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Bizzle is Justin Bieber's rap name or nickname that he used from 2013 to 2015.

In early 2013 some fans were already calling him Bizzle after looking up Justin Bieber's name on Gizoogle which resulted into “Quentin Bizzle”. The website lets people translate anything on the internet into “gangsta slang”. [1]

In late 2013, he used to hang around with some rappers, one of them was Maejor Ali who came up with the name Bizzle. Justin Bieber liked the name so much that everyone started calling him like that.[2] The jester is Bizzle's logo and he also got it tattooed. Bizzle was known for his swaggy style, oversized shirts, snapbacks, low pants, and his quiff haircut.

Some Fans loved Bizzle because of his "idgaf" attitude, and even though he was going through an Asshole phase, his love for his Beliebers never changed. Although, because of his attitude a lot of fans stopped supporting him.

Most of Bizzle's music is unreleased, there's the Journals album, his music style was R&B, Hip-Hop and Acoustic stuff, more Bizzle unreleased songs keep on getting leaked each year. Def Jam didn't want him to make R&B music so that is the main reason why he stopped making this type of music.[3][4]

Afterward in 2015 when he released his Purpose album, which was filled with mostly EDM type of music, people started listening to that more which lead him to his first number 1 song with “What Do You Mean”! Since his EDM music was doing really well, he stopped making R&B music, which most of his beliebers and stans preferred. It was then when he made a big comeback and his fanbase started to grow, that's what lead him to stop taking pictures with fans because they didn't care about him, they just wanted a picture with "The Justin Bieber".

Bizzle unreleased popular songs: Turn Up, Supermodel, Infectious, Playtime, Time For Bed.

Fans asked what happened with Bizzle when they met Justin on May 11, 2015 and he said Bizzle died in a car accident.[5]




20 Bucks
All I Need
All In It
Better Without You
Change the Weather
Cold Waters
Dark Side
Do It Like That
Don't Say Goodbye
Don't You Tell Me(featuring Madison Beer)
Double Negative
For Sure(featuring Lil Za)

Get It Right
Hey Girl(featuring T.I.)
I Don't Care
I Want It All
It's Working(featuring Euro)
Just Chill(with Lil Wayne and French Montana)
Know Me Anymore(with Khalil)
Life Is Worth Living
Live in the Moment
Long Way Home
Lovey Dovey
Meet Me
New One
No Sense

Open Up
She Know
Show You Off(featuring Pia Mia and Eric Bellinger)
Slow Up
Step Back
Still Can't Get Enough
Thick or Thin
Time For Bed(with Khalil)
Turn Up
Yea Ya