Radio Disney is an American radio network that is owned by The Walt Disney Company, under the Disney–ABC Television Group operating subsidiary Disney Channels Worldwide. It broadcasts music and other content aimed at preteens and young teenagers; it can be described as a youth-targeted contemporary hit radio format with heavy emphasis on teen idols.

2015[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Alli Simpson: What's up Radio Disney! It's the Alli Simpson show and I have Justin Bieber in the studio with me.

Justin Bieber: What's going on?

Alli Simpson: What's up.

Justin Bieber: Woo.

Alli Simpson: Oh, I'm a little shocked. Ok. So how are you?

Justin Bieber: I'm good, how are you?

Alli Simpson: I'm very good, what's your uh… How are you feeling right now? What's your current emotion?

Justin Bieber: My current emotion is tired.

Alli Simpson: Yeah?

Justin Bieber: Been doing a lot of these interviews and stuff, yeah.

Alli Simpson: So it's like coming to the end of the day?

Justin Bieber: Yup, coming to the end I gotta, gonna do Ellen today so just tryna wrap my head around everything making sure hitting all my marks and making sure I'm just, I don't know. Yeah.

Alli Simpson: [laughs] That's good, that's good. Alright so let's talk about your song “What Do You Mean”. Tell me like the inspiration behind it.

Justin Bieber: The inspiration behind my song “What Do You Mean”? Um, I just, think that women often don't know what they truly want and I just wanted to write that in a song there.

Alli Simpson: That's very true.

Justin Bieber: You know they want one thing but they mean another thing or they say one thing and mean another and I just wanted, I don't know, write a song about that and make it fun and um, yeah that's it.

Alli Simpson: That's nice, so if the song… If this song was a girl, what would she look like?

Justin Bieber: If the song was a girl? I don't know, that's a crazy question. Um, I don't know. She'd be hot, pretty hot.

Alli Simpson: [laughs] Pretty much.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Alli Simpson: Okay, that's good. And so being in this like industry I have many insecurities and I know a lot of girls my age do and what would you say is like your biggest insecurity? Like what would you tell people tryna get over it?

Justin Bieber: Um, my biggest insecurity. I'd have to say just as far as like being in front of cameras and stuff all the time. Sometimes you're just like, you just like get insecured. I don't know, just cameras probably.

Alli Simpson: Yeah, I feel the same. And if you could change your first name to anything, would you change it and what would it be?

Justin Bieber: Probably not, probably keep my name.

Alli Simpson: Yeah. It suits you.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Alli Simpson: I think everyone suits their name.

Justin Bieber: Yup.

Alli Simpson: That's how you get to know someone. Alright so talking about fashion. What are you like into fashionwise right now?

Justin Bieber: Fashionwise I am into…

Alli Simpson: 'Cause you always look great.

Justin Bieber: Thank you, thank you. Um I really like Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God.

Alli Simpson: Oh yeah?

Justin Bieber: Um I think they got really good stuff and uh, always think Kanye's got a really awesome style.

Alli Simpson: Always?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Alli Simpson: Nice and on my show they'll think of 'Crush of the Week'.

Justin Bieber: Okay. My crush of the week?

Alli Simpson: yeah, whose your crush of the week?

Justin Bieber: Can you be my crush this week?

Alli Simpson: I can.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Alli Simpson: I was actually, I'm tryna um.

Justin Bieber: Yes, I can?

Alli Simpson: Yeah you, I mean if you really want me to be your crush of the week, I can. So I'm gonna have to like think about it.

Justin Bieber: Ok, cool.

Alli Simpson: Yes, so are you seeing anyone right now?

Justin Bieber: Um, I'm not seeing anyone right now, I'm single.

Alli Simpson: Okay great, we can get to know then.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Alli Simpson: Moving on, one song that you cannot get out of your head right now?

Justin Bieber: One song I can't get out of my head? Probably “What Do You Mean” 'cause I've been doign a lot of stuff for, just music videos and a lot of content so.

Alli Simpson: Yeah, I think. I mean I actually heard it 'cause you sent it to Cody like a while ago.

Justin Bieber: Do yu like it?

Alli Simpson: And literally, ok he's like obsessed with the song.

Justin Bieber: That's what he says. Yeah, he's like 'I haven't felt this way about a song in a long time'.

Alli Simpson: That's what he said to me. He was getting really emotional about it. And he was packing for tour and he played it on repeat.

Justin Bieber: That's awesome.

Alli Simpson: Like literally wouldn't turn it off so it's incredible.

Justin Bieber: Shout ot to Cody Simpson. My boy, brother.

Alli Simpson: Yeah, he loves you and um, the song is amazing. It really is. Like I'm waiting for it to come out so I can listen to it on repeat also.

Justin Bieber: Thank you.

Alli Simpson: Alright so, can you try an Australian accent for me? 'Cause I know, I feel like you'd be like good at this. 'Cause you talked to Cody a bit.

Justin Bieber: [talking in an Australian accent] Australian, Australian, Australian, Australian accent.

Alli Simpson: That's good.

Justin Bieber: Um, what do… Tell me to say something.

Alli Simpson: Say 'What's up I'm Justin Bieber talking to Alli Simpson at Radio Disney'

Justin Bieber: Um, can you say it in… Say it again? Say it again in Australian accent.

Alli Simpson: 'What's up I'm Justin Bieber talking to Alli Simpson at Radio Disney'

Justin Bieber: [talking in an Australian accent]What's up, what's up I'm Justin Bieber talking to Alli Simpson… I feel like I'm going British on it a little bit.

Alli Simpson: A little bit, like back it up a little bit.

Justi nBieber: I don't wanna do this, I'm insecure.

Alli Simpson: So accents, Australian accents make you insecure.

Justin Bieber: Yes, yes.

Alli Simpson: We found it.

Justin Bieber: Yup.

Alli Simpson: Ok so we're gonna play a game of this or that.

Justin Bieber: Ok.

Alli Simpson: And it's according to like girls' fashion so I'm gonna say two things that girls wear and you just say what you prefer.

Justin Bieber: Ok.

Alli Simpson: Heels or sneakers?

Justin Bieber: It just depends on the occasion. 'Cause sometimes I enjoy a woman wearing sneakers just to come and chill.

Alli Simpson: Casual.

Justin Bieber: But sometimes I wanna see her in some pumps.

Alli Simpson: That makes sense. Okay, what about a dress or jeans. It also depends on the occasion.

Justin Bieber: Jeans.

Alli Simpson: Yeah?

Justin Bieber: Probably yeah.

Alli Simpson: Nice. Bright lipstick or natural?

Justin Bieber: Um, natural.

Alli Simpson: Hair up or hair down? It's really thinking about this one.

Justin Bieber: I don't know, that's so difficult for me 'cause I like both. I don't know. Both.

Alli Simpson: Ok nice, and now a random round. Just a couple of like really random questions that don't really make sense.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Alli Simpson: Would you mind?

Justin Bieber: Let's go ahead.

Alli Simpson: Favorite pair of socks you own?

Justin Bieber: Favorite pair of socks I own? Um.

Alli Simpson: I'm never wearing matching socks so I'm just gonna have…

Justin Bieber: Well I just like, I like these new Vans socks. I don't even think I have 'em on right now but they're…

Alli Simpson: Oh, the ones that like hide?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, they hide so you can wear 'em with Vans and short shoes and stuff, I don't know.

Alli Simpson: Okay, cool. Do you put your left shoe on first, or your right shoe?

Justin Bieber: [laughs] I think I put on my left shoe first.

Alli Simpson: I really had to think about this one.

Justin Bieber: I think I do so left first food, yeah.

Alli Simpson: Okay, if you were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be?

Justin Bieber: Cotton candy for sure.

Alli Simpson: Okay, nice. If you were a T-shirt, what color would you be?

Justin Bieber: Purple.

Alli Simpson: Nice and if I came home and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

Justin Bieber: You would probably find some mayonaise.

Alli Simpson: That's literally Cody's fridge; he just does nothing in there like…

Justin Bieber: Just mayonaise right? Probably some beers.

Alli Simpson: Yeah, I…

Justin Bieber: I don't know if we can say that on Radio Disney but [laughs]

Alli Simpson: But yeah that's Cody's fridge also anyways. So mayonaise. What's one question that you hate to answer?

Justin Bieber: Um, probably like how you get started.

Alli Simpson: Yeah, you've probably been aksed that like every day.

Justin Bieber: i've been asked that so many times.

Alli Simpson: Okay nice. And lastly what's coming up next for you? Are you working on an album, anything like that?

Justin Bieber: I am working on an album. I am, almost finished the album.

Alli Simpson: Okay.

Justin Bieber: My single comes out Sunday.

Alli Simpson: Um-huh

Justin Bieber: Monday, Sunday.

Scooter Braun No, tomorrow.

Justin Bieber: Tomorrow I mean.

Alli Simpson: [laughs] Like right now, it's out now.

Justin Bieber: Like VMA's Sunday right, VMA's Sunday?

Alli Simpson: Okay.

Justin Bieber: Um yeah, the album's been a lot of fun to do too. I've just been really grinding on that for the past three years so can't wait for people to hear.

Alli Simpson: Nice. Well good luck for everything

Justin Bieber: Thank you.

Alli Simpson: And I can't wait for it also. Thank you Justin.

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2010[edit | edit source]

He performed two songs live. An acoustic version of his hit "Baby" and "U Smile". Justin did a hilarious April Fool's Day prank. Justin started singing Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A," pretending to pass it off as his own song.

2009[edit | edit source]

September 15, 2009[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Jingle: When it comes to great music, Radio Disney has got it all and it starts now.

Ernie D: Justin Bieber taking over Radio Disney. You're a pro at these takeovers now.

Justin Bieber: Ok.

Ernie D: You know how these things roll, right?

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: Phone calls from the fans, we'll of course play your song, saw you got a little acoustic set you're gonna [?].

Justin Bieber: Acoustic, yep.

Ernie D: A little later on.

Justin Bieber: Let's do that.

Ernie D: Nice. Nice. Justin Bieber, he's taking over Radio Disney now. [playing One Time]

Ernie D: Justin is taking over right now. So dude, let's get this out of the way. You met Beyoncé, you met Taylor Swift.

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: How was that? How was it for you?

Justin Bieber: It was awesome. Uh, it was great.

Ernie D: Were you nervous?

Justin Bieber: Um, I was really, yeah I was nervous.

Ernie D: [laughs] So he…

Justin Bieber: I was like when I came back from meeting Beyoncé at the award show yesterday. I was like shaking, I was like "Oh my gosh, that's Beyoncé". It was really sweet.

Ernie D: Now we rehearsed this last time you were here and here's what you said "I'll probably just be standing there and she'd be like: "Hi Justin" and I'd be like "Uh. Hi, gorgeous. Hi beautiful. I love you."

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: Is that how it went down?

Justin Bieber: Well what happened what was…

Ernie D: hahahah, I knew it. I knew it.

Justin Bieber: I was like, I ran up to her, I was like. "I like your, I, I like, I like… You have the most beautiful smile." And then she smiled and I said there it is.

Ernie D: [laughs] So Jay went up…

Justin Bieber: And then I got knocked out by Jay.

Ernie D: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Nah, I'm just kidding but she did say she liked my song, One Time which was sweet.

Ernie D: Alright well Justin Bieber, he's hanging out right now so phone calls from the fans. Dude, are you ready?

Justin Bieber: i'm ready to rumble.

Ernie D: Alright, let's go. Let's talk to Kasia who's in Florida right now. Hi Kasia.

Kasia: Hey.

Ernie D: Kasia, say hi to Justin.

Kasia: Hi Justin!

Justin Bieber: [laughs] Hello, how are you?

Kasia: Um, my question is, if you weren't a singer, what would you do?

Justin Bieber: I mean, if I wasn't a singer. That's not even a question because that just sets me up for failure 'cause I'm gonna be a singer. I am a singer.

Ernie D: Would you play hockey? I mean I know you're big in the sports, would you play hockey or would you?

Justin Bieber: I would, just… I don't know, I don't know what I would do. I'm not thinking about that right now.

Ernie D: Well I guess this is a good place to be, right?

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: Because it's almost like you can't see yourself doing anything else. Alright, well this is Justin Bieber, he's taking over Radio Disney. Got more phone calls on the way and acoustic performances, there's two of 'em from Justin, those are on the way on Radio Disney.

Ernie D: Justin real quick before we go Carrie actually wanted to say something before she hangs up the phone.

Carrie: Yeah. I love you Justin.

Justin Bieber: I love you!

Carrie: [screams]

Justin Bieber: Woo.

Carrie: [laughs and screams]

Justin Bieber: That was sweet.

Ernie D: So do you get that reaction a lot when you like go out, you know meet the fans and…

Justin Bieber: Sometimes.

Ernie D: Yeah?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Like what was your reaction when they first saw you because they saw, there's fans outside right now and they saw you walk in the building.

Justin Bieber: Yeah they were like "Ahhh!"

Ernie D: Just like Carrie was?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Does that ever catch up kinda like "Who's this crazy person behind me?"

Justin Bieber: No, it's awesome. Who at fifteen wouldn't want screaming girls chasing you around.

Ernie D: That's true. So I got this, do you want me to mess it up for you?

Justin Bieber: Yes!

Ernie D: Try to mess it up?

Justin Bieber: Yes. Let's do it.

Ernie D: Okay, so now the last time you were here… Let's just fill everybody in on what happened the last time you were here with this Rubik's Cube that well, I'm doing a really bad job at messing it up right now.

'Justin Bieber: How can you do a bad job of messing it up?

Ernie D: I don't know, I'm not just even having a look. Alright how about we do that, we talk and we chat…

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Ernie D: …about the Rubik's Cube experiment last time so last time you were here.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Ernie D: So last time you were here, I brought this, it was totally messed up.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Ernie D: Yes or no?

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: And how long did it take you to fix it.

Justin Bieber: I'm pretty sure I messed up, right?

Ernie D: Yeah.

Justin Bieber: And it took me longer than usual.

Ernie D: Right.

Justin Bieber: But this time, it's not gonna do that. I'm gonna be able to get it in like two minutes.

Ernie D: Really?

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: Less than two minutes…

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: …was your time last time?

Justin Bieber: Really? Are you sure?

Ernie D: And I've been messing this up for the past 30 seconds or so.

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D:' so I'll mess it up some more and you're going to try and solve it. We'll see how good you can do. Although I don't think you can beat two minutes though. We'll do that next on the Radio Disney.

Ernie D: Are you ready, Justin?

Justin Bieber: Ready.

Ernie D: Wait, wait, wait. Let me time you. On your mark, get set, go! Now with your name all over that Rubik's Cube, does that throw you off a little bit?

Justin Bieber: Yeah, it does.

Ernie D: [laughs] That's all your fault though. You did that to yourself.

Justin Bieber: Yeah, I did do that.

Ernie D: Yeah, 'cause for everyone who doesn't know. He wrote his name all over the Rubik's Cube. It says Justin Bieber. Oh dude come on, we're already at 2-30 seconds, man come on.

Justin Bieber: I'm messing up bro. [?]

Ernie D: Come on dude. Come on, what happened. Is it 'cause you're out of practise? Is that what happened?

Justin Bieber: Yo, I haven't done this since last time I was here probably.

Ernie D: Really?

Justin Bieber: But I'm gonna do it.

Ernie D: 46 seconds. Do you at least have all of one color? Oh you've almost all the whites. One minute. I messed it up good this time, didn't i?

Justin Bieber: No.

Ernie D: [laughs] I wasn't even looking when I messed it up. So now you can just tell me if you're just smart like that or if you learned how to do that from something or other like a video online. I'm just saying.

Justin Bieber: Come on Phil!

Ernie D: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Who's Phil, I don't know. Aight, I messed it up, but whatever.

Ernie D: Let's blame it on Scooter.

Justin Bieber: Scooter! I'm looking like a reject.

Ernie D: Minute 50, dude.

Justin Bieber: Ahhh!

Ernie D: Is this disappointing?

Justin Bieber: I was almost done too and then I did this…

Ernie D: It's all Usher's fault.

Justin Bieber: Alright, so I'm almost done now.

Ernie D: Okay so. Ohh. Maybe we should just like go to a break and play some music after that and see if you got to figure it out by then. He's shaking his head no. But we'll do that, Justin Bieber trying to figure out the Rubik's Cube. We'll see if he's got it all taken care of next on Radio Disney.

[playing One Time (Ernie D remix)]

Ernie D: Radio Disney, it's Ernie D. Justin Bieber he's still tryna figure out the Rubik's Cube over there. Man, I did a good job of messing that up, didn't I?

Justin Bieber: No, you didn't.

Ernie D: Yes I did.

Justin Bieber: No, You didn't.

Ernie D: Yes I did.

Justin Bieber: No, because…

Ernie D: You still have to go, you still haven't figured it out.

Justin Bieber: Because I haven't done this in a long time.

Ernie D: Uh-huh.

Justin Bieber: [?].

Ernie D: And Usher.

Justin Bieber: Usher.

Ernie D: [laughs] It's all his fault. Does that mess you up when I talk?

Justin Bieber: No.

Ernie D: Okay.

Justin Bieber: You can keep talking forever.

Ernie D: Okay and that'll never mess you up, ever?

Justin Bieber: No.

'Ernie D: 'So can you not do two things at one time?

Justin BIeber: Yes I can.

Ernie D: That'd be hard for me to think about. Oh!

Justin Bieber: I think, ahh.

Ernie D: Thank you. That's still ten times faster than I could do it.

Justin Bieber: It doesn't even matter, I feel like terrible.

Ernie D: You let yourself down!

Justin Bieber: I know.

Ernie D: Usher.

Justin Bieber: Usher! Just kidding.

July 13, 2009[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

With Jake

Jake: It's Radio Disney, I'm Jake hanging out with the guy that…

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber.

Jake: Yes.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jake: That's his name.

Justin Bieber: That's ny name.

Jake: [laughs] He was ready for that one.

Jake: You were saying that you need to have confidence.

Justin Bieber: Confidence, the swagger.

Jake: The swagger.

Justin Bieber: The attitude.

Jake: So I do my (?).

Justin Bieber: How about let's just do the swag walk first.

Jake: Ok swag walk first.

Justin Bieber: You just have to have a swag and just walk. You stop, step and you look "Yeah man".

Jake: That's the swag walk? So I'll just do the swag walk.

Justin Bieber: Swag walk and then stop, step.

Jake: Stop, step.

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Jake: (?) back and forward.

Justin Bieber: Yeah but you can, ready. So stop, so can you move out of the way.

Everybody: [laughing]

Justin Bieber: Okay so you just have a swag walk, right and then you just stop, step like this "Yeah".

Jake: [applauds] That's good man. I have to do it again.

Justin Bieber: One more time.

Jake: (?). So I'm walking. I like to read your (?). And oh, side step. that's what I'm doing, right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Jake: Am I doing it right?

Everyone: Yeah.

Jake: [applauds]

Justin Bieber: Alright so now you have the swagger. Okay, now it's time to put this to the test. Okay so start like this. Okay so now go down like that and then around. No, like this. So just like this and like this. (?) so like this. This.

Jake: Just give me backwards for me now. Alright.

Justin Bieber: And then like this. Yes.

Jake: Like that?

Justin Bieber: And then like this.

Jake: Oh no.

Justin Bieber: And then back like this and then up like this.

Jake: What am I doing wrong here.

Justin Bieber: Just flip it up.

Jake: Like I'm stuck here. I like it back up here.

Justin Bieber: Just flip it up like this and then up like this, down, over. Yeah, up.

Jake: Do you expect me to remember all of this?

Justin Bieber: Up, over and then down, down, down.

Jake: Down, down, down.

Justin Bieber: Ready? So if you put that all together, it looks like this. [shows his dance move]

Jake: Yes, good job. [applauds] Alright so I have that, that is officially on tape now.

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Jake: So I'mma practise that.

Justin Bieber: Practise at home.

Jake: In the next time I see you I will…

Justin Bieber: You will have that.

Jake: [tries to do the dance move] [ends with Namaste greeting]

Justin Bieber: [does Namaste greeting] Hey, you've got it young grasshopper.

Jake: Justin Bieber here at Radio Disney, see ya. [waves]

On the radio

Ernie D: Justin Bieber is taking over

Justin Bieber: Hey

Ernie D: What's up dude?

Justin Bieber: What's happening? How are you?

Ernie D: Doing well now. There's been a lot of commotion going on with you specifically lately.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Is this kind of weird for you?

Justin Bieber: Yeah it's definitely really crazy.

Ernie D: Really really crazy…?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: … because you're not used to like all this hype and fans down outside window for you.

Justin Bieber: No I'm not used to it. I'm from a small town. I just play sports and stuff so it's definitely different.

Ernie D: All right so if you didn't know, this is Justin Bieber. He sings that song "One Time". He's taking over Radio Disney now.

Justin Bieber: One Time, One Time

Ernie D: And if you want to call 1-877-870-5678. So give us a little background about you. You're from Canada.

Justin Bieber: Yeah I'm from Canada. I basically yeah, wooo Canada. Okay so anyways um I started in my hometown. I played instruments all growing up. I started playing the drums when I was about 2 so I started instruments really young and I entered a singing competition when I was around 12. My friends and famiily that couldn't make it, they wanted to be able to see me so my mom and I posted videos of the compeition on YouTube for them to see and just other people started viewing it, subscribing it. Eventually it blew up.

Ernie D: Yeah, no kidding. 'Cause now you have like 1 million, something like that.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: … followers on your site

Justin Bieber: I have 38 million views on my page

Ernie D: That's crazy dude.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: So when it got to a million, what did you think?

Justin Bieber: Um that's when I just kept putting more videos on. I was like wow this is crazy. So I kept posting more videos and more videos and then my manager found me on YouTube, Scooter Braun. He's in the house

Ernie D: What's up Scoot.

Justin Bieber: [laughs] So he found me on YouTube. He kind of stalked me.

Ernie D: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: He got a hold of my school board, he called my great aunt that I've never met before. He got a contact with my mom's friend. So he was pushing hard. He's motivated and eventually got a hold of my mom. My mom ended up talking to him and now I'm here.

Ernie D: Crazy, anyway Justin Bieber taking over Radio Disney. 1-877-870-5678, call him, talk to him. His song that he's famous for "One Time" Justin Bieber chilling, taking over Radio Disney right now.

[Radio Disney playing One Time]

Ernie D: (?) Justin Bieber, only 15 years old from Canada. That was his song "One Time" on Radio Disney now. You play lots of instruments?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Drums, you said you started playing when you were 2 years old.

Justin Bieber: Um, yeah I play guitar, piano, um I play a little trumpet. I'm so, I just. I like to play music.

Ernie D: And you're only how?

Justin Bieber: I'm 15.

Ernie D: That's crazy dude.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Now you taught yourself how to play all the instruments?

Justin Bieber: Yeah. I'm self-taught.

Ernie D: But how do you that? I've been trying to teach myself…

Justin Bieber: [laughs]

Ernie D: … how to play any instrument for a long long time now.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: But how do you teach yourself, like what's the first thing I got to do.

Justin Bieber: Uh I don't really know like I just picked it up and just started doing it like you just gotta say your mind to it says I guess.

Ernie D: That's me, I guess I should just get frustrated. Forget this guitar and just throw it against the wall.

Justin Bieber: [laughs]

Ernie D: You know what I mean. Piano I don't know. I can sound like I know how to play piano but I can't play piano.

Justin Bieber: Oh.

Ernie D: There's difference. Does that…

Justin Bieber: I don't even (?) . Does that make sense?

Ernie D: I don't know. I don't think so. I don't think so either. [laughs] Well this is Justin Bieber taking over Radio Disney and if you want to call him, talk to him. You got your phone calls next on Radio Disney.

Jingle: Hey it's me, Demi Lovato and you're listening to my favorite radio station.

Ernie D: Radio Disney, Justin Bieber is taking over right now. By the way, number 1-877-870-5678 so you tell the story earlier Justin about how your manager saw you on the internet and all that stuff. Now go, go ahead tell that story.

Justin Bieber: He basically just got a hold of my mom and he was like "You got talent." He flew me out to Atlanta a week later where he was taking me to the studio and Usher was actually going to the studio at the same time.

Ernie D: Usher. Usher Raymond.

Justin Bieber: Yes so we both kind of ran into each other. I was like "oh my goodness that's Usher". I looked up to him my whole life so I ran up to him and I was like "Usher, Usher I love your songs. You want me to sing you one?" He gets so many people that meet him every single day asking him to give his mixtape and stuff so I ran up to him and I was like "Usher, Usher. I want to sing for you" but he had to go to the studio and he was like…

Ernie D: I'm in a hurry, I'll be right back.

Justin Bieber: … "Just come insidie little buddy. It's cold out." So we went inside and he ran off to his studio. I didn't get to sing for him. I was really bummed but he was like. He talked to my manager, ended up watching my videos and was like "Oh my goodness what did I just do" so he flew me back to Atlanta where I got to meet him again in a proper setting. Got to sing for him and everything. A week later Justin Timberlake also wanted to sign me. So it was like a bidding war between Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Justin Bieber: That's crazy dude. When you were there and you had the choice to make. What was going through your mind?

Justin Bieber: It was just, I was like, really I couldn't make a bad decision.

Ernie D: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: It's Justin Timberlake and Usher. I mean, you can't really go wrong.

Ernie D: You can't really go wrong with either one of those.

Justin Bieber: No.

Ernie D: For real. Justin, Justin Bieber taking over right now. 1-877-870-5678. More with my boy's next on Radio Disney.

Ernie D: Radio Disney. This is Justin Bieber, he's taking over right now. Besides so you got to meet Usher. Has he thought you anything since you guys have been you know kind of collaborating a little bit?

Justin Bieber: Just like, just to stay grounded and keep my head on straight. I mean that's the most important thing. I'm going through all this and yeah definitely just stay grounded and like he's been through it all. He's made mistakes and he's been up and down so he's kind of just like teach me like what to do, how to do it.

Ernie D: Like has he give you… I mean I'm sure he's giving you singing advice right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah and dancing advice. He has showed me a little bit of swag.

Ernie D: Oh oh, oh oh.

Justin Bieber: Oh oh.

Ernie D: You got some moves?

Justin Bieber: Woooh. I wish you guys can see that.

Ernie D: Yeah yea, totally. Actually the fans can. You want to do a little out there for them real quick?

Justin Bieber: Okay let's do it.

Ernie D: Alright. Are you ready?

Justin Bieber: Uh-huh

Ernie D: Do you need music or something?

Justin Bieber: Nah, I think we're good.

Ernie D: Okay. Well do you want to do it right now or you want to do it later?

Justin Bieber: Let's do it later.

Ernie D: Okay we'll do it later.

Fans: [laughs]

Ernie D: Justin Bieber taking over Radio Disney. Phone calls, get those in the next 10 minutes on Radio Disney.

Break: There's more of your music your way coming up next i’m Taylor Swift on Radio Disney.

Ernie D: Did you ever expect when you were coming here that you would get like I don't know how many fans are out there outside.

Justin Bieber: No. No I didn't expect. We didn't even give them the address.

Ernie D: They just showed up.

Justin Bieber: It's pretty awesome.

Ernie D: Does it surprise you when people just kind of show up for you. They can do a run outside to your car and almost attack you.

Justin Bieber: It's really incredible. I mean I wouldn't be in this position without them. I really do love them.

Ernie D: Now what does your mom think of all this stuff that's going on right now?

Justin Bieber: She's loving it. She's loving the fast life. We've been travelling a lot. She really likes it but I miss my friends and family back home but it's all worth it.

Ernie D: Besides the guitar playing and the instruments and the singing. You got some other skills too.

Justin Bieber: Uh yeah.

Ernie D: You can do a little skateboarding, right?

Justin Bieber: Yeah I skateboard.

Ernie D: Ride…

Justin Bieber: I ride a bike, I play hockey since I was about six so I love hockey. I'm from Canada so we all love hockey down there.

Ernie D: And was I mistaken when I heard that you have some Rubik's Cube skills too.

Justin Bieber: Um no you weren't mistaken.

Ernie D: Now what's your fastest time ever?

Justin Bieber: Um 47 seconds, 46 seconds I think.

Ernie D: 46 seconds?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: 'Cause I got a little something.

Justin Bieber: Oooh.

Ernie D: And I messed it up really really bad. I think althrough I don't know because I can't really tell 'cause everything is just all, you know.

Justin Bieber: If I don't get 47 seconds, don't be mad at me though.

Ernie D: Okay.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Ernie D: Okay, oh we got a timer too. Are you ready?

Justin Bieber: I got a timer right here.

Ernie D: Okay you ready? Okay, you know what. Let's hold off. Justin Bieber gonna solve a Rubik's Cube. We'll see it how fast he does it next on Radio Disney.

Jingle: Hey it's Selena Gomez David Henrie and i’m Jake T. Austin Alex Justin and Max from Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place Radio Disney’s going to take a quick break and were coming back right away with your music your way.

Ernie D: (?) Rubik's Cube in his hand and he says that the fastest time he's ever solved a Rubik's Cube is 47 seconds. But dude no worries, I won't be mad if you don't do 47 seconds. On your mark, get set, go.

Justin Bieber: [solves a Rubik's Cube] I'm sticky (?)

Ernie D: What's the time so far?

Other people: 5 seconds.

Ernie D: 5 seconds. Here we go. We are at 10 seconds yet. 10 seconds. He's still going. He's got…

Justin Bieber: You pressure me.

Ernie D: I'm sorry but I gotta do play-by-play because people on the radio they can't see. Oh he's got almost all the blues. He's got 3 blues left. Almost all the oranges, greens too. Oh oh let's go. Oh oh.

Justin Bieber: This one's kind of sticky. Yup, you've been eating chocolate and playing with this thing?

Ernie D: Actually yes. I had a Sunday before. Oh oh.

Justin Bieber: This thing is sticky.

Ernie D: That's crazy, just watching you do that it's like you're going so fast. My mind doesn't even work that fast. This is green and this goes here, that would be me. I messed it up real good, didn't I?

Justin Bieber: No.

Ernie D: Oh sorry. [laughs] Let's see. Here we go, we're still going. Do you feel pressure right now?

Justin Bieber: No.

Ernie D: I guess even still something that would take you like a couple of minutes probably would end up taking regular people like 3 months.

Justin Bieber: Uh yes.

Ernie D: This is crazy and he's almost got it. He's got one more yellow. Are you watching this? Is anybody watching this?

Justin Bieber: [solved the Rubik's Cube]

Ernie D: Ha oh oh oh. Less than 2 minutes.

Justin Bieber: This one's sticky. I promise.

Ernie D: And you know how long it took to mess that thing up?

Justin Bieber: How long?

Ernie Dr: It took me longer to mess it up than it did for you to fix it. When did you find out that you had such amazing Rubik's Cube skills. [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Well it's the same like this guy showed me on YouTube so I help them out and they help me out.

Ernie D: [laughs]

[plays Hannah Montana - Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)]

Ernie D: Now hi Sydney.

Sydney: Hi Justin!

Justin Bieber: Hi, how are you Sydney?

Sydney: Good. I was wondering, what's your favorite instrument to play?

Justin Bieber: My favorite instrument to play is probably the drums. 'Cause I've been playing it the longest. I love guitar and I love piano too.

Ernie D: Okay so you learned drums when you were 2. How old were you when you learned guitar?

Justin Bieber: I was strumming when I was about 6 but I really wasn't playing anything. It wasn't about like 9 or 10 when I actually knew how to play chores and stuff.

Ernie D: And what about the trumpet you said? How old were you when you started playing that?

Justin Bieber: Um when I started playing the trumpet, I was about right 7.

Ernie D: Really?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: So you've been like around instruments and stuff all your life then?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: When did you first pick up the drumstick? Do you remember? You said 2.

Justin Bieber: Uh yeah.

Ernie D: And you just bam.

Justin Bieber: Bam, bam, bam yeah.

Ernie D: That's it?

Justin Bieber: Yeah. I would play on like couches and stuff um I play yeah so I just play on everything. I'd bang on everything like pots and pans and everything around me.

Ernie D: Did it get on your parents' nerves?

Justin Bieber: Yeah but…

Ernie D: A lot?

Justin Bieber: No because they really supported everything I did. They didn't get too annoyed.

Ernie D: Well you know what dude, why don't you give us like a little acoustic lolo Usher right now on Radio Disney. Why don't you give us a little because we got some acoustic performances from you coming up.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Why don't you give us a little taste of what we're going to hear. Maybe a little U Got It Bad.

Justin Bieber: ♪ And you say that you love 'em
And you really know
Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more
Like my money, all my cars
You can have it all
Flowers, cards and candy
Said I'm fortunate that I have you girl
And I want you to know that
I really adore you ♪

Ernie D: Wow, that is amazing.

Justin Bieber: Thank you.

Ernie D: Acoustic performance by Justin Bieber. You know what let's get to it now. He's already ready to sing. Got his vocals warmed up and everything. So let's go, got his vocals warmed up and everything so let's listen to Justin Bieber perform. This is a Radio Disney exclusive, not gonna hear this anywhere else for real. Lonely Girl. Justin go for it brother.

Justin Bieber: [plays Lonely Girl]

Ernie D: [applauds]

Jingle: Radio Disney what’s up guys i’m Joe i’m Kevin what’s up guys i’m Nick and we’re the Jonas Brothers and were hanging out on Radio Disney more of your music your way is next on Radio Disney.

Ernie D: Hey Allyson, say hi to Justin.

Allyson: Hi Justin.

Justin Bieber: Hi, how are you?

Allyson: I'm good, how are you?

Justin Bieber: I'm great.

Allyson: I was just wondering what your favorite part of performing live is.

Justin Bieber: I love to interacting with the fans. I always loved to perform live. I just love the vibe of being able to perform and make girls scream.

Other people: [laughs]

Ernie D: That's the most important part right there. Have you ever seen him perform besides on the computer Allyson?

Allyson: No, (?)

Ernie D: When was the last time you performed?

Justin Bieber: I performed in Phoenix for a bunch of people. A free show for Beyoncé.

Ernie D: Oh dude, that's pretty large man.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Allyson: But you should come to Virginia.

Justin Bieber: Okay, I'll be there soon.

Ernie D: He'll be there tomorrow. Now that's the biggest first person that you performed (?) open for Beyoncé.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Did you meeet her?

Justin Bieber: Um no, I haven't but that would be a dream come true.

Ernie D: What would you say to her? Have you thought this out yet?

Justin Bieber: I haven't really.

Ernie D: You have to think this out.

Justin Bieber: We do have to think this out. I mean I probably be standing there and she'd be like "Hi Justin" and I'd be like "uh hi gorgeous, hi beautiful".

Ernie D: I love you.

Justin Bieber: I love you.

Jingle: Radio Disney.

Ernie D: (?) right now and more phone calls on the way. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Justin Bieber: I listened to a lot Usher growing up, I listened to Justin Timberlake. A lot of Stevie Wonder but so that kinda inspires me to sing.

Ernie D: So do you have a favorite song? Do you have one favorite song you like of all time.

Justin Bieber: I don't have a favorite song. I have so many favorite songs, I wouldn't be able to choose.

Ernie D: name like five.

Justin Bieber: I would say um Down On Bended Knee.

Ernie D: Boyz II Men

Justin Bieber: Yes.

Ernie D: Wow.

Justin Bieber: U Got It Bad by Usher.

Ernie D: What an R&B…

Justin Bieber: Woman by Wolfmother.

Ernie D: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: You ever heard of that song?

Ernie D: Yes, it's on Guitar Hero. That's how I know that song.

Justin Bieber: Yes that's an awesome song. Um [laughs] and I got a bunch more, I like.

Ernie D: So it's like a lot of different style? Little rock, little R&B.

Justin Bieber: Little rap.

Ernie D: Hip-Hop, speaking of Hip-Hop. When I first heard your song I was like you know what. The song is hot.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: … but it needs a rap in it.

Justin Bieber: Yeah?

Ernie D: Do you think?

Justin Bieber: One Time needs a rap in it?

Ernie D: It needs some little rap in it.

Justin Bieber: Okay.

Ernie D: No? I'm just asking

Justin Bieber: No no, that'd be cool.

Ernie D: Would it?

Justin Bieber: A rap.

Ernie D: Do you rap?

Justin Bieber: Do you wanna rap?

Ernie D: I could.

Justin Bieber: How you rap on it?

Ernie D: Okay.

Justin Bieber: ♪ I'mma tell you One Time, girl I love, girl I love you ♪ Come on.

Ernie D: I actually took the liberty and I don't want you to be upset.

Justin Bieber: Okay but how about I sing the chorus and then you go into a freestyle.

Ernie D: Well no, it's because I knew you were coming in here so I took the liberty of using your song and I put a little something together for you. You ready to hear it?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Okay Justin Bieber this is the Justin and Ernie remix.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Ernie D: [plays the remix] ♪ Oh aye, Ernie D, JB
You crazy dude, I just wanna show you one time, two times
Girl I tell you how I feel (how) I tell it from my heart, yo I try to keep it real
My girl Miley says it's all about the climb
Ernie D and JB gonna tell you one time ♪

Justin Bieber: [shouts]. Okay

Ernie D: You don't know me, you don't know me.

Justin Bieber: I do know you. I know you, now I do.

Ernie D: I'm just saying you can use that if you want.

Justin Bieber: I think I might.

Ernie D: You don't have to.

Justin Bieber: I might use the remix.

Ernie D: [laughs]

Justin Bieber: Remix.

Ernie D: Alright Justin Bieber taking over Radio Disney. Celebrity Take is next. [plays Kristinia DeBarge -Goodbye]

Ernie D: Radio Disney, Ernie D. Justin Bieber taking over. So I mean dude, I hate to bring this up again but the fans are outside the window, they're still waiting for you to dance for them.

Justin Bieber: Let's do it together.

Ernie D: We can breakdance, do a little…

Justin Bieber: …Macarena

Ernie D: A little Macarena, we could that too. Macarena?

Justin Bieber: I think this is the right time.

Ernie D: Right now?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Okay. Now we're over?

Justin Bieber: We're going over right now.

Ernie D: Ready?

[Justin Bieber and Ernie D doing the Macarena]

Justin Bieber: [singing the Macarena]

Ernie D: Wait, I messed up. We have to start over. Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3. Go.

Justin Bieber: [singing the Macarena]

Ernie D: Justin Bieber taking over. So dude, has Usher been like giving you dance lessons?

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Like personal lessons from Usher?

Justin Bieber: Yes, yes.

Ernie D: Does he say do this Justin then do that, just pop it, lock it, polka dot it.

Justin Bieber: No, he teaches me a lot of different stuff.

Ernie D: Like what was the first dance Usher taught you when he was teaching how to dance?

Justin Bieber: Basically…

Ernie D: First thing you have to know about dancing is.

Justin Bieber: Just swagger.

Ernie D: You gotta have the attitude.

Justin Bieber: Attitude, that's it and once you have that then it's just about choreography and then you're good. But before, you have to have swagger. Like you have to have a confidence to do it, yeah. You have to pop it, lock it, polka dot it.

Ernie D: Polka dot it. That's right, that's right. This is Justin Bieber taking over Radio Disney. And I think dude it's time for another acoustic performance. You want to go over there? You on your guitar and I think we're going to do One Time right now. Yes? He nods his head, so I guess that's an affirmative. Another Radio Disney exclusive, you're not gonna hear this anywhere else. This is the acoustic performance of One Time minus the Ernie D rap in it. Justin Bieber on Radio Disney.

Justin Bieber: [playing One Time]

Other people: [applauds]

Ernie D: Radio Disney (?) Acoustic performance, Justin Bieber One Time. Dude, thanks so much for coming and hanging out man.

Justin Bieber: Thank you very much.

Ernie D: You've been awesome. Now I'll bring another Rubik's Cube next time I see you.

Justin Bieber: Alright.

Ernie D: See how fast you can do that on. Maybe under 2 minutes time.

Justin Bieber: Yeah.

Ernie D: Justin Bieber dude. Thanks so much for coming and hanging out. Yeah.
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