Jealous” is an unreleased song by Kanye West featuring Justin Bieber and Post Malone. In May 2019, a snippet appeared on the forum LEAKTHIS.[1] The song was sold and later new snippets appeared.[2][3] A groupbuy for the song was started but was later cancelled, so it’s possible the song will not leak.

Audio Edit

Lyrics Edit

[Kanye West]
Let me fuck you from the back though
Let me fuck while I'm mad though
Agh, keep a stripper bitch like (?)
Bitches never stick it in the back though (perfect)

Call a nigga jealous but I always trust my gut
Call a (?)

(?) need this bitch
(?) need this bitch
This bitch laugh while the next nigga jump

[Justin Bieber]
Oh yeah oh yeah
What you talking about
In the front verse all—

(?) my phone ring
I just want that bag if you had it

[Post Malone]
(?) ain't no matter though
Plus I'm open, it's in the fucking payroll
I'm the one but I choose to pay the chess player

(?) on my neck
My fucking bank froze
Ain't no one that funny, ain't no (?) bankroll
Got the roof full

References Edit

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