIME is now on ITUNES...spread the word and let's make it #1!!! JUST LANDED IN MUCH ON DEMAND Today at 5pm!!" 9:45 AM

Much "What the!! People lined up already for Justin Bieber. Draco Malfoy will be on MOD today too (and signing autographs across the street, shh)" 11:57 AM

XaniaKhan "Justin Bieber ... live at the Vervegirl/B-ZONE offices - being interviewed by Kim! http://bit.‏ly/ioKm8" 12:33 PM

tvpappy "In between interviewing Justin Bieber and Tom Felton (Drako Malfoy). Gathering Felton info for the interview..." 2:54 PM

StratfordON "RT @davidglitter: On way to @muchmusic to see Justin Bieber!Ushers new prodigy & he's from Stratford!Photoshoot & interview w/him this week!" 4:04 PM

Much "Bieber Fever has hit #MOD! Tell us your favourite thing about @justinbieber and get ready to start screaming!" 4:23 PM

GetMusicCA "@justinbieber is live @MUCHMUSIC on MOD today at 5pm ET, tune in!" 4:32 PM

thatrygood shout to @justinbieber kid just rocked a sing a long out front of much music in toronto canada" 6:34 PM

justinbieber "MOD in Toronto was insane! Thanks for everyone who came. Wish I could have stayed longer but the police made me leave.ONE TIME is on ITUNES" 6:57 PM

justinbieber "Oh is a video from Phoenix yesterday - exclusive...share it with friends. Thanks - http://bit.‏ly/uc9uv" 6:57 PM

partygoofer "@justinbieber you seemed really sweet at MOD, but there's rumors going around, saying that you changed and that your snobby, is that true?" 6:23 PM

justinbieber "@partygoofer no people are always going to say stuff like that. I know that without support I have no chance at my dream. I am very grateful" 7:00 PM

KennyHamilton "I just bought @JustinBieber's single "One Time" on Itunes! Have you yet??? Do it NOW!!" 8:34 PM

DJYoungstar651 "check me out DJ'n for DEF JAM RECORDING ARTIST JUSTIN BIEBER N PHONIX AZ. YESTERDAY, http://bit.‏ly/or4K6" 9:13 PM

KISSFMPhoenix "Check out pictures of Justin Bieber hanging with us and performing at Cooperstown yesterday before the Beyonce Show.." 9:27 PM
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