My Worlds is a package of My World and My World 2.0.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. One Time
  2. Favorite Girl
  3. Down to Earth
  4. Bigger
  5. One Less Lonely Girl
  6. First Dance (featuring Usher)
  7. Love Me
  8. Common Denominator
  9. Baby (featuring Ludacris)
  10. Somebody to Love
  11. Stuck in the Moment
  12. U Smile
  13. Runaway Love
  14. Never Let You Go
  15. Overboard (featuring Jessica Jarrell)
  16. Eenie Meenie (featuring Sean Kingston)
  17. Up
  18. That Should Be Me
  19. Kiss and Tell (iTunes Bonus Track)

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Booklet[edit | edit source]

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

2010 Premios Oye! Revelación del Año WON
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