Late Show with David Letterman is an American late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS, the first iteration of the CBS Late Show.

March 31, 2010 Edit

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[footage gets shown from when he entered the building]

David Letterman: The next guest is a talented young singer from Canada. Look at this right here. [shows My World 2.0 album] His brand new CD is entitled My World 2.0, please welcome to the program, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber: [performs Baby] Thank you.

David Letterman: Hey how you doing buddy, come on over. Nice job, thank you everybody. Justin Bieber, ladies and gentlemen. There's the CD, My World…

Justin Bieber: 2.0

David Letterman: 2.0. Thank you very much for being here. Good to have you…

Justin Bieber: Thank you vey much for having me.

David Letterman: Yeah, is your mom picking you up?

Justin Bieber: Uh [laughs] Yeah.

David Letterman: Good. [laughs]

Justin Bieber: She is.

David Letterman: That's it, we gotta go. Thanks for watching. Good night everybody.

Band: [plays Baby on their instruments]

January 31, 2011 Edit

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David Letterman: Hi Justin, how are you? [shakes hand with Justin Bieber]

Justin Bieber: How are you?

David Letterman: Thanks, I'm good

Justin Bieber: It's good to be here.

David Letterman: Yeah, it's good to have you. Thank you very much. I really appreaciate it. It really means a lot.

Justin Bieber: Thank you, it's good…

David Letterman: You have no idea who I am, do you?

Justin Bieber: No.

David Letterman: Ah.

Justin Bieber: My first guest is sixteen year old and yet he's already sold more than 9 million records, 9 million records! Ladies and gentlemen, he's been nominated for two Grammy awards. He stars in a new film entitled 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' which opens February 11th. Please welcome Ju stin Bieber, ladies and gentlemen.

David Letterman: [picks up a plate with food] Let's go. You know what that is? Let's go.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Come with me, son.

Justin Bieber: Alright

David Letterman: Follow me. These are Belgian waffles.

Justin Bieber: Belgian waffles.

David Letterman: Yeah, you ever had any? You take these. [gives plate to Justin] Watch your step. Where's that lady? [goes to the audience with Justin] Come here. You, come here. You, right here.

Justin Bieber: [gives Belgian waffles to the Belgian girl in the audience]

David Letterman: Thank you very much.

Justin Bieber: Ain't no problem.

David Letterman: Every night, it's like the UN here.

Justin Bieber: [laughs]

David Letterman: Nice to have you back on the show, (?).

Justin Bieber: Thank you. Oh, I dressed up for you [unzips jacket]

David Letterman: Oh I see, that's cute. How you doing?

Justin Bieber: I'm doing alright.

David Letterman: How were your holidays? Ok?

Justin Bieber: My holidays were great. Got to spend time with my family and everybody.

David Letterman: And who's in the family?

Justin Bieber: Oh well, it's mom, dad, brother, sister. Um both babies and my grandparents.

David Letterman: That's a lot of folks, isn't it?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: And is everybody in show business?

Justin Bieber: No. [shakes head]

David Letterman: Does anybody wants to be in show business?

Justin Bieber: No.

David Letterman: Really? That's unusual 'cause the great success that's turning out nicely for you and you would think others would be 'Oh boy I wonder if I could be that way'

Justin Bieber: Nah, they just wanna be pretty lowkey.

David Letterman: Lowkey?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: That's good. And you yourself, you can't be lowkey, can you?

Justin Bieber: Uh no, I mean I've (?) we're able to just hang out and go places. It's fun because like I tried to go like walk in and there's like a bunch of people outside just waiting.

David Letterman: Right. That's never happened to me. That has never happend to me. I was upstairs, I heard what sounded like a young girl's screaming like crazy when you came in. Everywhere you go that happens right?

Justin Bieber: Uh well, a lot of places.

David Letterman: Yeah. Do you use the Twitter device to update your activity?

Justin Bieber: Yeah I do. I was thinking, do you want me to twitter you?

David Letterman: Yeah please. What do you mean? Twitter me?

Justin Bieber: Like I'll twitter like the Late Show, the Late Show? Yeah you want me to…

David Letterman: Yeah, the Late Show.

Justin Bieber: Like Late underscore Show?

David Letterman: I don't care What do you mean? It's the Late Show, I'm Dave.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

David Letterman: Now, what are you gonna do?

Justin Bieber: I'll just tweet like just say like…

David Letterman: You're here?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: Is that cool?

David Letterman: It's fine.

Justin Bieber: Alright. [types tweet]

David Letterman: I mean if people are watching they know that you're here.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, yeah. It's just cool to let the fans know.

David Letterman: Let them know, ok.

Justin Bieber: Alright, I just, I did it.

David Letterman: 'Cause this goes out now before the show. Ok did you do it already?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: What did you say?

Justin Bieber: I just said like 'I'm just hanging out with my boy Dave'

David Letterman: [laughs] Yeah, come on. Pretty good. Now you're probably a pretty smart kid, right?

Justin Bieber: Uh, pretty smart. Yeah.

David Letterman: You know what your IQ is?

Justin Bieber: [laughs] No.

David Letterman: Yeah. Are you in school, you gotta be in school.

Justin Bieber: Yeah I'm in school, I did school this morning. I do 3 hours a day and 15 hours a week.

David Letterman: 15 hours a week.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: And what grade level… stuff are you studying.

Justin Bieber: Uh, I'm in 11th grade so 11th grade material.

David Letterman: What is 11th grade? Is that a sophomore in high school, is that about what it is?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Yeah. Or is it Junior?

Justin Bieber: I don't know, I'm Canadian.

David Letterman: [laughs]

Paul Shaffer: We don't have that stuff in Canada. We don't know from that. What do we know, sophomore, junior. We got grades, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, right? That's it.

Justin Bieber: Yup, yup. Yeah. Thanks Paul.

Paul Shaffer: Well yeah, any time.

David Letterman: Do you have plans on going to college, maybe?

Justin Bieber: Uh yeah, I mean right now it's just kinda like focusing on my music a lot and stuff. That's really like important to me. Plus there's like this movie that I have coming out, it's called Never Say Never. It's coming out on 11th.

David Letterman: It's a documentary, isn't it?

Justin Bieber: Well yes, it's kinda like my story and kind of like most people would just think like they just put me together, some people just made me and like I'm just some factory machine.

David Letterman: Right.

Justin Bieber: But like this movie really like proves that like I really worked hard to get here and like that's why I just wanted to show that.

David Letterman: I never thought that you had been just put together.

Justin Bieber: Oh, thank you.

David Letterman: But you know I watched the film and what breaks my heart is to see the pictures of you when you were a tiny, tiny little kid.

Justin Bieber: Ah thank you.

David Letterman: You look back at that and you think 'Look at that little kid right there'. It's different when you have a little kid like that. It creates a different perspective.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I mean it's cool like my…

David Letterman: You're not married, right?

Justin Bieber: No. [shakes head] I have a little brother and sister and it's cool to see thme grow up. They're like babies so it's really cool.

David Letterman: Do you drive? Do you have a license?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I have a license.

David Letterman: Really?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Can you use it and drive?

Justin Bieber: I drive but like I like only drive at like home 'cause when I'm in like places like this, like New York and stuff.

David Letterman: New York is a good place to learn because…

Justin Bieber: What?

David Letterman: If you can drive in New York City, I mean it's like driving in Beirut, you'll be fine. You will be just fine wherever you go.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: We will be right back with Justin Bieber, ladies and gentlemen.

[footage gets shown where Justin signs stuff from fans]

David Letterman: Wow, the last time there were that many people outside the Theatre it was a fire Dave rally. Tell me about the movie, how long did it take from beginnig to end when they were following you around with camreras

Justin Bieber: They followed me around with cameras for like 2 months and like just got behind the scenes footage but like they were able to like come back to my hometown and see what my friends…

David Letterman: What is your hometown?

Justin Bieber: Stratford, Ontario. It's like 30,000 people. You know Paul is from a town called Thunder Bay.

David Letterman: Thunder Bay.

Paul: You know it, right?

Justin Bieber: Yes, I know Thunder Bay. Love Thunder Bay.

Paul: Way up in northern Ontario.

Justin Bieber: Way up, yeah.

Paul: Stratford is Southern Ontario.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Paul: You have the Stratford Shakespeare festival.

Justin Bieber: We do.

Paul: It's a really cultured town he comes from.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Paul: Very high-minded culture there. Good.

Justin Bieber: Again, thanks Paul.

Paul: Yes, any time.

Justin Bieber: I like him, a lot.

David Letterman: We love Paul. When you were a kid living up there with your family. Uh, musical influences, uh Canadian performers, American performers. What motivated you to do this?

Justin Bieber: Um well I grew up a lot listening to Michael Jackson, a lot of Boyz II Men. Like a lot of Soul music. My mom listened to a lot of that and my dad really…

David Letterman: Who did you like Soul music was

Justin Bieber: Well I like, like Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men and like Usher.

David Letterman: Did you ever meet any of these people?

Justin Bieber: Well I'm signed to Usher so I met him and I didn't get to meet Stevie yet but I got to meet Boyz II Men.

David Letterman: Did this all happen because your mom put video of you on YouTube?

Justin Bieber: Yeah we put videos online and then they like just spread like rapid fire and then I got like found by my manager Scooter who introduced me to Usher and Justin Timberlake and then we were going to sign with Justin and then we ended with signing with Usher.

David Letterman: Tell me more about Scooter. [laughs]

Justin Bieber: That's what me and my mom were thinking like this guy named Scooter wants to sign us, like how professional could this really be?

David Letterman: Exactly, yeah.

Justin Bieber: But turns out he's got some credibility.

David Letterman: Right. Is he an older guy? How old is he?

Justin Bieber: No, he's not old, he's not young. He's like 30

David Letterman: Yeah [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Wait, he's gonna be mad, he's gonna be mad. He's 29, he's gonna be mad if I say that. He's gonna be mad if I say 30.

David Letterman: 29 is okay, 30 is too old to be calling yourself Scooter. That's the cut off.

Justin Bieber: Come on Scooter.

David Letterman: But we're done. Do we have a clip of Never Say Never. Can we take it with you?

Justin Bieber: We do, actually part of the movie when we were filming it, I lost my voice and it was like really hard for me to sing and I had to go through some struggles so this is a clip.

Fans outside: [sceaming]

David Letterman: Can you hear that? That's outside, girls are still screaming. That's crazy.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: That you're not even out there and they're screaming.

Justin Bieber: I know, I don't know what's going on.

David Letterman: Oh my God. That's power, my friend.

Justin Bieber: Thank you.

David Letterman: Uh is this a film in 3D?

Justin Bieber: It is in 3D. Yeah

David Letterman: [grabs 3D glasses] Ok.

Justin Bieber: Wow.

David Letterman: Alright, roll it. Part where he loses his voice. [shows clip]

David Letterman: How long was your voice off?

Justin Bieber: Um it was off for like a couple days, my voice was really like raspy. I (?) even like singing

David Letterman: Have you ever had that more than once?

Justin Bieber: Um no. Just like twice actually.

David Letterman: You gotta be careful because I mean you're 16 and if this starts happening more and more then it can be a problem later. So you really gotta be careful because I can tell you weren't really paying attention to what you said.

Justin Bieber: No, I was. I was like emotional because my voice was gonna… and I had to perform at Madisnon Square Garde.

David Letterman: Yeah but see but they shouldn't have send you out there. Did you perform with your voice like that?

Justin Bieber: Uh yeah.

David Letterman: Well, see you can't do that

Justin Bieber: But I had to. I had like, all my fans were waiting for me to perform and it's like I owe it to them.

David Letterman: Well I admire, yes I admire that. But there's two ways to look at this. One you could do some permanent damage to your voice by doing that and secondly your adoring leave, say 'Jeez what was the matter with his voice'

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: You don't want that either?

Justin Bieber: No but at the same time.

David Letterman: You know what the problem is, I'll tell you what the problem is Scooter. Scooter is the problem. Justin Bieber, ladies and gentlemen. That's Never Say Never, opens February 11th. Nice to see you, great job.

[show footage of fans outside the building]

February 4, 2011 Edit

Was recorded on January 31, 2011.

David Letterman: Ladies and gentlemen, here's tonight's top 10 list, let's go. The category tonight, top 10 reasons it's fun to be Justin Bieber. What a category. Top 10 reasons it's fun to be Justin Bieber. Ladies and gentlemen, now presenting tonigh's top 10 list, the star of the upcoming film 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Here he is, Justin Bieber, everybody.

Justin Bieber: [enters]

David Letterman: Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey I'm talking to you.

Justin Bieber: Hey.

David Letterman: Hey, how is it going?

Justin Bieber: What's going on, man

David Letterman: Yeah ok. Yi, yeah ok. Top 10 reasons it's fun to be Justin Bieber. Here we go, number 10.

Justin Bieber: It's good to be a pop star without having to audition for Steven Tyler.

David Letterman: Exactly right. Number 9.

Justin Bieber: I'm briefed each morning by the CIA.

David Letterman: What? That makes no sense. Number 8.

Justin Bieber: Cross me and I'll have 50,000 screaming girls come to your house and mess you up.

David Letterman: Wow. Number 7.

Justin Bieber: When I'm sick, my doctor makes hilarious jokes about "Bieber Fever".

David Letterman: Oh. Number 6.

Justin Bieber: The chance to visit the Late Show and my idiol, Paul Shaffer.

David Letterman: Here you go.

Paul Shaffer: I love you, Justin Bieber. You heard it. Victoria, my daughter, you heard it.

David Letterman: Ok, ok, ok. Alright fine. Number 5.

Justin Bieber: At the barber shop I can say, "Give me the me". [flips hair]

David Letterman: Give me the me. Number 4.

Justin Bieber: For joke #4, go see "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," in theaters, February 11th.

David Letterman: Yeah. Number 3.

Justin Bieber: Looking forward to starrring in my CBS show, "CSI: Bieber"

David Letterman: CSI: Bieber [laughs] Number 2.

Justin Bieber: If I tweet "I just sneezed" A billion people will tweet "Gesundheit".

David Letterman: Yeah and the number 1 reason it's fun to be Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: Reading my fan mail from Letterman.

David Letterman: There you go.

Band: [plays Baby on their instruments]

Justin Bieber: [hugs Letterman]

David Letterman: We'll be right back with Martha Stewart. Nice job, Justin. Take a bow

Justin Bieber: [bows]

David Letterman: [bows]

Justin Bieber: [plays on the drums with JustBeats on]

David Letterman: Go on. Yeah, go on. Yeah, go on. Yeah.

Paul Shaffer: Justin Bieber!

David Letterman: How about that. Justin Bieber.

Paul Shaffer: Justin Bieber!

David Letterman. Wow.

Paul Shaffer: He can play!

David Letterman: Man.

Paul Shaffer: The kid is hot tonight.

David Letterman: That's crazy.

Paul Shaffer: He can play the drums.

Justin Bieber: [bows]

David Letterman: Thank you, sir. You know when I was age I had a paper out.

June 22, 2011 Edit

[footage of Justin taking pictures with fans] After the break a special top ten list presented by Justin Bieber

David Letterman: Ladies and gentlemen, here's tonight's top ten list, let's start it. Category tonight, I think you're gonna be surprised and impressed. Oh and id I say delighted? The category tonight: little known facts about Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber, here, wildly successful and I don't mean to embarass anybody, but he's still just a kid. I mean he's just a kid and phenomenon in the history of show business. The kid comes out and bang people go crazy, some parts of the world when he comes up bang they drop dead. They're so excited they don't know what to do. Bang. I'm telling you, they like to hush this up but he mortality ratio with this kid's concerts is higher, it's above the norm. But even at 16 there's a lot that you know about the guy and a lot you don't know the guy and here, now listen to this it's the documentary, remember it's the B-B-Bieber, was that what it was called? Was that what it was called? What was it called?

Paul: I thought it was 'Bieber, that's all'.

David Letterman: Yeah.

Paul: Was that it?

David Letterman: It was Leave it To Bieber

Paul: No it wasn't any of these, what was it?

David Letterman: I don't know.

Paul: It's tremendously successful and it told you everything.

David Letterman: No not everything.

Paul: I thought everything you would ever want to know about Justin Bieber was told in that movie.

David Letterman: No, you couldn't be more wrong, moose breath. Little know facts about Justin Bieber. Paul's right you think that everything had been covered now. No, little know nfacts, now presenting tonight's top ten list, ladies and gentlemen please welcome pop sensation Jusitn Bieber.

November 23, 2011 Edit

David Letterman: [footage gets shown of Justin entering the building]

Our next guy, 17 years of age. He has sold more than 11 million albums. 11 million albums, isn't that amazing? He's been nominated for two Grammy awards. This is new, a Christmas CD, it's entitled Under the Mistletoe. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the program Justin Bieber. Oh, Justin. How you doing?

Justin Bieber: Great, man.

David Letterman: I noticed how energetically and eagerly you sort of a launched after you like that and I know why because I'm your guy, right?

Justin Bieber: You're my guy, man.

David Letterman: Yeah, come on. [gives a fist bump]

Justin Bieber: You always been my guy.

David Letterman: Le's get it together. Yeah now let's…

Justin Bieber: Let's do it.

David Letterman: Let's blow it up.

Justin Bieber: Let's blow it up, man.

David Letterman: Yeah, blow it up. In the middle, cut the pickle. Tickle tick, tickle, tickle, tickle.

Justin Bieber: Ah, oh my God. Where did you learn that one?

David Letterman: I have an 8 year old son.

Justin Bieber: Oh nice.

David Letterman: But I mean, uh I know there's other guys with shows and stuff but I'm your guy, right?

Justin Bieber: You're always my guy.

David Letterman: I mean when you're out there, uh you kinda think to yourself "I wonder what Dave would do" right?

Justin Bieber: I always, I have a bumper sticker that says "What would Dave do?"

David Letterman: I know, I've seen that. That's nice, thank you very much.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Now that, we covered this before, do you have brothers and sisters or are there little Biebers?

Justin Bieber: I have a little… Yeah, I have little brother and sister named Jaxon and Jazmyn. My little brother's actually just, my little brother turned 2 a couple days ago, so happy birthday.

David Letterman: Oh that's great, 2. Good for him.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: And how old is Jazmyn?

Justin Bieber: Jazmyn is 3.

David Letterman: So each of the Bieber kids' first name begin with J, what's that?

Justin Bieber: It's just like my dad's thing like his name is Jeremy, my name is Justin,, Jaxon, Jazmyn. Those kinda how.

David Letterman: And mom's name is?

Justin Bieber: Pattie.

Audience: [laughs]

David Letterman: [laughs] Had the boy dead. Now here's with something, you know. I often think to myself. I've been very lucky, look I got a show and stuff and I've been very lucky and…

Justin Bieber: You have been lucky, man.

David Letterman: Yeah, yeah and I think to myself what if I had not been so lucky of what would become of me? Do you ever and I'm not suggesting that you've had luck because this is hard work, I mean even though you're a kid, you've worked hard and look where you are now.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, man.

David Letterman: But do you ever think of what might have been your life?

Justin Bieber: Um, I mean a little bit. I mean I'm very blessed to be where I am, you know. I thank God and all my fans for being able to put me in this position because without them I wouldn't be here so.

David Letterman: Uh-huh.

Justin Bieber: I love you fans so (?).

Audience: [applause]

David Letterman: But I mean, that's very sweet. It's so obvious, I mean it would be hard to be a successful singer if nobody listened to you.

Justin Bieber: Yeah that would be kinda (?).

David Letterman: But what other path might there have been for you in life, I mean you're 17, it's certainly early enough to, anything is still possible.

Justin Bieber: I don't know, I mean I never really thought about it. I mean this kinda happened so…

David Letterman: Uh-huh

Justin Bieber: …wasn't really lookin to do anything else.

David Letterman: Yeah, are you enjohying it? Are you getting a lot of fun out of this?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I love it. I mean I have a blast, I get to travel the world and see so many…

David Letterman: Where have you been? Run off the countries you've been.

Justin Bieber: I think I've been to every continent ex…

David Letterman: How many continents are there?

Justin Bieber: Uh [laughs], Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica and the North Pole. [laughs] No.

David Letterman: Two more but you're doing really well, you're doing really well.

Justin Bieber: Uh, uh, uh.

David Letterman: Two really easy ones. You've got the hard ones.

Justin Bieber: Canada

David Letterman: That's, that's…

Justin Bieber: No I'm Canadian., right?

David Letterman: Yeah, he's Canadian. Yeah. But two more, try two more, come on.

Justin Bieber: Um.

David Letterman: Come on. These are the eeasy ones, come on. You've been to both places. I'm pretty sure.

Justin Bieber: Oh, Australia.

David Letterman: Yes!

Justin Bieber: I'm not. Listen, I'm thinking. You know what I was pl…

David Letterman: One more, you got one more.

Justin Bieber: And the last one is.

David Letterman: I'll give you a couple of the countries in the last continent. Uh, France.

Justin Bieber: Europe.

David Letterman: There you go, there you go. Come on, come on. [gives an applauses] I mean, I know you do other shows and God bless you I understand why you have to do other shows but here you actually learn something

Justin Bieber: .Yeah, yeah, I know right?

David Letterman: I mean, come on. [gives high-five]

Justin Bieber: There you go.

David Letterman: Uh, so what are you doing for the holidays?

Justin Bieber: I am going to see my family.

David Letterman: That's good.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Do you have a big whoop-de-doo at the Christmas time?

Justin Bieber: Well yeah, I mean I…

David Letterman: Mean thanksgiving.

Justin Bieber: Thanksgiving.

David Letterman: I'm thinking about that Christmas album.

Justin Bieber: Christmas album, well actually Canadian thanksgiving and American thanksgiving are different so we already had our thanksgiving.

David Letterman: Yeah, hm and why do you have the earlier thanksgiving.

'Justin Bieber: You know I couldn't tell you.

David Letterman: Paul, why do you…

Paul: Early harvest.

David Letterman: Have the early harvest up there in Canada.

Paul: That's the Justin (?).

David Letterman: He knew that, right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: You knew that. Do you play hockey?

Justin Bieber: I do play hockey.

David Letterman: You know what the national sport of Canada is?

Justin Bieber: lacrosse

Paul: (?). Oh yeah.

David Letterman: Wow, the kid, I'm telling you.

Justin Bieber: (?)

David Letterman: I wanna show you some of these pictures, this isn't you. who is this?

Justin Bieber: That's me.

David Letterman: No, that's the Marie Osmond, isn't it.

Justin Bieber: No, that's definitely me. [laughs]

David Letterman: Really?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: How old are you in that picture?

Justin Bieber: I was uh, I think I was 14.

David Letterman: 14, look at that. You've been at this a long time then. Why you're only 17 now.

Justin Bieber: Wow.

David Letterman: Yeah, what's this?

Justin Bieber: that's awful. Uh,

David Letterman: Yeah, is that you or not you?

Justin Bieber: That's not me, that's a wax figure and that and I don't know, it doesn't look like me at all.

David Letterman: But it's supposed to be you. Where is it located?

Justin Bieber: (?) like ugh, look at that.

David Letterman: Wax figure in Madrid's something wax museum.

Justin Bieber: I don't know what they were thinking.

David Letterman: Yeah and this is the real you, right?

Justin Bieber: No, that's the wax figure.

David Letterman: That's not you, either?

Justin Bieber: That's the wax figure.

David Letterman: Yeah this is a wax figure.

Justin Bieber: That was me when I was 14.

David Letterman: This is again a wax figure, again somewhere, it's also in Madrid. Well, sorry to hear that but uh Now you get the money when they put your figure in the wax museum.

Justin Bieber: I don't know, hopefully.

David Letterman: Justin, are you being good with your money?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Daid Letterman: Who's handling your affairs?

Justin Bieber: I have a business manager.

David Letterman: What's his name?

Justin Bieber: His name is Solomon.

David Letterman: Solomon.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: [laughs] What?

David Letterman: Then he must be a very wise man. What was this deal with this woman said that you're the father of her child? Where'd that… You know what, that made me see red.

Justin Bieber: Really?

David Letterman: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: You saw red?

David Letterman: I was so angry.

Justin Bieber: You were angry, why were you angry?

David Letterman: Well, I could smell a weasel.

Justin Bieber: A weasel, a weasel. I mean, I think I could smell a weasel too.

David Letterman: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: A little bit but…

David Letterman: What does that do to you, you're just a kid and to have to deal with something like that, that would be heartbreaking.

Justin Bieber: I mean for me I would rather it have said like you know "Justin Bieber ran away with like a 20 year supermodel" and uh you know that would have been a better story.

David Letterman: Yeah, a better story but that's no good either, you're 17, for God's sake

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: You're 17.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Now come on.

Justin Bieber: I know, it's pretty crazy, you know people make up false accusations.

David Letterman: Do you find this discouraging that this sort of energy is out there in the world? People trying to hurt you? I would be discouraged by that.

Justin Bieber: Not really, I mean I'm 17 but I mean it's gonna happen you know being in the spotlight.

David Letterman: People can say or do what they want.

Justin Bieber: People can say whatever.

David Letterman: And you were man enough from the beginning, you said "Oh yeahn that's not true and I'll take those DNA tests".

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: Did you take one of those things?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I took those.

David Letterman: How did they do that? What's the procedure? Are you unconscious?

Justin Bieber: No, [laughs] They just saw your mouth.

David Letterman: [laughs] So you're not unconscious?

Justin Bieber: No.

David Letterman: Is there disrobing?

Justin Bieber: Dis-what?

David Letterman: Disrobing?

Justin Bieber: No, no. I don't think so.

David Letterman: Yeah, ok.

Justin Bieber: I don't think so.

David Letterman: And I'm not gonna take one.

Justin Bieber: Haha.

David Letterman: So the woman said "Oh I was just kdding" and dropped the suit, is that what happened?

Justin Bieber: I think so, I think that's what happened. She just, I don't really know. I don't really pay attentio, tp wjat; you know I just wasn't (?)

David Letterman:Well that'll get your attention, believe me.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: And how's your, you have a girlfriend Selena Gomez. Is that your girlfriend?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

David Letterman: How's she doing?

Justin Bieber: She's great. She's great.

David Letterman: If you kids have any questions or have any trouble, you know call me.

Justin Bieber: I will, I'll call you for advice, anything.

David Letterman: You know what else people have been talking about all day, they said the boy is such a musical genius that he can make up the rap songs.

Justin Bieber: Make up the rap songs. Uh.

David Letterman: [laughs]

Justin Bieber:' I'm not sure that's a term native.

David Letterman: I know, but I'm a 100, leave me alone.

Justin Bieber: [laughs]

David Letterman: This is it, Under the Mistletoe, good luck to my friend. Come back any time. Justin Bieber, ladies and gentlemen.

Juhne 21, 2012 Edit

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