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"In a time when there’s so much wrong with this broken planet, we all crave healing and justice for humanity. In creating this album my goal is to make music that will provide comfort, to make songs that people can relate to and connect to so they feel less alone. Suffering, injustice and pain can leave people feeling helpless. Music is a great way of reminding each other that we aren’t alone. Music can be a way to relate to one another and connect with one another."
My World 2.0 CD
Studio album
My Worlds Acoustic CD
Remix album
Never Say Never The Remixes CD
Remix album
Under the Mistletoe CD
Studio album
Believe CD
Studio album
Believe Acoustic CD
Remix album
Journals CD
Compilation album
Purpose CD
Studio album
The Best CD
Compilation album
JB Changes CD
Studio album
Justice CD
Studio album
Pray and Never Say Never vinyl
Where Are Ü Now RSD vinyl
Purpose Singles


My Worlds era cardboard
Under the Mistletoe era cardboard
Believe era cardboard
Journals era
Bizzle era
JBxCS era
Purpose era cardboard
Changes era
Justice era