Saturday Night Live is a comedy television show on NBC. Justin Bieber has made an appearance on the show several times.

April 10, 2010Edit

Bieber starred in a skit as Jason Deeps, a C+ student in Tina Fey’s fictional high-school science class. Fey’s teacher character constantly fantasized about Bieber’s character, a student she described as “a dreamy Christmas elf” who looked like “a baby bunny sniffing a tiny flower.” In response, Bieber’s Deeps flirted with Fey — presumably setting young hearts aflutter across the country — and sang her a variety of fantasy songs, during which he promised to “buy her a Panini and some spanks to make her teeny.”

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  1. "Lonely Lady with the Big Brown Eyes"
  2. "Motherload"
  3. "Baby Lady"
  4. "Baby"
  5. "U Smile"

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The parts Justin is involved with.

Tina Fey's Monologue

Tina Fey: All week there have been hundreds of girls downstairs, so I guess I am more of a role model for young women than I thought. No, I'm just kidding, I know it's for Justin Bieber. I've actually worked with Justin before, he was one of the babies in Baby Mama. That was two years ago.

Tina Fey: And I couldn't do this tonight without my boy Justin Bieber! [ Bieber walks into frame] Who's gonna help me get tonight's rating off the hizzle!

Justin Bieber: ♪ I'm every woman ♪

All together: ♪ I'm every woman, I'm every woman, it's all in me ♪

Tina Fey: And that's how I juggle it all, bitches! Justin Bieber is here! I'm gonna dress up like Sarah Palin later. Stick around, we'll be right back.

Lonely Teacher

Ms. Lancey: Nate Woods?

Nate Woods: I only got a B? But I cheated so hard on this one

Ms. Lancey: Ok, that’s enough Nate

Ms. Lancey: Bart Libble

Bart Libble: Only an A+? What an outrage! You wanna tell my father? So he'll reflects on you

Ms. Lancey: thinking - I'm so tired of the attitudes in here. I work my rump off for these brats.

Ms. Lancey: Jason Deeps

Jason Deeps: Thank you, Ms. Lancey. Hey I got a C+? I guess it's all right. Physics isn’t really my jam.

Ms. Lancey: You're doing much better Jason

Jason Deeps: I bet these tests were a pain to grade. Hope you didn’t lose your whole evening. Oh well, back to learning.

Ms. Lancey: thinking - Now see, that young man makes me feel like I'm doing a good job. Plus his smile is like watching a baby bunny sniff a tiny flower. If I had to choose, I would have to say he was my favorite student. Ever. Ever. Maybe one of my favorite people anywhere. Because he’s good. Like salt and homemade bread.

Jason Deeps:

♪ Hey lonely lady with the big brown eyes
I'm thinking you're sadder than you realize
I can make you smile and feel a little more related
We just really click, would it be so wrong if we just dated
Let us go, jump on my skateboard, eat some cake along the lake
And do all your favorite stuff right off the cuff cause we're spontaneous
Let's hop a bus to shop, we’ll check out Filene's
And get chunky jewelry at Chico’s
I’ll buy you a Panini and some Spanx to make you teeny
You're the lady with the big brown eyes ♪

Ms. Lancey: ♪ You're the lady with the big brown eyes ♪

Susan: Ms. Lancey? Are you singing?

Ms. Lancey: No, no. I was coughing. There is still a lot of asbestos in this building. Here's your test, Susan.

Susan: I saw you alone last night at How To Train Your Dragon.

Ms. Lancey: Oh. Well you should've said hi.

Susan: Oh I would’ve, but you were crying really hard at one of the trailers, and I didn't wanna bother you. Some boys wanted to put it on YouTube but Jason told them not to.

Ms. Lancey: Thank you Jason.

Jason: (smiling, nodding)

Ms. Lancey: thinking - That Jason, he is so nice. And I love the way his hair really knows where it wants to go. Always forward, just like him. I wonder why he’s so nice to me. It’s almost like he’s flirting. That’s ridiculous, Sharon. What would he want with an older lady like you? I don’t have anything to offer.

Jason Deeps:

♪ You’ve got the motherload
You’ve got the stuff I like
Every time I'm with you babe, I just get excited
Like bling in your mouth but it's just old filling
Dry skin on your hands and your cracks so cracked
That bottom (?) with the wine you were chillin'
And the pillow on your bed with your jacked up back
Hey girl, I wanna watch you doing your pilates
And skip the hard part
'Cause baby, you’ve got the motherload ♪

Ms. Lancey: Okay, class, did anyone have a question about the theory of relativity? Anyone? Yes, Jason.

Jason Deeps: I'm not sure I get the part about the hydro-uh-whatever they’re called.

Bart Libble: This class is patently unchallenging to me if anyone cares.

Ms. Lancey: Shut up, Jason is talking.

Jason Deeps: I just need to understand it a little better.

Ms. Lancey: So do I. What I'm feeling is wrong. Morally, ethically, and biologically wrong. But I mean look at him. But, I mean look at him! He’s like a dreamy Christmas elf! I should not have poured wine in my cereal this morning. They are purest milk and I should’ve just accepted that. I don’t know whether I wanna marry him or put him in a stroller and push him around the mall. Why can’t it be both?

Jason Deeps:

♪ Put me in the outfit from the Gap like that, one that matches with the jacket and the cap like that
Then slap me in the stroller with a bounce like that, with a bottle full of milk that’s 40 ounce like that
I'm your baby lady
Ms. Lancey: I wanna push you in the buggy
Jason Deeps: I'm your baby lady, you can hold me like a snuggie, you’re my baby lady
Ms. Lancey: And I'm your lady baby
Jason Deeps: It's time to roll let's go to the park ♪

Ms. Lancey: Yeah Jason’s my baby. Awww. Yeah Jason’s my…

Nate Woods: Wow. Wow.

Bart Libble: Yeah that’s 18 varieties of wrong.

Ms. Lancey: No I'm sorry Jason, it's not what it sounds like, it's just that I'm very lonely and I would like to give you a bath.

Jason Deeps: I'm gonna be contacting Gloria Allred. This is not all right.

Bart Libble: ♪ Let's give baths to each other ♪

Bart Libble: No that’s not happening, no.

Justin Bieber performs "Baby"

School Dance


Mom: I want you to march over to that boy over there and act like a teenager. And be embarrassed that I'm still here.

Bedelia: Ok. Hi. That's a smart coat.

Boy: Duh, it's my dad's. He's pretty much the coolest guy in the world.

Bedelia: Same with my mom

Boy: Yeah, people think it's weird, but my parents are the only...

Together: to the past in treasure trove of stories from the late 70's.

Bedelia: Oh, my God

Bedelia: So what were some of your dad's early jobs like?

Boy: How much time do you have? He was at Boeing during the time. <

Justin Bieber performs "U Smile"

... ♪ And whenever Tina smiles, I smile ♪


Thanks you to Justin Bieber.

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May 12, 2012 Edit

Justin was featured in the 100th Digital Short. Justin Bieber filled in for an absent Akiva Schaffer, gamely joining Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone while expressing some dismay at the anatomically improbable means by which they planned to reward themselves for the milestone.

Transcript Edit

Hi. We're the guys who make the SNL Digital Shorts. I'm Andy.
I'm Jorma.
Justin Bieber: And I'm Justin Bieber!
Justin Bieber: Gesundheit.
Tonight we're celebrating our 100th short. So come with us, won't you?

To us, to us
Truly a major milestone

Together: 'A celebration! (Yes!)
Of us, of us
Here's what we're going to do
Gonna shake off the cobwebs and limber up
And stretch it out and do plenty of Pilates
Andy, Jorma: 'Cause tonight, tonight we're gonna suck our own d**ks

Justin Bieber: Wait, what?
Justin Bieber: That's disgusting!
No, it's not.
Hey, look, it's Shy Ronnie and Reba!
It's a celebration and we're going to party
Y'know we getting naughty
Take it Shy Ronnie
I'm a dude
Ronnie, bitch, and I rip you ass open!

We've done the creep and punched people before
We've done things in our pants that don't bear repeating
Justin Bieber: No
Tonight, they're gonna suck their own d**k
I'm Reba!
Excuse I!
Justin Bieber: What is happening?

So shoot your laser cats and let the boombox pound
Raise up our glasses and...
Throw it on the ground!
Alcohol is poison, man!
Take it Mahmoud
Body Fuzion lady

(It aint over)
We put our junk in so many places
(Like where)
Each other's mothers and these floral vases
(For sale)
And now they're takin' them out of their boxes
And puttin' them all up into our Faces
(Let's go)
Dear Sister ate Lettuce in a Japanese Office
Had a Cherry Battle in Slow-mo like Bosses
And Horsen
They happen every Saturday
Pee-wee hit Anderson
Just ask Natalie

Yeah I had a baby (What!)
But I'm still crazy
Show my ass respect
But I make that f***ing gravy!

Jonah kissed his dad
And Gaga was golden (Tender Roni!)
Ridin' on a boat with my man Michael Bolton
Jack Sparrow
Hey, I've never been in a digital shorts
But these white boys are obsessed with d**k

Justin Bieber: I was tricked into doing this
Justin Bieber: I don't endorse this song
Justin Bieber: No no no no no no

Yes yes yes
I do endorse the song
My name is Will Ferrell and I'm sucking my own dong
Cheerleaders, Harry Caray, Jeopardy
I pleasure myself
Congratulations to me

Hey, come on man, this is our thing
Three 'Best Of's- count 'em bitch
Get out of here
Fine! I'll go by my own choice

(Take us home now)

100th digital shorts
Not-not-not ninety-nine!
It was obviously building to this
(Hell yeah!)
And all of them were written by Lorne
(Lorne Michaels)
So tonight we're sucking our own d**k
(One hundred times)

One f**king hundred times

February 9, 2013 Edit

Justin appeared on the show for a second time in 2013. He was was the host and musical artist.

February 8, 2020 Edit

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