Happy Birthday[1]

Poo Bear is an American record producer, vocal producer, singer and songwriter.

Justin Bieber and Poo Bear were first introduced by Bieber's then-roommate Lil Twist, who had worked with Poo Bear in the past. "Twist would take my music and he would play it for Justin, and Justin would be like, 'Yo, what is that? I want that," Poo Bear recalls. "Twist would be like, 'That's Poo Bear, you gotta talk to Poo Bear about that.'[2]

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  • Justin appears in Poo Bear's music video "Work For It".
  • He has Justin's albums, Journals and Purpose, tattooed.[3]
  • He has his own versions of Bad Day, Alone, PYD and Stress.

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Journals (2013)

Purpose (2015)


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