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2019 Edit

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MightyMykell "@justinbieber let’s go! ✈️" 4:10 PM (Pacific Time (US))

2015 Edit

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2014 Edit

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justinbieber "@poobear #peachesandcream" 6:00 PM (Pacific Time (US))

justinbieber "Just posted a #selfie on @shots" 6:00 PM

justinbieber "Me and the creator @john" 7:11 PM

2013 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at the Opening Ceremony Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 held at SuperPier 25 in New York City, NY.

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DJTayJames "Listen to the intro #weknowthedj" 11:54 AM (Pacific Time (US))

DJTayJames "#theintro = #weknowthedj" 2:37 PM

2012 Edit

  • Justin Bieber in Toronto, Canada.

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hoogs "Just saw pepe le pew w/ @AlfredoFlores @justinbieber @KennyHamilton #hesmelledoutstanding" 1:40 AM (Pacific Time (US))

djsupajames "760! We're broadcasting LIVE from Sprint- 81952 Highway 111 2-4p! I got Justin Bieber tic sign ups and back to school winning! @977KRCK" 12:28 PM

saekell "13 hrs lol RT @Ian_Eastwood! Just finished up the crazy 12 hour shoot for @justinbieber's new music ..." 1:12 PM

saekell "5:30 til 6:30 lol RT @Ian_Eastwood! Just finished up the crazy 12 hour shoot for @justinbieber's new ..." 1:12 PM

2011 Edit

  • Justin Bieber attends the Dolce & Gabbana celebration during Fashion's Night Out at Dolce & Gabbana Boutique in New York City, NY.

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ATLVox "@justinbieber Back at you, Jelly Bean!! Looking forward to 9/17. Am TOTALLY stoked you'd miss the fight to sing for Mama J! #loveyoumore" 1:39 AM (Eastern Time (US))

iamnickvibes "@justinbieber what up lil bro, ill see u Saturday at Mama J's event." 11:03 PM Pacific Time (US))

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2010 Edit

  • Justin Bieber at XBOX 360's Halo Reach's launch party at Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles, CA.

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BboyJstyles "Just finished a dope rehearsal for the VMAs with @justinbieber @hihatprod @simrinplayer @Michael_Vargas and some great dancers :)" 2:47 PM (Pacific Time (US))

DJBabeyDrew "@justinbieber just BBmed me a not so nice message! Lol" 7:46 PM

DJTayJames "With the biebs @justinbieber" 9:00 PM

DJTayJames "at the fantasy factory with @justinbieber" 10:20 PM

DJTayJames "Fun already wit biebs" 10:31 PM

_saygrace "Just met @justinbieber...that made my night haha" 10:59 PM

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2009 Edit

Twitter Edit

justinbieber "Change of plans... WKSS in Hartford, CT at noon. 10 Columbus Blvd" 9:56 AM (Eastern Time US & Canada))

justinbieber "my apologies to everyone in Providence headed to WPRO. They had to cancel my visit but i'll definitely be back again" 10:00 AM

justinbieber "still going to WKSS in Hartford, CT. 10 Columbus Blvd! Be there in a few hours!" 10:03 AM

justinbieber "and at 4pm today it's WXKS at 10 Cabot Rd. Medord, MA 02155" 10:05 AM

justinbieber "You guys wanna talk to me?? call in right now! 860 247 9570.. Kiss 95.7!" 12:44 PM

justinbieber "RT @scooterbraun Yep it's official. Both my artists @asherroth and @justinbieber will be a part of this years MTV VMA's in NYC on Sunday!!" 1:28 PM

justinbieber "I"M GOING TO PRESENT @ THE VMA's this SUNDAY!!! WOW. check it out on my website" 1:42 PM

justinbieber "Headed to Boston! come by WXKS 10 Cabot Rd. Medord, MA 0215...hope to see you there! 4pm" 2:12 PM

biscuit_JH "RT @Jamennajjar @justinbieber I"M GOING TO PRESENT @ THE VMA's this SUNDAY!!! <---congrats see u this weekend bro, @scooterbraun good work" 3:35 PM

justinbieber "whats up twitter? got a big week ahead. video shoot...vma's...then next tuesday in LA with ryan seacrest. missing home a little but excited" 10:07 PM

bieberarmy "Justin, it must be a great feeling that even doing the simplest thing makes girls so happy. We love you, from the #bieberarmy @justinbieber" 10:45 PM

justinbieber "@bieberarmy I see you guys...thanks for the support. you guys are really forming an army huh? See you at the VMA's!!!" 10:46 PM

bieberarmy "@justinbieber just to let you know, we're coming to the TODAY SHOW! look for us there. not the VMAs. Thank you so much for making our lives!" 10:55 PM

justinbieber "@bieberarmy Today's Show it dont need to thank me. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING SUPPORT> Thanks to all of you out there supporting" 10:56 PM
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